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  • 2013
    • Rise of the Machines
      Episode 09.18.2013
      See how smart machines in our daily lives can connect to us and to each other.
    • #Twitter Revolution
      Episode 08.07.13
      Twitter has been called the pulse of the planet - home to Lady Gaga, LeBron, foreign revolutionaries, journalists, tech geeks, and the Pope himself. CNBC tells the fascinating story behind the rise of Twitter, the social media giant whose 200 million active users have made it a fixture around the world.moreless
    • America's Gun
      Episode 26
      The AR-15, used in the Newtown and Aurora shootings, has become a lightning rod in a wrenching debate over what this type of gun is for and whether anyone should have one. CNBC examines the controversy and the rise of the AR-15, the rock star of America’s gun industry.
    • Death: It's a Living
      Episode 01.31.13
      Death isn't just a certainty; it's an industry, built around rituals designed to ease grieving - and drive profits. Once bound by tradition, this highly competitive and little-understood business is reinventing itself for the 21st century. CNBC goes inside the fascinating world of the $17 billion death care industry, exploring the steady rise in cremation and some unconventional ways to say goodbye.moreless
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