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  • Coach Hayden Fox deals with his girlfriend and news anchor Christine Armstrong, His football team, His coaching staff, his daughter, Ex wife, and the rest of the school faculty. In this funny early 90's sitcom.

    Although the show was a little before my time. I remembered my parents always watching the new episodes and they loved them. I began watching them on USA network, and couldn't get enough, so I went out and bought DVD's Season 1-3. Hayden Fox is an alpha male football coach at the Minnesota State University, who is selfish and hard headed in a very funny way. Christine his girlfriend and wife later on in the show is a very good compliment to Hayden's hard style. My favorite character in the show, is Hayden's bestfriend and defensive corodinator Luther Van Dam. Luther is a very cautious man, who always thinking the worst and freaking out. Dauber is a former player of Hayden, who was in school for over 8 years, and becomes an assistant coach after graduating. Kristine is Hayden's Daugther who joins him at Minnesota State and marries Drama major Stuart, who Hayden can't stand. Other characters come in making life at Minnesota St hectic for Coach Hayden Fox. If you like a funny sitcom and also like sports like me, this is the way to go. This show offers a little of everything. Hayden and Luther's adventures are fun and make the show great. I give this show a 10 out of 10. Great original sports comedy!
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