Clueless - Season 0

ABC (ended 1999)




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  • Clueless
    Episode 1
    Cher Horowitz is totally golden at Beverly Hills High. She's a full-on Betty. Her closet is strictly designer. She has all the why shouldn't she run everybody's life? She referees her best friend De's relationship. She's generously making over the new girl, Tai, in her own image. In the land of the clueless, Cher was born to lead. Only two things have her stumped. Uno) Should she go out with a boy who dresses better than she does? (I mean, what would she bring to the relationship?) And b) What about Josh, the college guy she despises who thinks she's an empty-headed, self-centered, spoiled bimbette? Why does he keep popping into her mind? Could it possibly be that in the matter of the heart Cher is really..clueless? As if!moreless