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  • The CMA Awards have been getting better every year but i think this year is the best by far!!!

    I think that the 41st Country Music Awards is by far the best yet. In my opinino by far the best performance was Taylor Swift's Performance of Our Song, in which she and her band wore they sames outfits as they did in the video and Taylor played the same gutar, it was the most interesting to watch as well as Brad Paisly's Online where an actual high school band came up and joined him and Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler who was dancing onstage with brad while he played. Carrie and Kenny came home wih two awards each. Talyor Swift won Horizion and Sugarland suprisingly won the Dua of the Year. That was the biggest surprise of them all. I was expecting Brooks and Dunn to win myself wait to go to all the winners and nominees as wel as the performer the show was impecable.
  • .This year I was unbelievably disappointed.The Faith Hill drama has changed my opinion of her so much.Underneath all that beautiful skin is a very ugly woman. Still want your daughter to grow up like Faith Hill????.

    With regards to the Faith Hill incident ,i have only one thing to say.Under all of that beautiful skin is one very ugly woman. I hope noones daughter looks up to her no longer . The music awards themselves were great as always.Great to see new people doing well with hard work ,even if you do not agree with the decision,i.e.Carrie Underwood. I really did think country singers were different in the fact they were honest,truthful caring people .I guess in the end ,we\\\'re all the same when it comes to greed ,money ,fame .no matter the music type.