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  • The best sitcom of the 90's.

    Coach was one hilarious show. I rate it as the best sitcom of the 90's. Far ahead of such overrated and pretentious drivel such as Seinfeld, Friends, and Roseanne. Coach did what a sitcom is supposed to do. It made you laugh. It didn't try to gross you out like Roseanne frequently did or talk down to the audience like most of the episodes of Seinfeld.

    Craig T. Nelson, Shelly Fabares, and Jerry Van Dyke were excellent in their roles. Especially Van Dyke. He broke out of a 25 year career slump when he landed the role of assistant coach Luther Van Damme. Luther was one of the funniest characters in TV history. Nelson, after appearing in a lot of dramatic roles in the 80's, turned to comedy and was great as recovering Neanderthal football coach Hayden Fox. BTW, the character was based on Auburn coach Pat Dye and not Iowa coach Hayden Fry. Fabares, a rather run of the mill actress most of her career, lent fine support as Hayden's girlfriend and later wife Christine Armstrong.

    If Coach did have a flaw it was the show's final two seasons when Hayden Fox jumped ship from the campus of Minnesota State and went to coach in the NFL. Adding Katherine Helmond to the cast simply didn't mesh and the show went downhill rather quickly. Hayden, Luther, Dauber, and the rest belonged on a college campus not the NFL. The producers should have realized that but I guess they wanted to try another direction for the show. We still have a darn good show that should be remembered and honored more than it is. Give me Coach over Seinfeld anyday. We all know that Jerry Seinfeld is a wimp.
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