Coast - Season 8

Wednesday 8:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered May 22, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Bawdsey Manor
    Bawdsey Manor
    Episode 17
    On the shingle bank at Orford Ness, Alice Roberts leads a team trying to recreate the original war-winning experiment which proved that radar would work.Alice visits Bawdsey Manor, where the first British radar station was built, to meet two women posted there during the war to operate the early warning system. It was 'hush-hush' work that they kept completely secret - even from close family.moreless
  • London to Antwerp 2
    London to Antwerp 2
    Episode 15
    A journey around the edge of the British Isles and beyond to see how shared seas unite Britain with its European neighbours. This episode begins in the historic heart of London and continues along the south coast of England and out across the Channel to explore the curious coast of Belgium. Nick Crane discovers why the world's biggest cargo ships are on course for London as he joins the struggle to construct a new mega-port as a gateway to the capital. Nick's voyage then takes a strange turn as he visits Belgium. He rides one of the longest tramways in the world, the Kusttram (or Coast Tram) which runs the entire length of Belgium's coastline. Nick also hunts down a forgotten masterpiece of surreal artist Rene Magritte, whose 'fish-headed woman' is just one of the extraordinary figures hidden away inside a grand casino on the Belgian coast.moreless
  • The Hidden History of Harbours 1
    At the Cornish fishing harbour of Newlyn, Nick Crane relives an astonishing, unsung feat of heroic British seamanship when, in 1854, a tiny fishing boat set sail from Newlyn to Melbourne. She was the smallest boat ever to attempt the journey, but the seven Cornishmen on board were prepared to risk their lives in the world's wildest seas to join the Australian Gold Rush. Nick Crane meets Cornish sailing legend Pete Goss aboard an exact replica of the boat that made such an incredible voyage.moreless
  • The Mysteries of the Isles 2
    Coast is back in the UK, with each episode featuring stories from different parts of the British Isles, taking viewers on a 'journey of the imagination' which explores the universal themes that bind everyone together. The first of the series investigates just what it means to be an island people.
  • The Riddle of the Tides 2
    Nick Crane leads the team around Britain in a search for the secrets revealed by the tide.
  • Reversions, Rivers and Seas Collide 2
    The team discover surprising stories that emerge where rivers and seas collide
  • Secrets of the Sea Cliffs 3
    Nick Crane joins sea fishermen who have constructed a remarkable ropeway and explores the ingenious water-powered mechanism that operates the Victorian cliff lift at Saltburn-by-the-Sea.
  • The Workers' Coast
    The Workers' Coast
    Episode 9
    Coast is on a journey to celebrate the surprising stories of the workers from around our shores. How good is your parking?
  • The Secret Life of Sea Cliffs 2
    The Coast team explores some of the most spectacular and scary sea cliffs in Britain.
  • The Secret Life Of Sea Cliffs
    A journey around the coast of the United Kingdom. On the sea cliffs that surround Ramsey Island, Sarah Beynon hunts for dung beetles. She also finds 20th-century trash being revealed as a dump at Lyme Regis slides into the sea.