Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

The WB (ended 2006)


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  • Man I gotta be bored to do a review for THIS crap. Lmao..yeah everone knows this show was the second fastest canned show on KidsWB next to Da Boom Crew. xD

    Like I just said,its crap....what where they smoking? o_O Yeah,yeah second fastest canned cartoon on KidsWB next to Da Boom Crew or whatever its spelled. Its a spongebob ripoff...and sponge himself isnt doing so good nowadays...Nick stop with the five hours of SpongeBob Im complaining bout spongebob...maybe I should doa review on him...yes thats what I'ma do next. Oh yeah Cocconut Fred sucks hard...its too retarted...and the animation is horrible...I havent hit 100 words yet? Damnit...ok Ill keep talking about how horrible it is...did I say the animation is bad? Its VERY bad...hit 100 yet? Arg...damnit..yet? No? Now? Yes finally....yeah this show sucks bad. There I said it...again. xD....