Season 4 Episode 21

Can We Go Home Now?

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 18, 1992 on ABC

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  • Season Finale and end of the story arc where Christine gets a job in New York

    Christine and Hayden's long distance relationship is not going well. In fact, Hayden is so fed up that he flies to New York to end it. Meanwhile, Luther and Dauber plan to install a cement floor in Hayden's game room. In New York, Hayden and Christine have a big fight, but later Hayden comes to the set to apologize to a very quiet Christine. He says all the right things (believe it or not)but Christine is still quiet, then she reveals that the show was cancelled. They both admit a little part of them is happy. Christine suggests they go home but Hayden says they should spend the weekend in NY together. Chrstine reminds him that he has a spring practice with the team. He says let Luther and Dauber handle it. In the very funny tag, cut to Hayden's game room - Luther and Dauder are up to their knees in hardened cement. Luther says "Don't worry. Hayden has to be back tommorrow for the practice" Very funny scene: Luther trying to spread the cement as it is being poured and Dauber telling him the knob to stop it snapped off.
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