Co-Ed Confidential 2: Sophomores

Cinemax Premiered Nov 02, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • I Do, I Do
      I Do, I Do
      Episode 14
      'I Do, Do I.' It's the big wedding day for James and Ophelia, but before the knot can be tied the groom goes AWOL.
    • Cold Feet
      Cold Feet
      Episode 13
      'Cold Feet.' James gets a nocturnal visit from the ghost of Jake Marley--the legendary founder of Omega house, famous for his drinking and sexual escapades.
    • Bachelor Party
      Bachelor Party
      Episode 12
      'Bachelor Party.' The girls spy on the guys as they ogle strippers at James' bachelor party, and end up on the stage themselves.
    • Forget to Remember
      Forget to Remember
      Episode 11
      'Forget to Remember.' Larry realizes his crush on Sophie has blinded him from seeing what was always right in front of him: Ciara.
    • It's Not What It Looks Like
      'It's Not What It Looks Like.' Maxwell resorts to shady tactics to raise money to replace the purloined benefit funds; Larry and Ciara's finished film poses problems for Victoria who is not yet 'out'; Dean Loward is outraged to find himself the target of Daniel and Layla's expose and prepares to dismiss them.moreless
    • Splitsville
      Episode 9
      'Splitsville.' Karen's father and Larry's mother have settled their divorce, but they want to get their hands on the co-eds' house.
    • Educating Larry
      Educating Larry
      Episode 8
      'Educating Larry.' Larry is torn between his lust for his film muse Sophie and his affection for his film buddy Ciara.
    • The Truth Will Out
      'The Truth Will Out.' While Cooper plots how to turn Karen and Emmanuelle's amorous 'twosome' into a 'threesome,' an unexpected visitor arrives to see Karen.
    • Star Whores
      Star Whores
      Episode 6
      'Star Whores.' Cooper helps Larry make the grade with his short film--and with the girl of his dreams.
    • Rolling Royce
      Rolling Royce
      Episode 5
      'Rolling Royce.' James runs for class president against his arch nemesis Royce--who happens to be Ophelia's current boyfriend.
    • The Hunt Is On
      The Hunt Is On
      Episode 4
      'The Hunt is On.' It's Team Larry vs. Team Karen when a local radio station gives away tickets to see sexy rock star Minx.
    • French Style
      French Style
      Episode 3
      'French Style.' Karen tries to cool the passion with new roommate Cooper by setting him up with French exchange student Emmanuelle...who has developed her own attraction to another housemate.
    • Undecided
      Episode 2
      'Undecided.' While Karen tries to mend her broken heart after Freddy's betrayal, she receives a surprise visit from an old friend. Meanwhile, James tries to adjust to Ophelia's new situation.
    • Welcome Back
      Welcome Back
      Episode 1
      'Welcome Back.' The Omega House gang returns for their second year only to find their home about to be demolished.
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