Season 3 Episode 15

The Marion Kind (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 1991 on ABC

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  • Just how many times can Peter steal Luther's woman?

    Christine encourages Luther to let bygones be bygones and have lunch with a friend who stole his girl many years ago.
    Luther soon finds out that history has a funny way of repeating itself, when Christine invites her friend, Marion over. She doesn't bond with Luther as planned but instead is won over by Luther's friend, Peter.

    Throughout the whole evening Luther tries his darnest to impress Marion, but he keeps falling short to Peter. At the end of the long, evening Peter and Marion leave, (more like escape) and when Hayden collects the morning paper at Christine's door the next morning he sees none other than Peter coming from Marion's apartment. When Hayden confronts them they profess love for each other while Luther is left experiencing deja'vu. A very funny episode especially scenes with a seemingly desperate Luther trying to win Marion over.