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Coach airs on the USA network; reruns also air in syndication. Check Local Listings Nielsen Ratings: (Top 30 or Better) #18 in the 1989- 1990 Season
#18 in the 1990- 1991 Season
#10 in the 1991- 1992 Season
#6 in the 1992- 1993 Season
#6 in the 1993- 1994 Season
#15 in the 1995- 1996 Season
Shelley Fabares

Shelley Fabares

Christine Armstrong Fox

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Dauber Dybinski

Craig T. Nelson

Craig T. Nelson

Coach Hayden Fox

Clare Carey

Clare Carey

Kelly Fox (1989-1994)

Pam Stone

Pam Stone

Coach Judith "Judy" Watkins (1989-1994, 1997)

Kris Kamm

Kris Kamm

Stuart Rosebrock (1989-1991)

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  • Grew up watching

    Original idea. Great show.
  • Probably won't go down in history as the greatest SitCom ever in the history of English language SitCom's, and probably won't go down as the worst either. Good show for padding out the post-midnight schedule, which is where I first saw it on UK's "ITV"....moreless

    Probably won't go down in history as the greatest SitCom ever in the history of English language SitCom's, and probably won't go down as the worst either.

    Good show for padding out the post-midnight schedule, which is where I first saw it on UK's "ITV" channel while waiting for other shows to come on.
  • Coach Hayden Fox deals with his girlfriend and news anchor Christine Armstrong, His football team, His coaching staff, his daughter, Ex wife, and the rest of the school faculty. In this funny early 90's sitcom.moreless

    Although the show was a little before my time. I remembered my parents always watching the new episodes and they loved them. I began watching them on USA network, and couldn't get enough, so I went out and bought DVD's Season 1-3. Hayden Fox is an alpha male football coach at the Minnesota State University, who is selfish and hard headed in a very funny way. Christine his girlfriend and wife later on in the show is a very good compliment to Hayden's hard style. My favorite character in the show, is Hayden's bestfriend and defensive corodinator Luther Van Dam. Luther is a very cautious man, who always thinking the worst and freaking out. Dauber is a former player of Hayden, who was in school for over 8 years, and becomes an assistant coach after graduating. Kristine is Hayden's Daugther who joins him at Minnesota State and marries Drama major Stuart, who Hayden can't stand. Other characters come in making life at Minnesota St hectic for Coach Hayden Fox. If you like a funny sitcom and also like sports like me, this is the way to go. This show offers a little of everything. Hayden and Luther's adventures are fun and make the show great. I give this show a 10 out of 10. Great original sports comedy!moreless
  • This was an awesome show back in the late 1980s and early and mid-1990s and today it still is!

    "Coach" is a silly, but funny show. Ever since it first debuted on ABC in 1989, it got funnier and funnier. I own most of the VHSs and I have the first and second season DVD box sets. My brother likes this as well. It ran from 1989 to 1996, but at least we still see the reruns on USA Network. At first, I've never heard of that show, but when my brother introduced me to it, I liked it. The one-hour special was funny and also it had flashbacks of the funniest episodes in the past. Way to go, Barry Kemp! You rule!moreless
  • A sitcom based on football coach hayden Fox, this show is one of my favorite's of all time. Dohmar is my #1 dumb-guy of all time.

    This show was on for 8 years and I still feel that it wasn't appreciated. I'm young but I don't hear anyone mentioning Coach with the greatest of all time. This show was special from the get-go becouse the cast immediatly bonded together. Seriously, give the person who hired these people a raise! Through the years I watch old episodes and feel good, the performance of Craig T. Nelson is really great. He was maid for t.v. and even through he played on the district, his best performance was the one he made on Coach. Also Jerry van Dyke was something special too, he was a great complimant to Nelson's character.moreless

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