Clueless - Season 1

ABC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Secrets & Lies
    Secrets & Lies
    Episode 18
    It's Valentine's day and Cher is excited, because it's the first time that she has a boyfriend on Valentine's day. But Cher makes a mistake and unintentionally causes trouble between Murray and Dionne when she tells him that his girlfriend once had a date with his best friend Sean. Murray reacts jealously and his relationship with Dionne seems to fail as well as his friendship with Sean. Cher is shocked over this development.moreless
  • Mr. Wright
    Mr. Wright
    Episode 17
    Cher is quite depressed - she feels again very lonely because she does not have a boyfriend. But then suddenly comes the new student David Wright into her class and Cher is actually able to win him for her. For Cher is Dave the Mr. perfect - but she soon figures out that he is not as perfect as she assumed...moreless
  • All Teed Off
    All Teed Off
    Episode 16
    Murray and Sean are having a new passion - golf. And soon they spend all their time on the driving range or in the golf club. Dionne finally begins to neglected by her boyfriend. But Cher knows advice: They secretly begin to play golf and after an intensive training they provoke the boys to play against them - and are defeating the two boys. But instead of the hoped reconciliation it ends with more arguments...moreless
  • I'm in with the Out Crowd
    In this episode the school science fair is held, and the school science dork (Felice Lesser)turns into a bimbo and starts worshiping the football jocks. Of course Cher and Dionne cannot stand to see a smart girls brain go to waste, so thinking that it will change her back to normal they try to help by giving her a makeover, this did not help at all because the football players now liked her. Meanwhile Sean wins third place in the science fair with his mechanical hand which dances along with him, he starts hanging out with one of the science dorks and Murray gets jealous.moreless
  • The Party's Over
    The Party's Over
    Episode 14
    A big change is approaching: The Bronson Alcott High School receives a new head mistress - Miss DeWitt, a very strict and traditional woman. From now on cellphones are forbidden, all students have to eat in the school canteen, it's no longer allowed to wear miniskirts, and then Mr Hall, the favorite teacher of Cher's class, gets suspended. Finally Cher comes up with a plan to stop Miss DeWitt's reform course.moreless
  • Fixing up Daddy
    Fixing up Daddy
    Episode 13
    Cher is despaired because it gets every day more difficult for her to take care of her Daddy. But rescue seems to be in view, because the attractive lawyer and author Sheila Kendall seems to be perfect for her father. To bring the two of them together costs Cher a lot of trouble but she finally succeeds. The only problem is that Cher now feels neglected...moreless
  • Cher, Inc.
    Cher, Inc.
    Episode 12
    Cher gets inspired to a new fashion accessory in one of her history lessons: She discovers a muff in a picture of the Russian Revolution and immediately sews herself an own muff. Cher's muff is the hit by her schoolmates and she goes into series with her creation. She even creates a muff-bag company. But the existence as a young businesswoman is more difficult than Cher has expected it to be.moreless
  • Romeo & Cher
    Romeo & Cher
    Episode 11
    This episode is basically a take-off of the William Shakespeare masterpiece Romeo and Juliet.
  • Driving Me Crazy
    Driving Me Crazy
    Episode 10
    Cher and their friends finally want to get their driving licences. But to pass the DMV test, they have to practice, practice, and practice. Cher's father takes over the first lesson. But it ends up with a damaged stop sign and a very angry dad. From now on Cher fears to drive again. Only her stepbrother Josh succeeds to solve Cher's mental blockade.moreless
  • I Got You Babe
    I Got You Babe
    Episode 9
    Cher falls deeply in love with a college student. What's so ironic about is that his name is Sonny. They are a match made in heaven until Sonny finds out how old his Cher is.
  • Kiss Me Kip
    Kiss Me Kip
    Episode 8
    Cher's new crush is the actor Kip Killmore. He is known as good-looking, likable, politically correctly and generous. But when Kip hires Cher's father as a lawyer, Cher gets a view behind the scenes: Cher finds out that Kip is everything else than perfect and must revise her opinion of him.moreless
  • Don't Stand So Close to Me
    After Mel puts her on a strict budget, Cher tries to search for the "perfect" outfit to impress her substitute teacher while Mr. Hall's sick.
  • Making up is Hard to Do
    Cher's best friend Dionne and her boyfriend Murray are arguing. This time the controversy seems to seriously has split them up. They don't find together again. Cher decides to intervene as mediator. She develops several strategies, to bring the two back together. Although her first attempts are failing, Cher is not giving up. At the end she has another brilliant idea and can re-establish the peace between Dionne and her boyfriend.moreless
  • We Shall Overpack
    We Shall Overpack
    Episode 5
    During class a teacher falls over a backpack and gets hurt. The Headmaster forbids the students from now on to carry backpacks. Cher and Dionne can not accept these ban - particularly for fashionable reasons. On the curriculum are the student unrests in China and Cher gets inspired of this: She organizes a big protest.moreless
  • Do We with Bad Haircuts Not Feel?
    Cher has a problem: She wants to go to a party but has not the suitable hairstyle. She needs a new haircut and goes to the new celebrity hairdresser, who makes the hair of the supermodels. But Cher's new hairstyle is terrible. This causes that her boyfriend leaves her and her friends are laughing at her. But in the end she meets a boy who likes her despite the terrible hair.moreless
  • City Beautification
    A teacher criticizes Cher's lacking social consciousness. So she volunteer for a social project and decides to clean a small city park together with her friend Dionne. They find out very soon that this is really hard work. But when the city suddenly refuses the financial support, Cher's ambitions are waked and she tries to save the project.moreless
  • To Party or Not to Party
    Cher enrolls into drama class and meets a handsome guy named Donal. But when Mel gives her a curfew, she must find a way to be with Donal when he invites her to a jazz and poetry club that begins ten minutes before her curfew.
  • As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp
    In the opener, Cher creates havoc when she takes over the school paper's advice column as "Miss Buzzline," and is panned by students when her honest yet naive approach creates trouble for her friends and classmates.