Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 1 Episode 7

Attack Cornelia

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 2008 on Mainichi Broadcasting System
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Attack Cornelia
Cornelia plans a trap for Zero, using the Saitama ghetto as bait, Lelouch takes up the challenge as it is similar to the Shinjuku massacre. However, as Cornelia is smarter than Clovis, and the men at his disposal aren't as loyal, things go horribly wrong. And it isn't long before Lelouch is completely trapped, with Cornelia about to find out his identity. How will he get out of this one?moreless

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  • Great One!!!!

    This was one of the best episodes so far. It was exiting, suspenseful, and had just enough comedy in it. I had no idea Cornelia was so skilful though, I thought Lelouch would win easily. Unless the knightmares he controlled were piloted by the terrorist groups. Then I might understand. I couldn't tell however, sometimes there were Britannians in them and sometimes there were elevens in them. It also helped me understand Lelouch's hatred to Britannia and his father more. Overall this was a great episode, like I said in the beginning. It was hard to not give this a ten, but I hardly do that, even for great shows like Naruto.moreless
Junichi Sugawara

Junichi Sugawara


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Kazunari Tanaka

Kazunari Tanaka

Assistant official

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Kouzou Mito

Kouzou Mito


Guest Star

Kazunari Tanaka

Kazunari Tanaka

Shinichiro Tamaki

Recurring Role

Ryuuzo Hasuike

Ryuuzo Hasuike


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Yukana Nogami

Yukana Nogami


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    • Young Lelouch: Hail your majesty! My mother the empress is dead!

      Emperor: Old news, what of it?

      Young Lelouch: What of it!?

      Emperor: You sought an audience with the emperor of Britannia simply to inform me of that? (to a guard) Send the next one in, I have no time for these childish games!

      Young Lelouch: Father!!(Lelouch runs up, guards intervene, Emperor stops them)Why didn't you keep Mother out of harms way? You're the greatest man in this country if not the world, you should have protected her and now you don't even visit Nunnaly!

      Emperor: I have no use for that weakling.

      Young Lelouch: That...weakling?

      Emperor: That is what it means to be royalty.

      Young Lelouch: Then I don't want to be your heir; I give up my claim to the thrown! (room gasps) I'm sick of the fighting and scheming over who will succeed you father, I've had enough!

      Emperor: You are dead, you have always been dead to me, dead from the moment you were born! Who gave you the fine clothes you where, your comfortable home, the food you eat, and your very life? All of those I have given you! In short, you are nothing to me because you have never existed, yet you dare to speak such foolishness to me!!! (Lelouch gasps and falls) Lelouch, you are dead, therefore you are not entitled to any rights. I am sending you and Nunnally to Japan. As prince and princess, you will serve well as bargaining tools!

    • Cornelia: Mission complete, all forces take formation number four.

      Lelouch: Beaten this easily; but that's not how the game is supposed to go.

      Cornelia: This didn't work out the way it did in Shingiko did it Zero? So are you still masquerading as one of us? We'll discover who you are shortly.

      Lelouch: This...this is what real organization can do.

      Cornelia: Attention all Kightmare pilots, open your hatches and reveal your faces!

      Lelouch: (angrily) Ahh-Huu...Cornelia!!

      Cornelia: Haa! I repeat, open your hatches and reveal your faces.

      Lelouch: What do I do? If she gets me in a line up, with out my mask, my identity will be exposed! That musn't happen. Use my Geass? No impossible, it won't work unless I look directly at them, the enemy is protected with the Knightmares; that leaves the infantry and the other pilots. Uhh-uhh, forget it. There are to many of them. How do I turn this around? No, would that work, show them I'm Zero then use the power? But then the Knightmares. Maybe I can start shooting and break out of here. Impossible, against Cornelia's Royal Gaurd, that would be suicide!

      Guilford: Open your hatch, it's your turn. (nothing happens) What's wrong, hurry up and open your hatch.

      Lelouch: Well, my hatch was dammaged earlier in battle.

      Guilford: I see, then we'll open it for you. Turn around. (nothing happens) Well come on!

      Lelouch: Yes, understood. At once sir.

      Voice: Zero's been spotted!

      All: Huu?

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