Cobra The Animation

Season 1 Episode 3

A Starless Street

Aired Saturday 11:55 PM Jan 16, 2010 on
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A Starless Street
Cobra and Secret make it into the chamber of Galon but they set off a trap and Secret can't move and Cobra falls into the planet. Cobra awakes but can't remember anything after hitting his head so hard and finds a girl in trouble. Will Cobra be able to regain his memory and what is is mysterious place where he landed?moreless

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      • Cobra: My past... I can feel it was a bloody one. My body reeks of blood and carnage. If that's who I truly am, then my memories will come back only in the heat of battle!

      • Mohammed: Careful with that mouth of yours, boy. I have a short temper!
        Cobra: And what are you going to do if you get angry? Gonna waltz with the rabbit?

      • Mohammed: Never fought me a blond boy before.
        Cobra: And I've never fought a bald gorilla.

      • (Cobra has just saved Bonny from some thugs and is walking away)
        Bonny: Wait! I haven't seen your face around here before. When did you come to this block? What's your name?
        Cobra: I said I don't know who I am, remember? I don't even remember my own name. I hit my head somewhere and I've completely lost my memories.
        Bonny: I see. So you really lost your memories. Then, how about I call you Joe?

      • Bonny: Don't underestimate them, they're not just punks! That bunch won't hesitate to kill; they're barbarians!
        Cobra: Fine by me. Problem children need to get taught a lesson by their elders.

      • (Cobra kicks a lackey of Bogard off his motorcycle as he was about to run over Bonny)
        Thug: Why you... What the hell was that?
        Cobra: That's enough. You punks are crossin' the line.
        Thug: Big talk, old man! You don't know who yer dealin' with!
        Cobra: Nope. You some choir boys or something? It's all the same to me.

      • Cobra: Damn it... Seems I hit my head there pretty good. (walks out of the alley and finds himself in the middle of a city) A city? But, where? Why am I here? It's no use, I can't remember. I? Who the heck am I?

      • Secret: So, Cobra? How do you feel after seeing the world's most perfectly proportioned woman before your eyes?
        Cobra: (chuckles) Marilyn Monroe's gnashing her teeth up in heaven.

      • (Secret comes to)
        Secret: Where are we?
        Cobra: Who knows? All we can be sure of is we're not where we were five minutes ago.

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