Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Unknown May 16, 2009 on Mainichi Broadcasting System



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    • Zero: Kallen, it's good you made it back. I'm sorry it took so long to get you out.
      Kallen: Lelouch, listen, when I was imprisoned, I happened to talk to Nunnally. She stood up for me and she saved me.
      Zero: I see.

    • Schneizel: (after having told the Black Knights that Lelouch is Zero) Everyone, Zero is my brother. Will you please hand him over to me for justice?
      Ohgi: On one condition.
      Tamaki: Ohgi!
      Cornelia: You think you're in a position to bargain over this?
      Schneizel: Wait, let's hear it.
      Ohgi: Our Japan, return it. We're betraying our comrade. So at least we deserve to regain Japan. Otherwise I could never forgive myself.

    • Lelouch: (after finding out Rolo has Nunally's locket) What are you doing with this? It's Nunnally's! I wanted to give this locket to Nunnally, not to you! To Nunnally! Do you think you could ever replace Nunnally in my heart? You're an imposter! Haven't you figured it out yet? I hate you! I loathe you! I despise you! I've been trying to kill you but I just keep missing the chance!

    • Kallen: (after C.C. says about removing Lelouch's clothes) What the hell of you two be doing in here? While I've been rotten in a cell, you...
      Lelouch: No, you've got it wrong. She was... C.C. lost her memory. It happened because of me. So the C.C. you knew was gone now. Erased. And it's my fault.

    • Kallen: Lelouch, no...
      Lelouch: Kallen, you were my most useful piece, much like a well played knight. This whole world was the board for the game, and all for my entertainment.
      Kallen: I see. Goodbye then, Lelouch.

    • Lelouch: Kallen, you have to live.

    • Lelouch: Rolo, why did you save me? After all I've done to you.
      Rolo: Because, you're a liar, big brother. It was a lie, wasn't it? What you said about trying to kill me. About hating me and all of that.
      Lelouch: Of course. And you saw right through me, didn't you? Just what I'd expect of my little brother.
      Rolo: That's right. I thought so. 'cause I know who you really are inside your heart. I know everything about you, big brother.
      Lelouch: Yes. You got it right. Your big brother... is just a liar.

    • Lelouch: Nunnally, Rolo, Shirley, The Black Knights, I've lost everything. This is the result which I've been left with. No, it's my just punishment. But now... thanks to this. Thank you, Rolo. You saved my life for a reason. Because there's still a task that's waiting for me out there. Yes, something I have to finish.

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