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  • They don't make them like this anymore

    "Coach" is one of the all time great sitcoms, and pretty much the end of an era of great sitcoms I grew up with. The chemistry between Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke, Bill Fagerbakke, Kenneth Kimmins, and Pam Stone as the Athletic staff of Minnesota State rivals other great cast ensambles like that of "Seifeld" and "Will & Grace". The show pretty much jumped the shark when they decided to have Coash Fox move into the pros. But the Minnesota State years of this show are pretty much perfect sitcome programming. Watching Hayden ajusting from bachelorhood to fatherhood when Kelly comes to college, and eventual entering back into marriage with the beautiful and smart Christine Armstrong is humerous at times, and emotion evoking at others.

    I can't wait for this show to be released on DVD.
  • Coach Hayden Fox deals with his girlfriend and news anchor Christine Armstrong, His football team, His coaching staff, his daughter, Ex wife, and the rest of the school faculty. In this funny early 90's sitcom.

    Although the show was a little before my time. I remembered my parents always watching the new episodes and they loved them. I began watching them on USA network, and couldn't get enough, so I went out and bought DVD's Season 1-3. Hayden Fox is an alpha male football coach at the Minnesota State University, who is selfish and hard headed in a very funny way. Christine his girlfriend and wife later on in the show is a very good compliment to Hayden's hard style. My favorite character in the show, is Hayden's bestfriend and defensive corodinator Luther Van Dam. Luther is a very cautious man, who always thinking the worst and freaking out. Dauber is a former player of Hayden, who was in school for over 8 years, and becomes an assistant coach after graduating. Kristine is Hayden's Daugther who joins him at Minnesota State and marries Drama major Stuart, who Hayden can't stand. Other characters come in making life at Minnesota St hectic for Coach Hayden Fox. If you like a funny sitcom and also like sports like me, this is the way to go. This show offers a little of everything. Hayden and Luther's adventures are fun and make the show great. I give this show a 10 out of 10. Great original sports comedy!
  • I can't help watching it evey morning on USA

    I didn't get a chance to watch the series when it officially aired but instead caught up with it on USA and have to say I have been hooked since. Watching Coach Fox gradually change from the overbearing Neanderthal from the first season to the bargaining with a little girl for my sons Barbie doll has been an unforgettable treat that I can't resist watching repeatedly on USA. Taking the bumbling Minnisota Screaming Eagles football team and turning them into State Champions with the help of the kind hearted yet dim witted Dauber and Fox's best friend the insatiable appetite Luther was also a pleasure.

    The biggest influence in Fox's personal life though was Christine. From the dinner where they met, that he encouraged her to run out on her date...something Pristine Christine would blanche at thinking of doing to all the times she helped diffuse an argument or repair a frayed relationship with his equally headstrong daughter.

    Coach was one of those shows that grabbed you when you happened upon it and had you hanging on till the end.
  • Coach is one of the best T.V shows ever. It was a unique story that was different at the time. It is an all-time classic. It is underated and should have got a little more attention. It should be in reruns instead of that crappy show seinfeld, or mash.

    Coach is one of the best T.V shows ever. It was a unique story that was different at the time. It is an all-time classic. It is underated and should have got a little more attention. It should be in reruns instead of that crappy show seinfeld, or mash. co-star Jerry van dike played one of the funniest characters on television. Luther van Dam. He was old,Bitter, made messes, and had a bird and a dog. Main star Craig T. Nelson was pretty funny to with his wife in the show christine armstrong. His daughter kelly and of couse the one and only "Dubber". This show is not on DVD yet. however try hard like me and you can find someone that put them on DVD and commercial free and all that. I am not sure if this program will ever be on dvd but oh well. It might be coming back to TBS september 30.
  • Funny...I wonder when the series will be sold on DVD...Better yet, why are they waiting to do so?

    This sitcom is hilarious...Every episodes I have seen has made me laugh...I liked the episode when Hayden had an issue with Christine because she made more money than he did...Or the episode when Luther had Misses Thorkolson....They should do a reunion show or movie and put the series on DVD.
  • The best sitcom of the 90's.

    Coach was one hilarious show. I rate it as the best sitcom of the 90's. Far ahead of such overrated and pretentious drivel such as Seinfeld, Friends, and Roseanne. Coach did what a sitcom is supposed to do. It made you laugh. It didn't try to gross you out like Roseanne frequently did or talk down to the audience like most of the episodes of Seinfeld.

    Craig T. Nelson, Shelly Fabares, and Jerry Van Dyke were excellent in their roles. Especially Van Dyke. He broke out of a 25 year career slump when he landed the role of assistant coach Luther Van Damme. Luther was one of the funniest characters in TV history. Nelson, after appearing in a lot of dramatic roles in the 80's, turned to comedy and was great as recovering Neanderthal football coach Hayden Fox. BTW, the character was based on Auburn coach Pat Dye and not Iowa coach Hayden Fry. Fabares, a rather run of the mill actress most of her career, lent fine support as Hayden's girlfriend and later wife Christine Armstrong.

    If Coach did have a flaw it was the show's final two seasons when Hayden Fox jumped ship from the campus of Minnesota State and went to coach in the NFL. Adding Katherine Helmond to the cast simply didn't mesh and the show went downhill rather quickly. Hayden, Luther, Dauber, and the rest belonged on a college campus not the NFL. The producers should have realized that but I guess they wanted to try another direction for the show. We still have a darn good show that should be remembered and honored more than it is. Give me Coach over Seinfeld anyday. We all know that Jerry Seinfeld is a wimp.
  • Imagine Coach TODAY

    This twitter account imagines if Coach was still on TV TODAY


  • This was an awesome show back in the late 1980s and early and mid-1990s and today it still is!

    "Coach" is a silly, but funny show. Ever since it first debuted on ABC in 1989, it got funnier and funnier. I own most of the VHSs and I have the first and second season DVD box sets. My brother likes this as well. It ran from 1989 to 1996, but at least we still see the reruns on USA Network. At first, I've never heard of that show, but when my brother introduced me to it, I liked it. The one-hour special was funny and also it had flashbacks of the funniest episodes in the past. Way to go, Barry Kemp! You rule!
  • C'mon, bring Coach back! I mean, only 1 year?!? Coach deserves better than this! Me want Coach back! Angry mob! Angry mob!

    Coach is one of my favorite non-anime shows that I watch. It all started when I was looking through the cast of Spongebob Squarepants. I went through all of the cast and crew and clicked on Bill Faggerbakke, since he does Patrick's voice. Then I dedided to watch some of the shows, and one of them was Coach! Coach rocks! It has 2 voice actors I know, Craig T Nelson (Mr. Incredible) and Bill Faggerbakke (Patrick Star) And also, it has a catchy opening theme tune!
  • 1997 was a sad year; my grandfather who would watch with my grandmother and I Coach passed on along with the show. The palatial beauty of a log cabin my grandparents lived in together hosts parties for the family all the time, but Coach was something for

    I was born the year "Coach" premiered in 1989 and I'd watch it with my grandparents in their beautiful Schererville, Indiana modern log cabin home. I have fond memories there of childhood and was dissappointed when Coach ended. Bring it back please, for my dear grandmother and I to share.
  • This show rocks. I got hooked on it after watching a rerun on USA. I watched it sometimes when it was on ABC, but after watching the reruns on USA, I got addicted to the show, and I'm not ashamed either.

    This show was funny. From the relationship of Kelly and Stuart, to the beef between Hayden and Judy. Dauber and Luther were the funniest characters on the show. Also let's not forget the episode of when they were watching a video of Hayden & Christine's wedding attempt and she falls and hangs onto a chandelier then falls on top of a wedding cake.
  • Please bring coach back its the best tv comedy of the 90s. Coach Rules Coach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach RulesCoach Ru

    Best episodes ever
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  • A football coach living in the 90's with his mind in the 50's learns to grow with the times from his fiance and daughter. Hillarious circumstances ensue.

    A hillarious comedy. Ten years after the end it is still just as funny as when it was new. Craig T. Nelson is a riot. This show needs to be released on DVD. Reruns on USA are wonderful, but they skip episodes, especially ones that take place after the football season ended.
  • This show took a little while to take off but poster is right that the season Angus McKuy wrote were best. I think it was part of one through maybe three? McKuy later worked on a bunch of movies but I don\'t think any more TV.

    Even though it drifted from which character drove the show, it was always funny, kind of like the Simpsons which started out being about bart but was soon a show about homer.
    Coach started out being about Coach, but Dauber and even more Luther sort of became the center of the humor. The episodes where Luther thought he was \"Flamboyant\" we know he meant clarevoyant was one of TV\'s funniest shows.
  • Grew up watching

    Original idea. Great show.
  • One of the best sitcome of the 80's

    If you dont know who he is, Craig T Nelson [the star] was in The Incredibles. Now that you know who he is, Coach was a sitcom about a man who was a coach for a college [simple, like Cheers]. Coach is still great after all these years and I need to get the DVD of it.
  • The early seasons are best, when AG (Angus?)Mckuy was still writing for ABC. The addiing of characters was this show\'s undoing.

    Forget Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls--the team that really ruled the late \'80s and early \'90s was the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles, led bravely and bumblingly by Coach Hayden Fox, played with pitch-perfect timing by Craig T. Nelson. In the first season of Coach, the characters are introduced and take off full-tilt: Coach\'s long-estranged daughter, Kelly (Clare Carey), decides to attend his college to re-forge a relationship with him; his spunky newscaster girlfriend, Christine (a sparkling Shelley Fabares), tries to balance love and work; and the dudes in Coach\'s locker room provide hapless laffs by the helmetful. The writing is crisp and the acting, led by Nelson\'s endearing, Emmy-winning performance, is great across the board. The women around Coach seem to have their acts together far better than do the men, which leads to classic sitcom misunderstandings. Another highlight is Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam (Jerry Van Dyke), a guy\'s guy with no internal censoring ability. The Limited Edition includes all 13 Season One episodes, a \"sneak peak bonus\" episode from Season Two, a cool documentary called The Great \'80s TV Flashback (beware of flying shoulder pads), and a cute fake pigskin package. Now let\'s get on out there and show what the Screaming Eagles can do!
    I think that this is one of the more underrated series of the late 90\\\'s. It was tough to compete against such series as \\\"Cheers\\\" \\\"Seinfeld\\\" and \\\"The Cosby Show\\\" I am sure, but if that show were to debut now it would be more of a hit then it was. (Much like \\\"Wings\\\" in that effect)
  • A fine show from the 90\'s. Genuinely funny from episode to episode. It did lose some steam past the 5th season or so. All and all a show worth TiVoing on USA.

    I watched Coach in my youth. I was around 10 when the show began and I watched it well into high school. I\'ve recently watched it all the way through on USA with the assistance of TiVo. It reminded my what a classic this show is. The structure of the show was a big part of its charm. The opening segment was usually a self-contained gag. Someone was usually doing something dumb whether it be Luther, Dauber, or Hayden. These little openings always had a way of getting you in the mood for some good wholesome humor. In the 9 seasons they did the show managed to stay relatively fresh. Though, I\'d say past the 5th season or so there were hints of losing steam. What really kept this show going was Coach himself. His brash and sometimes dimwitted demeanor was the source of a lot of great story lines. Though as Hayden matured through the diligence of his wife Christine, the well of that humor seemed to dry up a bit. All and all a fine show, worth another look.
  • A comedy about the inside track of a college football program.

    The show was immensely entertaining, albeit based on improbable character sketches.

    Craig T. Nelson plays the politically incorrect coach Hayden Fox, an obvious allusion to the Iowa football coach Hayden Fry. He courts, and eventually gets engaged to and marries the more liberal-minded Christine Armstrong. One wonders how such a relationship might play out in real life.

    The most improbable characters were the Assistant Coaches, Dauber Dybinski and Luther van Dam. Though admittedly hilarious, their knowledge of the game of football, or their knowledge of anything else for that matter, makes it a wonder that the coaching staff can stay together very long.

    The show was funny and entertaining. It seems they ran out of plots for the characters rather quickly, but the ratings propped the show up long enough to outlive its course.

    And would it have been too much to ask that the Minnesota State mascot be named the Mavericks, as they are, rather than the Screaming Eagles?
  • A sitcom based on football coach hayden Fox, this show is one of my favorite's of all time. Dohmar is my #1 dumb-guy of all time.

    This show was on for 8 years and I still feel that it wasn't appreciated. I'm young but I don't hear anyone mentioning Coach with the greatest of all time. This show was special from the get-go becouse the cast immediatly bonded together. Seriously, give the person who hired these people a raise! Through the years I watch old episodes and feel good, the performance of Craig T. Nelson is really great. He was maid for t.v. and even through he played on the district, his best performance was the one he made on Coach. Also Jerry van Dyke was something special too, he was a great complimant to Nelson's character.
  • Coach was a classic 80's sitcom, with great charecters, and great comedy throughout!

    I have been watching Coach since it first aired, and even years later after seeing a billion re-runs the show is still hilarious and enjoyable. The thing that made the show so great was the actors, and the writting. There really was never to much actual coaching going oin in the show, but more or less about the lifes of the coachs, and thats what made it so funny. Overall its a classic 80's sitcom
  • Probably won't go down in history as the greatest SitCom ever in the history of English language SitCom's, and probably won't go down as the worst either. Good show for padding out the post-midnight schedule, which is where I first saw it on UK's "ITV"....


    Probably won't go down in history as the greatest SitCom ever in the history of English language SitCom's, and probably won't go down as the worst either.

    Good show for padding out the post-midnight schedule, which is where I first saw it on UK's "ITV" channel while waiting for other shows to come on.

  • Coach was a 30 minute boring show that wasn't even that funny.

    While I was surfing throught the channels one day I came upon USA (this was like at 8 am) and they were showing this show I'd like to call "Coach." I waited and watched it to see what it was and if it was any good. Little did I know that it was gonna be one of the lamest shows I had seen. The storyline was a good one but then the jokes were so ridiculous. Also the characters, at least for me, were very annoying and very hard to like.

    Coach has some funny lines I admit but only enough to make me chuckle a couple times and then I plainly just got sick of the show. To my own surprise I wathced the entire episode but never again will I watch another. It wasn't just that the characters were annoying or that the jokes were corny, but more of the stupid plot line about college and coaching and all that. Overall becuase of thos chuckles I gave this show a 4 but I never want to hear the name 'Coach' after this review.