Season 2 Episode 4

If A Coach Falls in the Woods (2)

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 12, 1989 on ABC

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  • In the 2nd part of this 2 part episode. Kelly and Stuart, along with their families gather for their wedding at Hayden's Cabin. Hayden Doesn't approve of the wedding and all the joy from Stuart's Family, so he storms out on the wedding. Will he come back?

    This is may be my favorite episode of the 2nd season of coach, but there are so many good episodes too choose from. Hayden is being his usual self trying to get his way, but when He can't get his Ex-Wife and Stuarts family to agree that Stuart and Kelly should call off the wedding, He gets mad, leaves and refuses to attend "this mistake". Luckily for the families, Good Ole Luther shows up. Luther is probably my favorite character in the show. Luther knows where Hayden's secret hiding place is, so he ventures off to find his best friend. Luther finds Hayden at the top of tree house in the forest. Luther comes up the rope ladder and talks Hayden into going back to his Daughters wedding, no matter how he feels about it. The only problem is Luther threw the Rope Ladder out of the tree house, now Hayden and Luther are stuck in the freezing tree house with limited time to get to Kelly's wedding, not to mention no one else knows where they are! They finally make it out and arrive at her wedding in their dirty torn tuxedos. The thing I really love about this episode is Hayden's Ex-Wife. She is so funny pacing before the wedding wanting to kill Hayden, and bringing up the times she could've done it. The scene with Hayden and Luther in the tree house is classic. The typical Luther thinking the worst is going to happen and they will die, Going on and on about who will feed his bird when they die. Overall I give the episode a 9 out of 10.