Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 22

Emperor Lelouch

Aired Unknown May 23, 2009 on Mainichi Broadcasting System

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  • Awful, just awful.

    What did I tell you? This episode was such a disappointment that I wanted to cry. For the review for the episode "Betrayal" I mentioned that that episode was the beginning of the end of the quality of the series. Well, this is a prime example of just that kind of horrible episode. Lelouch now becomes exactly what he was fighting against, he attacks the very organization of nations that he established, and basically forfeits all opportunity for redeeming himself in the eyes of his former comrades and friends. And also, as usual, no one knows how to kill off their characters. Bismarck's death was pathetic (oops, spoiler! sorry, but it was necessary). "Betrayal" was a good name for that earlier episode because it indeed started a trend of betrayal of the fans' loyalty to the show!