Season 4 Episode 2

Since My Beaver Left Me

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 04, 1991 on ABC

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  • Another example of the everchanging Hayden. Slowly evolving from his closed minded neanderthal thinking to a gentler more accepting father. Sometimes the best think you can do is just listen.

    Kelly and Stuart have broken up and Kelly is distraught. She comes to the cabin not to talk to Hayden but to talk to Christine instead.

    Hayden on the other hand is all for packing Kelly's bag having her move back in and cheering her up with her childhood teddy bear all of which she rejects and resents. Hayden can't understand. Why does his daughter not turn to him. Why is she more comfortable with Christine.

    It's when she explains to him that she doesn't need someone telling her it's her fault for choosing Stuart although he had warned her not to. What she needs is someone to listen to her, offer her tissue and wipe her tears. So although Hayden finds this a challenge, that's what he does, he just comforts her.