Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island - Season 1

The WB (ended 2006)


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  • The Ripley Van Ripend Book of World Records / Frozen in Time
    The Ripley Van Ripend Book of World Records:
    A famous man comes to Fruit Salad Island, Ripley Van Ripend. Once Coconut Fred finds out that he makes world record books, Fred is determined to make a world record for himself before Ripley Van Ripend leaves the island.

    Frozen in Time:
    Bingo is set with a challenge of delivering ice cream to Mr. Greenrind before it melts in the hot sun. To help Bingo do so, Coconut Fred designs a time machine. If Bingo can't deliver the ice cream, he is fired from being Mr. Greenrind's servant, and Mr. Greenrind will hire the ice cream monkey in his place.moreless
  • One Fruit's Trash is Another Fruit's Treasure / Turn on Your Nut Light
    Another one of Fred and the rest of fruit salad islands adventures.
  • Monkey Business / Sir Nutalot
    Monkey Business: After Mr. Greenrind cuts down a monkey's home, making the monkey angry, the monkey is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Coconut Fred and friends try to make the monkey civilized so he can stay at the Beach Club. Sir Nutalot: While playing a video game, Fred imagines a "REAL" button on the controller, he pushes the button and is sent into his video game along with his friends and foes.moreless
  • Captain Nut and the Power Fruits (1) / Captain Nut and the Power Fruits (2)
    Captain Nut and the Power Fruits (1):
    Fred receives a comic book and it has a magical super hero ring inside, now Fred is giving the rings to all his friends so that they can help protect Fruit Salad Island. The only problem is: our heroes don't have a villain to use there super powers on.

    Captain Nut and the Power Fruits (2):
    After Mr. Greenrind tells Fred and his friends that they must find a villain to fight, Fred imagines two villains that would bring havoc and destruction to Fruit Salad Island. Now Fred and his friends must stop the evil Blendar and his right-hand man, Tomatonator from creating all of the residences in Fruit Salad Island into the biggest smoothly in the world!moreless
  • Banana Cabana / Coconut Freds
  • A Cold Day on Fruit Salad Island / Five Nuts and a Baby
  • Bananas for Golf / Fruit Ball Heroes

    Bananas for Golf: Mr. Greenrind and Slip and Slid compete in a game of golf for the right to name the golf course.

    Fruit Ball Heroes: Mr. Greenrind hires Coconut Fred and the gang for a match against Mr. Stemson, Mr. Greenrinds rival for the Melon Cup.

  • Nutcase / One Bad Apple

    Nutcase: Fred finds a detective kit. Fred and the gang then cause their usual mischief going around the island solving mysterys. Until Mr.Greenrind is taken by the Cataloopables.

    One Bad Apple: Bingo has a bully problem, Fred steps in and trys to help Bingo by teaching him the Martial Arts.

  • A Bad Case of the Fruitcups / Fruity Booty
    A Bad Case of the Fruitcups: Mr.Greenrind has the fruitcups. And Fred and his friends want to help get rid them by any means necessary.
    Fruity Booty:
    Fred and his friends find a map that leads to the treasure. But, they not the only ones looking for the priceless items.moreless
  • Fred Rules! / Monster Island
    Fred Rules!: When Mr. Greenrind pleads with Fred to enforce the rules on the squeaky board, Fred decides to make that fun and take the role of a police officer -- however, things take a turn for the worse when Fred starts making up outrageous rules. Monster Island: After seeing a monster lurking around Fruit Salad Island at night, Bingo enlists Fred and his friends to help find and get rid of it.moreless
  • Fruit Canal / Lemon Overboard
    Fruit Canal: Fred helps Bingo overcome his fear of going to the dentist. Lemon Overboard: After Fred quickly rebuilds Wedgie's ship, Wedgie recruits Fred and his friends to help him finally leave Fruit Salad Island.
  • Hocus Pocus Lack of Focus / Amuse-Otel
    Hocus Pocus Lack of Focus: Mr. Greenrind is having a talent show and Coconut Fred wants to do a magic act with his partner, Bingo. Amuse-Otel: Coconut Fred makes an amusement park/ hotel, and his V.I.P. is none other than, Mr. Greenrind.
  • No News is Good News / Master of Disaster
    No New is Good News: While convincing his friends to become lifeguards, Fred gets distracted and decides to create his very own newspaper for fruit salad island. Fred doesn't realize it but his ideas begin to come true.
    Master of Disaster: Its a normal day on Freds fruit salad island,until Fred imagines that a volcano named Melvin is about to erupt. Its up to Fred and the gang to save fruit salad island.moreless