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  • The early seasons are best, when AG (Angus?)Mckuy was still writing for ABC. The addiing of characters was this show\'s undoing.

    Forget Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls--the team that really ruled the late \'80s and early \'90s was the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles, led bravely and bumblingly by Coach Hayden Fox, played with pitch-perfect timing by Craig T. Nelson. In the first season of Coach, the characters are introduced and take off full-tilt: Coach\'s long-estranged daughter, Kelly (Clare Carey), decides to attend his college to re-forge a relationship with him; his spunky newscaster girlfriend, Christine (a sparkling Shelley Fabares), tries to balance love and work; and the dudes in Coach\'s locker room provide hapless laffs by the helmetful. The writing is crisp and the acting, led by Nelson\'s endearing, Emmy-winning performance, is great across the board. The women around Coach seem to have their acts together far better than do the men, which leads to classic sitcom misunderstandings. Another highlight is Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam (Jerry Van Dyke), a guy\'s guy with no internal censoring ability. The Limited Edition includes all 13 Season One episodes, a \"sneak peak bonus\" episode from Season Two, a cool documentary called The Great \'80s TV Flashback (beware of flying shoulder pads), and a cute fake pigskin package. Now let\'s get on out there and show what the Screaming Eagles can do!
    I think that this is one of the more underrated series of the late 90\\\'s. It was tough to compete against such series as \\\"Cheers\\\" \\\"Seinfeld\\\" and \\\"The Cosby Show\\\" I am sure, but if that show were to debut now it would be more of a hit then it was. (Much like \\\"Wings\\\" in that effect)
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