Clutch Cargo

Season 2 Episode 18

Water Wizards

Aired Saturday 7:00 AM Jul 09, 1960 on



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    • Spike: (sees Spinner is going to use Tina's boat in the regatta) Spinner is a sissy! Gonna drive a sissy boat for a girl!

    • Announcer: (when Toad unleashes the buzz saw on Clutch) It's a buzz saw! Look out! Look out!
      Spinner: (in second place to Spider) We're gaining on Spider, Clutch!
      Official : (Toad's capture) Why, that's Toad Jensen, the slipperiest underwater pickpocket in seven harbours!

    • Clutch Cargo: (re going back into the race after the setback from saving Spinner and Paddlefoot) Sure, Spinner, there's always a chance!
      Announcer: (re Toad's first trick on Clutch) Someone's tied Cargo's boat to the dock! That was a dirty trick!
      Spider Black: (re Clutch's comeback) That guy Cargo's tougher than I thought. He's gaining on me!
      Official: (presenting prizes to Clutch) And here's another trophy for breaking the water barrier, and a trophy for unusual courage in the face of danger...and as for that blackguard Spider Black, he's banned from further competitions because of sneaky sportsmanship.

    • Spider Black: (while spanking Spike) You mean little kid!

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