Season 1 Episode 12

Hoot, Hoot Hike

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 31, 1989 on ABC

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  • BOO! This episode was stupid! I don't like that annoying Madame whoever and I thought it was so just... (bleech!)

    Not only is this stupid, it was out-of-nowhere and completley useless & pointless. And when the episode progressed, the idea of it being good was hopeless!

    Annoying, stupid, retarded, pointless for starters.

    Christine, at the end, instead of being puzzled (like everyone else) she was happy and leaped into Hayden's arms.

    No! If you haven't watched it yet, DON'T!

    It was utterly, gut-renching stupid! The worst episode of the series! I should've known, anything with Kelly in it will most likley be stupid. This was annoying and really just bit the dust!

    I skip this episode everytime on the DVD & when it comes on USA. This was bad!