Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 1989 on ABC

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  • This is actually the pilot episode....(Love Me Tender was the title of episode 83 which aired in season 5)

    I usually don't like pilot episodes, the characters are never very well developed, and the premise for the series is usually way off base from where the series will go.

    This pilot is an exception.

    All the characters seem to be already developed.
    Hayden is shown as the typical jock who cares more about sports and his own desires, than relationships. But it also sets the stage for upcoming episodes where he struggles between the two sides of a man.

    Christine is introduced as a real woman...she is independent, strong, loving, giving, and sexy (all the qualities that I grew to love in her as the seasons progressed).

    Kelly is a young freshman...unsure of herself and where she is going in life. A beautiful portrayal of almost every college freshman. (as the years go by she becomes more independent, strong, loving, giving, and sexy....what a tribute to step-mother Christine)

    Luther and Dauber both show the characters they will become in later episodes. Although Luther became more "dumb" as the years went on...this episode shows the side of Luther that always feels insecure and unworthy of his position. Dauber is the big lummox with just a touch of wisdom.

    Overall this is one of the best pilot episodes ever sets up the series...the characters seem developed...and it doesn't seem out of place on re-viewing.
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