Clueless - Season 2

ABC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Cashless
    Episode 22
    Cher has a garage sale when the accountant leaves them penniless.
  • Sean's Video
    Sean's Video
    Episode 21
    Cher directs Sean and the gang in a music video.
  • Friends
    Episode 20
    Newly separated Murray and Dionne pretend to have dates to spark jealousy. Amber, Cher & Sean all visit an old people's home to gain extra credit at school, and meet three surprisingly familiar people there.
  • Let's Stay Together
    Let's Stay Together
    Episode 19
    Dionne & Murray's breakup threatens to split their circle of friends. And it couldn't come at a worse time, right before Cher's birthday party. Will the two reconcile in time for her party or will their difficulties spell disaster for Cher and her birthday plans?
  • P.G. Seventeen
    P.G. Seventeen
    Episode 18
    The gang learns a friend must postpone college due to an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Life is a Beach
    Life is a Beach
    Episode 17
    Cher and friends act out their fantasies at the beach.
  • The Joint
    The Joint
    Episode 16
    Dionne and Cher's old friend, Emily surprises them both when she returns from New York a morbid goth. And while on a trip out, she gets the girls busted when she smokes a joint. Meanwhile, Sean and Murray go camping with Mel and Emily's father.
  • In Boyfriend We Trust
    Cher spots her new boyfriend with his ex.
  • Dance Fever
    Dance Fever
    Episode 14
    Everyone interrupts Cher's chance to dance with a potential boyfriend at the dance.
  • Labor of Love
    Labor of Love
    Episode 13
    The students observe professionals off campus for the annual career day.
  • A Very P.C. Holiday
    A Very P.C. Holiday
    Episode 12
    Hoping to give her father an innovative Hanukkah present, Cher auditions to sing in the school pageant.
  • Valley of the Malls
    Valley of the Malls
    Episode 11
    The birthday of Cher’s father is approaching. And because she wants to pay for the gift all by herself Cher needs to find job. Dionne and Cher are going on the search in the neighbouring Valley. The Valley is not as glamorous as Beverly Hills, and everything there is simpler. Cher finds a job in a records shop, whose owner is an unbelievable sweet boy. Unfortunately he hates all people from Beverly Hills.moreless
  • Intruder Spawn
    Intruder Spawn
    Episode 10
    Cher's father Mel wants to drive with his new love Rebecca Morgan to Newport Beach over the weekend. Cher wants to use the fact that she now has the house for herself to give a party. So that Mel and Rebecca are really driving, Cher even offers herself as babysitter for Rebecca’s son Cody. A big mistake: The boy is a truly limb of Satan, who even tries to blackmail the girls.moreless
  • The Intruder
    The Intruder
    Episode 9
    On the open day in school happens something that never happened before: Cher’s father Mel shows up in school. Cher is concerned that their many little lies will leak out now. But that becomes very unimportant, when she discovers that her fathers interest in her art teacher is more than only the usual interest. When her father starts to date her art teacher Cher tries to sabotage this relationship.moreless
  • Shop 'Til You Drop
    Shop 'Til You Drop
    Episode 8
    Cher and Dionne have to fight in their elective course woodwork: Mr. Hubley, the teacher, is an confirmed macho, who drives them crazy with his misogynous verdicts. Instead of leaving the course, the two decide to fight. They want to prove that they are at least as good as the boys. Their task is it to build a spice-rack.moreless
  • Homecoming Queen
    Homecoming Queen
    Episode 7
    The election to the homecoming queen is approaching. Cher is angry, when she discovers that her secret admirer Marshall suggested her as a candidate. Finally she becomes one of the four finalists. When the big day of the decision approaches everything gets differently than expected: Completely surprisingly Dionne becomes homecoming queen.moreless
  • Trick or Treat
    Trick or Treat
    Episode 6
    Cher, Dionne, Amber, Sean and Murray are invited by Amber to attend an exclusive Hollywood Halloween party, which turns out to be a stage crew party instead.
  • Chick Fight Tonight
    There is a new girl in school, who does after all not fit into Cher's pattern of the ideal world: Oddrey has shrill colored hair, wears blue lipstick and plays in a rock band. But first of all she is pretty unfriendly. Even so Cher keeps running from Oddrey, she crosses several times her way, p.e. in self-defense class, which makes Oddrey very angry. Finally she provokes Cher to a duel on the school parking lot.moreless
  • Sharing Cher
    Sharing Cher
    Episode 4
    Dionne and Cher are looking forward to an exciting weekend. Cher's Dad procured them tickets for the concert of Luscious Jackson. Unfortunately Dionne can't go to the concert and Cher promises Dionne not to go without her to the concert. But then Amber shows up, she is completely wild on the Show of Luscious Jackson and convinces Cher to go with her. In the end Amber and Dionne are competing for Cher's attention.moreless
  • Suddenly Stupid
    Suddenly Stupid
    Episode 3
    Felice has an absolute super brain but Cher and Dionne find out that she suddenly presents herself as stupid because she always deterred the boys with her intelligence - and now she wants to get a boyfriend, too. Cher and Dionne decide to help Felice. But their plan, to give her a new style, fails.moreless
  • Salsa, Chlorine & Tears
    Cher has again fallen in love - with Ricardo, a young Mexican singer from a salsa club. But then it turns out that he is cleaning pools during the day. Despite these different social conditions they start a romance. Finally there is another reason why their love story is not having an happy end: They accuse each other to kiss badly.moreless
  • Back to School
    Back to School
    Episode 1
    Cher and their friends are now in high school. They expect the new teacher Mr. Mazza very curiously. It is said that he is an unbelievable great teacher and very friendly. But already in the first lesson he gives a difficult homework to the class: Everyone has to consider what they would like to do in the next ten years of their life. Cher has for all their friends terrific future plans – but she is undecided about her own future plans.moreless