Cobra - Season 1

(ended 1994)


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  • Aces and Eights
    Aces and Eights
    Episode 22
    Cobra is hired by the father of a man murdered after a high stakes poker game. The only witness was the man's girlfriend, Kelly Masterson, who is a poker expert. It all seems to tie into the man's boss, a mobster who likes to play poker for big money. So Scandal poses as a gambler to get to the bottom of things.moreless
  • Precious
    Episode 21
    A stand-up comic dies on stage, and Cobra is hired by the comic's agent to find out how he died. When the agent turns up dead, the most-likely suspect seems to tbe comic's mentally unstable, former girlfriend, who is a ventriloquist with a wise-cracking dummy named Precious.
  • Lorrinda
    Episode 20
    Cobra is hired to keep a mob housekeeper alive long enough to testify at the trial of two ruthless sons of an old-style mobster. Scandal is sent to drive her cross-country to Bay City, but the sons kidnap their institutionalized father to keep her from testifying.
  • Haunted Lives
    Haunted Lives
    Episode 19
    Cobra is hired when a man's family is terrorized. Scandal thinks the wife is not telling all. He, Danielle and Dallas soon learn that the woman's past is not what she claims it was, and it all seems to tie into a former Stasi agent, who is a trainer of hitmen and a master of disguise.moreless
  • A Few Dead Men
    A Few Dead Men
    Episode 18
    Scandal poses as a Private, and Danielle a Major, at a boot camp when Cobra is hired to investigate the death of a marine. They soon determine it's murder, and a toughf Marine Seargant looks to be the killer.
  • Caged Fury
    Caged Fury
    Episode 17
    Danielle goes on vacation, but on her way she accidentally hits a woman being chased by a small town police force. Danielle is accused of aiding a fugitive and is thrown in jail with the woman. While Danielle tries to figure out what is going on, Scandal and Dallas try to find out what happened when they can't get in touch with her.moreless
  • Death Dive
    Death Dive
    Episode 16
    Scandal goes undercover at an ocean theme park as a marine biologist when Cobra is hired by a marine expert, Danielle's old college roommate, whose boyfriend died while on an ocean dive. Things soon point to another diver, an ex-Navy SEAL.
  • Blast From The Past
    Blast From The Past
    Episode 15
    Scandal's predecessor at Cobra returns and kidnap Dallas. Scandal wants to know more about him, but Danielle becomes agitated and too disturbed (or too secretive) to answer his questions. So Scandal must find out Danielle's secret and come to Dallas's rescue, mostly in the dark, with his predecessor taunting him all the way.moreless
  • Lost In Cyberspace
    Lost In Cyberspace
    Episode 14
    A computer expert's cyber-girlfriend is kidnapped, so Cobra is hired to rescue her. They soon find out that the girlfriend is a computer security consultant, and her kidnapping seems to be related to her skills at breaking into corporate computer systems.
  • Diamond In The Rough
    Cobra is hired to check the security at a museum hosting valuable jewelry, so Scandal must keep breaking into the museum to test the security. The jewelry gets stolen anyway, and the suspect is the daughter of a famous jewel thief. But it turns out her father has been kidnapped and that she's being coerced into burglaring.moreless
  • Death On The Line
    Death On The Line
    Episode 12
    The producer of a late-night lonely hearts radio show hires Cobra to protect the beautiful female star of the show, who may be in danger from a regular caller who has already killed one of the men she dated. Scandal poses as her boyfriend to draw out the stalker.
  • Playing With Fire
    Playing With Fire
    Episode 11
    Cobra is hired to try and catch an arsonist who has been torching the buildings of a wealthy industrialist. The problem is, the suspect seems to be an arsonist who died years before.
  • Something In The Air
    Scandal bets Danielle that he is better in the raw elements, so they go for a weekend of camping and hiking. But the plan turns bad when they stumble across an escaped plane hijacker, whom they take captive. But they soon end up on the run from the man's gang. Meanwhile, Dallas heads the search effort to locate them.moreless
  • I'd Die For You
    I'd Die For You
    Episode 9
    When Dallas mysteriously disappears, Scandal and Danielle reluctantly agree to see a laywer's client who is scheduled to be executed in two days for killing his pop star girlfriend. Scandal becomes convinced the man is innocent, but Dallas shows up and tries to stop their investigation because he was the officer of record at the man's original arrest.moreless
  • Hostage Hearts
    Hostage Hearts
    Episode 8
    An aloof businessman hires the Cobra team to safeguard his daughter after she is nearly kidnapped, but the girl seems determined to stay unprotected.
  • Mr. Chapman, I Presume
    Scandal is kidnapped, while being taken out to a ballet by Danielle for his birthday, by an influential businessman who mistakenly believes he is the "Mr. Chapman" who is blackmailing him. Scandal manages to escape, but is picked up for "drunk driving" by police. No one, including Danielle or Dallas, believes that he was kidnapped, so Scandal must set out to clear his name.moreless
  • The Gnome
    The Gnome
    Episode 6
    Carlton Hauser, an old friend of Scandal's who broke down and became a psychopath during the Gulf War, escapes from a prison for the criminally insane and begins hunting down his comrades. When he discovers that Scandal is still alive, he targets him and his friends.
  • Nowhere to Run
    Nowhere to Run
    Episode 5
    A man who was believed to be dead comes back to taunt his wife, so she hires Cobra for protection. But what at first seems to be a case of domestic abuse quickly snowballs into a covert operation to catch the husband, who is an arms dealer.
  • Honeymoon Hideaway
    Honeymoon Hideaway
    Episode 4
    Scandal, Danielle, Dallas and a client pose as honeymooners at a resort to find out what happened to two client's husbands who disappeared there. Soon, the evidence points to a handyman at the resort. Meanwhile, Scandal and Danielle must get through their jitters of sharing a room.
  • Push It
    Push It
    Episode 3
    Cobra is hired by the wife of a man who seems to have died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances, and the trail leads to a thrill-seeking group called The Wild Cats. Scandal goes undercover to bring the ringleader down as a burglar and murder, and to save a pretty architect who's in over her head. But Danielle and Dallas soon begin to fear that Scandal has become too attracted to the thrills of the group.moreless
  • Cobra (2)
    Cobra (2)
    Episode 2
    Scandal's investigation leads him to Jungle Rain, a drinking water company that seems to be connected to a mob boss named Wayne Bottecelli. Scandal and Dallas pose as efficiency experts to look for clues. Meanwhile, Scandal seeks to find out more about Danielle.
  • Cobra (1)
    Cobra (1)
    Episode 1
    Robert "Scandal" Jackson is recruited by Cobra, an undercover agency that provides justice for victims of crime that haven't benefited from the system. His first assignment is to solve a case that may involve the person who killed his father years earlier, but while investigating the case, Scandal uncovers some unpleasant facts about his policeman father.moreless