Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

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Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

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On a tiny tropical haven, known as Fruit Salad Island, live and breathe bananas, melons, mangos, lemons and other fruit who have made it their home. The fruity islanders spend all day basking in the three S's...sun, surf and sleeping. But the islanders are not alone. They share their peaceful island paradise with a real nut – a wacky, weird and wild coconut named Fred. A ball of endless energy, filled with a big heart and sweet, sloshy milk, Fred is an eternal optimist who pursues his dreams, solves his own problems – and never ever quits.

From sunrise to sunset, Fred constantly contemplates his next big idea – and whatever he thinks about actually happens. Nobody knows how he does it, but when Fred starts wishing…watch out! This zany nut and his crop of cohorts splash onto Saturday mornings as Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

The show consists of two mini episodes named 1a and 1bmoreless
Kelly Ray

Kelly Ray

Bingo Cherry

David Kaye

David Kaye

Bunga Berry

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Mr. Greenrind

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Slip D'Peel/Slide D'Peel

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Coconut Fred

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  • I loved and still love this show!


    This show practically sums up my childhood! I was young when it came to Canada, and it made my childhood fun! Omg I watched all the episodes again and I laughed :)

    I can't believe anybody hates this show! I actually kinda like it a bit more than Spongebob, because Spongebob is overrated. For one, this show is 100000x better than Johnny Test or Phineas and Ferb! (Seriously, they should just cancel Phineas and Ferb already) and I liked the characters more than the characters on Spongebob. The lemon (Wedgie) is my favourite :)

    I can't believe this show was cancelled, and I miss it soooo much! I wish they would bring it back :(moreless
  • All I could think of was one thing; this is a SpongeBob ripoff and I don't even like SpongeBob

    Pretty much the whole show with characters, setting, plots, jokes, or even dialogue reminds me that overrated insult to intelligence SpongeBob is. This piece of garbage could lower IQs. I couldn't stand it. No wonder it got cancelled. In fact that the only good thing about this show is that it canned after its first season. Boy did Kids WB really fail on this one. Distinctions between parodies and knockoffs shouldn't be that hard to tell apart. What made this a knockoff/ripoff is that a parody would had more creative effort as well as some orginality put into them.moreless
  • Dead, and I never came to his funeral. I feel bad. NOT!

    Fruits shouldn't be used for stupidity. This is a good reason why. I certainly could not stand this show. I agree with everyone else, it is a ripoff of Spongebob, in a few ways:1.It takes place near or in water, 2.There's like, several characters who behave like all the Spongebobb characters, and 3.Fred acts like Spongebob, yet he will never be like Spongebob. Everyone was so stupid! I am glad this show is cancelled. It deserved it. Please don't renew it!!moreless
  • If Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island has any purpose television, then it's to be the biggest rip off of all time.

    I've seen many rip offs in my time watching TV, but I have to say that Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island has got to be the biggest rip off of all time. It's seriously the biggest waste of time to ever hit the face of television and that's saying something considering the shows I have seen. If you have by some stroke of luck miss this show then here's the premise. The show centers around an island called Fruit Salad Island where it is inhabited by walking, talking, and breathing fruits. The main character in this show is a coconut named Coconut Fred, a crazy and insane coconut, and tells of his adventures with his friends. So notice what the show is sounding like so far? Well in case you haven't guessed already it's a complete rip off of Spongebob Squarepants. I don't mean it rips it off a little I mean it rips it off almost point for point. For one thing you'll notice that the characters have the same personalities as the ones in Spongebob. Fred is basically Spongebob, but extremely annoying. The banana brothers are clones of Patrick. The watermelon is just Mr. Krabs. Then there's a lemon who is very similar to Squidward. Unlike Spongebob where the characters were great this show's characters are irritating and annoying. The only character on this show who's not annoying is that cherry. He was the only tolerable character on this show, but even then he was annoying. Also the island is a dead ringer of Bikini Bottom and the island itself looks like the one you see in the intro of Spongebob. The plots are also ridiculous and predictable like Fred being a newspaper reporter, or stopping a volcano from exploding. Every joke that this show uses is basically gags that have been done to death, or jokes that are terribly executed. Nothing in this show is clever at all and there is no wit or anything. There is one running gag that annoyed me to no end. It's when at the end of an episode Fred yells, "YAY ME!" If this is supposed to be funny they couldn't be anymore wrong. The artwork is decent, but I've seen better. Nothing looks interesting, the character designs are very similar to Spongebob except they are fruits, and the colors are bland. The animation is awful though. Characters move terribly, lip syncs seem to be off and the editing is dreadful. About the only other redeeming thing about this show has to be that it only lasted 13 episodes. Everything about Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island is awful and nothing works in this show. The jokes are terrible, the premise is ridiculous, the plots are terrible, and it rips off a better show you can be watching. If by any chance you never saw this show consider yourself lucky then, and don't bother seeing it at all. If there is a DVD of this show then stay far away from it. Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island serves no other purpose than to be the biggest rip off of all time and one of the worst cartoons ever.moreless
  • Man I gotta be bored to do a review for THIS crap. Lmao..yeah everone knows this show was the second fastest canned show on KidsWB next to Da Boom Crew. xDmoreless

    Like I just said,its crap....what where they smoking? o_O Yeah,yeah second fastest canned cartoon on KidsWB next to Da Boom Crew or whatever its spelled. Its a spongebob ripoff...and sponge himself isnt doing so good nowadays...Nick stop with the five hours of SpongeBob Im complaining bout spongebob...maybe I should doa review on him...yes thats what I'ma do next. Oh yeah Cocconut Fred sucks hard...its too retarted...and the animation is horrible...I havent hit 100 words yet? Damnit...ok Ill keep talking about how horrible it is...did I say the animation is bad? Its VERY bad...hit 100 yet? Arg...damnit..yet? No? Now? Yes finally....yeah this show sucks bad. There I said it...again. xD....moreless

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