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  • Coach was a 30 minute boring show that wasn't even that funny.

    While I was surfing throught the channels one day I came upon USA (this was like at 8 am) and they were showing this show I'd like to call "Coach." I waited and watched it to see what it was and if it was any good. Little did I know that it was gonna be one of the lamest shows I had seen. The storyline was a good one but then the jokes were so ridiculous. Also the characters, at least for me, were very annoying and very hard to like.

    Coach has some funny lines I admit but only enough to make me chuckle a couple times and then I plainly just got sick of the show. To my own surprise I wathced the entire episode but never again will I watch another. It wasn't just that the characters were annoying or that the jokes were corny, but more of the stupid plot line about college and coaching and all that. Overall becuase of thos chuckles I gave this show a 4 but I never want to hear the name 'Coach' after this review.