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CNN=Politics Daily

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CNN=Politics Daily provides the best political fix for news junkies everywhere. Join CNN's Wolf Blitzer as he takes the temperature of the hottest stories in today's political climate. Wolf asks the hard questions, gets the tough answers and tells you, the viewer, what's going on daily in the world of politics. Every day, award-winning journalist Wolf Blitzer and his political team offer a blend of news reporting, political analysis, and items that affect the everyday lives of Americans during these challenging times of hope and change. Find out about daily issues in statewide and nationwide politics, from the city council to the White House. Wolf Blitzer's CNN=Politics Daily gives YOU the most up-to-date information about daily politics analyzed by the BEST political team video-podcasting today. Watch the CNN=Politics Daily video podcast on the go on your smart phone, mobile device or computer. Log on now for your daily political analysis.

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