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  • The show is too edgy.

    Let me say this, this is clearly a TV show for the Edgy emo kids who have nothing good in life and this promotes Globalist Propaganda it disgusts me and my people in Entebbe. I also was sick to watch this never liked it also please provide something good for once.
  • A teenage rebellious leader for an Empire.

    "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" is more than just another anime series; in fact, I don't consider myself an anime type; I admire the masterful films from Hayo Myazaki and I've seen a few series' (Attack on Titan now being a runner up).

    This is a series that begins with true ambition and allows us to rely on it all the way through; for an animated series it makes you stay watching, episode by episode, 23 minutes long, you'll end up wasting your day watching it. (Which isn't a bad thing)

    "Code Geass" is an exploring gem because it does something rather extrordinary and that is being a compelling story and never losing its focus. This is one of the great series', being recognized greatly now than it was when the Japanese release 2006 and American release of 2008.

    To follow up its detailed plot; during the Common Era (the beginning of all this madness happens in 2010 but mind that), the Holy Britanian Empire (Britain) invaded Japan. For a greater power, the Britannian forces created the 'Knightmare', a soldier/transformer like machine that has a great affect in combat in the control of soldiers and the rebellions. The dictatorship of Britania on Japan grows and Japan loses its name to 'Area 11' a somewhat hollocaust. This lasts for another 8 years leading to 2018 and a murky future with uncaring rulers, a rebellious group of justice, corrupted leaders and alter egos.

    The Britannian family is the center of this harrowing tale. And the son of an evil ruler has become the chosen one to break the ongoing family rulership and code. This is Lelouch Lamperouge, one of the most involving characters ever. Lelouch is half Japanese and Britannian; his history is what leads him to become what maybe a great symbol for the world. He simply does not act first for the rights of Japan but for revenge and protection of his little, paralyzed/blinded sister Nunnanly. Both lost their mother, who was brutally massacred by her husband's own people; this shattering moment caused Nunnanly to go blind and scar Lelouch forever, with the question to why his father, the Empreror, did nothing to avenge or even acknowlede their mother's death.

    We soon meet the Empreror Charles, who we know less of till the final episodes of R2 (season two). He is powerful, and has a legacy of many children who all have their desires, needs and their actions that could greatly affect their perception and their true service to the war. But Lelouch is not like the rest of his siblings; he is in hiding, at a school that serves at least 4 lower floors and 7 upper, a school that seems almost as affective as Hogwarts. He enlists as a low key student with good friends, yet he is given a rare power called Geass from a crucial character known as C2, who lives immoral with Geass and needs Lelouch to go against the empire to fulfill both their destinies.

    The story plays out fair for both its compelling seasons; Lelouch becomes the inspiration for the rebellion group known as The Black Knights, who fight for Japan. Their co-leader, Kallen, is also a high school girl who finds deeper meaning with Lelouch. Who gives himself the infamous title 'Zero', the man who will change the world.

    Zero brings war uprising, avoids the emotions to proceed his duty and obtain what he wants. What makes Zero/Lelouch special is we truly never actually know what he wants, we think we do, and even he, isn't sure till he is in a state of decision for a crucial moment.

    Other than Lelouch, we have another intruging character, Suzaku Kururugi. A long time friend of Lelouch, who has a dark past involving murdering his aggressive and evil father. He did it to prevent a world of warfare, because he feared something greater than just war and it has followed him his whole life, trying to find redemption. The story mixes with the idea that Lelouch and Suzaku are best friends and will become enemies as they both serve a different purpose. Lelouch destined to bring down Britania and kill those who try to stop him and control the world. Suzaku becomes a royal knight for Britania, but is good, and only tries to serve till he reaches a greater rank and end war. But he must stop Zero (till he discovers Zero is Lelouch of course).

    This comes along so greatly because the series allows us to care about these characters. Even more importantly do we care about the supporting cast, even the villains play a great role into context and aren't even as 'villainous' or 'evil' as they appear to be or as they must. Some Britannians switch sides, some Japanese learn to accept an enemy as a friend or as a lover. While even those, who aren't in this war and live as middle class, become more than just a 'regular' or even serve themselves their own shinning moment.

    One of the great affects this series has is the exhilirating battle scenes. And what astounding affect they have; I felt as if I were in a dual between these Knightmares. Almost every episode contains a good ten minute battle that thrills. One of the more groundbreaking is one between Zero's army and the next Prince Schnizzle's army; from their monitors they control their frontiers and army like a game of chess.

    Most anime fans complain about different language dubs. I'll admit, I didn't watch this show in Japanese, I've seen at least three episodes in Japanese. The English dub serves into a great affect though, sure there are some moments when the voices do allow one to cringe or even laugh at a serious note.

    But the performances are top notch, and they make some of the great scenes emotionally powerful.

    I like "Code Geass" for many reasons. I like the twists and turns of the plot that sometimes make you wish it didn't happen. Because there are a lot of twists that could make one easily tear down. I even enjoyed the side humor the show offers, the quiet and subtle moments involving Lelouch and his crush, Shirley. And Suzaku and his cat. This show never fully goes dramatic, never loses its edge, it has fun moments, creative action sequences that soar, and an emotinal rank that deserves its tears and applause.

    The roles of C2 and another enemy, V2 are outstanding because as immorals; they manage to obtain a wise and likable character; the choices they've made from their long ago pasts and their uses for their instruments to escape (Lelouch and Charles) place them as the most curious.

    Their history with Geass is also very interesting because they still stay the same age due to it. Lelouch possesses a rare Geass that controls anyone to twist their will and follow his command (which makes his revolutionary movement easier). His foes, involving a change at heart warrior, Jerromiah has one that can prevent any Geass or even the deranged Mao, who could read anyone's thoughts. Charles too, can erase memories.

    The series has strong female characters; Cornellia (one of Lelouch's half blood sisters) and the simple princess, Euphie (who has a turning point that is both devestating and weirdly horrifying). Kallen and Shirley too, who seem to be the closest of Lelouch's romantic interests that never loses the interest. There are a variety of great characters; I enjoyed the mad scientists Lloyd, and the members of the Black Knights, their strong and willing fighter Ogie. Lelouch's friends from school, Phoenia (another strong femal role) who has a touching love story with Ogie. And the heartbreaking role of Rolo; a boy who possesses a Geass very rare, slowing time. He becomes a necessity for anyone against Lelouch by R2 and being naive he is fooled by Lelouch, yet he serves him because he looks up to him as 'big brother', this is a wonderful character.

    Which makes Lelouch a hero. By the end, you come to realize why he is the real hero. He makes rare and important decisions that affects his persona as Lelouch, not as Zero. Like many heroes with a journey, Lelouch loses loved ones, isn't that wise at first, but by the middle does he learn and becomes brilliant in doing what he does. He is quick in thought and plans before he acts and commands. By all this, you wonder, just what isn't Lelouch capable of doing. This is a character that would've or could've been the least interesting, but because of the writing, direction, creation and the excellent performance; Lelouch is a character that deserves the praise and the respect. His final move considers a lot of thought and ends with a meaning that grows bigger and bigger.

    R1 & R2 of "Code Geass" is masterfully crafted. A poigant and enduring piece of entertainment that deserves to viewed many times because it is so good. It's final five minutes leaves with an ending so perfect and even inevitable. This is a show that deserves to be watched and should be watched. It exceeds in every aspect a series must and most never do.

    Lelouch is Zero or is Zero Lelouch? Or could they both be a symbol for the goodness of a purified world?
  • Definitely a must-see!

    Although I've watched many other fantastic series since then, Code Geass still takes it's place as my favorite anime of all time, even despite some of its faults.


    While many still find similarities to the plot of Code Geass and Death Note (teenage boy gets a supernatural power and strives to change the world with it), they are in fact, extremely different. While I won't get into depth of what exact events set these two series apart, I can safely say, Code Geass is actually very unique. While it may begin on the same line as other shows, it manages to feel completely new.

    Furthermore, while others may say the twists seem a tad too spontaneous, I actually enjoyed them, enjoyably taken by surprise with each and every twist and turn this series provided. Overall, I believe the plot was excellent, despite there being some slow parts every now and then.


    Now, the main cast of this series was absolutely brilliant. They were extremely developed, and even felt real to me. The character who really took me by surprise, though, was actually Lelouch. I admit it. In the beginning of the series I was thinking, "Oh great. Another genius character with almost no faults, that we're forced to sympathize with." Boy, was I wrong. In only a few episodes in, I realized that Lelouch actually proved to be the most human character of all. He DOES has faults and he even feels guilt. He will have you constantly battling with yourself, deciding whether he's the hero of the series, or the villain. He's not perfect, and he's arguably not a good person, but yet, he's still able to sympathize with someone who killed a person dear to him. He makes mistakes just like a real person, and that's what really makes him such an intriguing character. Although I never exactly liked his best friend, Suzaku, he was undoubtedly a great character as well (for many of the same reasons).

    Now...I didn't really feel the same way for the side characters. Some seemed a bit undeveloped, a little...common? The other members of the student council, which Lelouch served as Vice President in, came across as a bit bland and underdeveloped. His friend, Rivalz, was a bit annoying, and never was developed further than being one of Lelouch's school (filler) buddies. And Nina seemed be just another smart girl character with glasses. Although she was one of the only student council members (with an exception being Shirley) to later gain some attention in the series, she was still, in my opinion, overall unlikable. But still, side characters are side characters for a reason, and they never really take anything away from the overall experience.


    The sub AND dub of this series is absolutely superb. There was never a moment where the acting was grating, and it was always extremely believable. I watched the first parts of the show in sub, only to give the dub a chance for a little while. I was not disappointed and switched over almost instantly (though the acting is amazing in the sub, as well). Two thumbs up for acting!

    Although I love almost everything about this series, there WERE a few things which tended to annoy me. Kallen, who was a strong and tough female character, felt almost ruined to me because of all the fanservice revolving around her. I don't need so many butt and boob shots, no thank you. But I can't complain too much, because the fanservice in this series can be ignored, unlike some other HOTD.

    One thing is for sure, this anime manages to be action-filled, emotional, and funny all at the same time. It has a few dashes of romance, and if you're like me, it'll even make you cry. Multiple times. It has great characters, excellent acting, and a great plot. Code Geass is definitely a must-see for any anime fan.

  • I loved it and that's a lot given that I hate anime with mechas

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is certainly one of the more famous anime out there and it deserves such fame, at least in my opinion. The series is set in an alternate universe where the "Holy Empire of Britannia" (basically, the erstwhile British Empire in a more futuristic setting) has conquered Japan and renamed it "Area 11" with the Japanese renamed "elevens". This use of numbers is basically to promote racism and enforce Britannian superiority over the colonies. In this world, following a seires of events, a teenager named Lelouch receives a power known as "Geass" from a mysterious lady named "C.C". The Geass gives him the power of complete control over anyone exposed to it. Using this newfound power, Lelouch stirs up a rebellion against the empire and seeks to create world peace. Of course, this series has both good qualities and flaws. I'll enumerate both. First, good qualities:

    1. Plot: The anime boasts a meticulously woven plot that rarely lets up with several twists adding to the "surprise" element.

    2.Characters: Along with great plot, it also boasts great characters. You can sympathise with each and every single one of them but as far as I'm concerned, Lelouch is the best of them all. He is a genius yet he is not perfect and can act implusively and make mistakes. You can relate completely to him and his cause yet sometimes you even question it. Of course, the icing on the cake comes at the very end of the series when he dies to create world peace. My second favourite would be Schneizel. 3. Themes: It portrays war exactly as it is: unpleasant. Every new battle is a learning experience for Lelouch. In addition to this central theme, there are many little intellectual conversations about the definition of sin, peace, the nature of humanity etc.(I particularly loved Charles' debut speech about the inequality of humans). Now, I will enumerate what, according to me, are its flaws

    1. While R1 was good, I felt R2 was too rushed. The imperial family members besides Lelouch, Nunnally,Clovis(to an extent), Schneizel, Cornelia and Euphemia seemed interchangeable and insignificant. I would've wanted them to contribute something of significance.

    2. There were some inconsistencies,specifically in the lineage of the Britannian empire. Through R1 and the beginning of R2, Charles is the 16th emperor of Britannia while in the end, he was the 98th one. 3. The final revelation with Nunnally and Guilford surviving FLEIJA: no explanation is given to this except that "Schneizel saved them" I admit Schneizel is talented but he's only human. I doubt tests would've given him a complete knowledge of the bomb's power and even then, how did he get them to safety? They could've given some kind of flashback like how Suzaku captured Lelouch. Anyways,in conclusion, while it does have its flaws, this is one of the best anime that I have seen and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this genre.
  • A boy named Lelouch seeks to change the world using his mysterious power Geass.

    I must say Code Geass is one of the better animes that I have watched. I loved all the characters, the plot, and of course all the fighting sequenses. All of the characters would good and had great mannerisms, though some could be annoying at times but were understandable. This is also only on of the few animes that I actually enjoy listening to the American voice actors(there are famous ones in this series too). The plot was really good as well. I have seem on a few sites how people thought that R2 had lesser of a plot but I guess they are not smart enough to follow it. Even the episodes that I think were included just to increase the number of episodes were very well made(i.e. the Mao series). And of course to Nighmare fight scenes were insanely badA.
    Even though I have given the show alot of praise the reason I am giving it a nine and not a ten is the way the show ended. The ending seemed weird to me and I have mixed feelings about it. Though I understand the reason Lelouch chooses to die in the end I was disappointed in the fact that the anime had to end like this, though it does fit Lelouch's personality. Anyway Code Geass is a good anime but really only for a one time watch though. I probably will not watch it again due to the ending.
  • Easily one of the best and most influential anime shows you will ever see.

    The story is set in a world where the Holy Britanian Empire has conquered most of the world and any non-Britanians live as second class citizens. The story follows a young man called Lelouch who lives in area 11 (formerly called Japan). He was formerly a Britanian prince but following his mother's death he was exiled and has been forced to live in secret hiding his true identity. He understandably hates the Britanian Empire and longs to oppose them. One day a chance meeting with a strange girl gives him the power of Geass - a power which gives him the ability to issue an absolute command to anyone and it must be obeyed. With this power and his own keen intellect and brilliant tactical mind Lelouch become Zero and starts the order of the black knights to end the Britanian empire and his father once and for all.

    This show has some of the best fight scenes and cleverest tactics you will ever see. The main caracter is truly original - neither good nor bad. The supporting cast is also amazing and every single character is well rounded and fully developed. This is a brilliant anime and one of my personal favourites.
  • Code Geass: It's a very good show, if not an excellent show.

    I started watching this anime pretty recently, after one of my friends literally yelled at me after I said I never watched it, like if it was a sin or something. After watching it Code Geass, I now understand why he reacted that way. It's a very good anime, if not an excellent anime. Code Geass revolves aroung Lelouch, a young prince of Britannia that is disowned by his father, the Emperor, after her mother was killed. In that way, Lelouch is determined to kill is father to avenge his mother. Along the way he gains a mysterious ability, the power of the Geass, and begins to lead the "Black Knights" platoon, in order to fullfish his wishes, that is to construct a world in which his beloved sister Nunnally can live happily.
    I loved this anime, every last episode, although in season 2 I kind of got the feeling that some episodes got a bit confusing, but I kept going and the finale really delivers.
    I think the characters are great (I love C.C), and this anime has to be watched by everyone who calls themselvs anime watchers. I do see a bit of resembles between Death Note and Code Geass in the way that the protagonist gets to be the anti-hero.
    Props to this show.

  • A brilliant tale of rebellion, eloquently woven to illustrate every aspect both emotional and intellectual that is attached forevermore to the realization of one's ideals. A lesson taught with every episode.

    Lelouche is a young schoolboy in an alternate history wherein Britian has established a Britannian empire and has taken control of most of the world, leaving two main powers; the Britannian Empire and the Chinese Federation. He lives in the present day Area 11, formally the proud nation of Japan which was subjugated and renamed, the Japanese now being called by their numbers to encourage racial discrimination towards them and to help the soldiers continue on with their ruthless conformation attempt.

    Lelouch is a student of a Britannian school and is thus above all of the so-called 11's. Even so, he does not discriminate, but rather he abhors the government for its methods and its doctrines, so readily imposed upon the lives of all. He has a brilliant mind and he does not hide it, as demonstrated by his illegal chess matches played for money, in which he completely dominates his opponents.

    His life is turned upside down when he is given a power to bend the will of men to his own; the power of the king. With his fantastic intelligence, fierce determination and his new-found power he resolves destroy the world wherein the abhorrent empire has bent the will of everyone under its power and to create it anew. Join Lelouche, the most formidable adversary any man or establishment can imagine, from beginning to end as he leads his rebellion to change the world and the hearts of everyone in it.
  • Great show a wonderful take on alternative history and plenty of twist and turns to keep you entertained. Some were upset with the depiction of Japan as a

    Great show a wonderful take on alternative history and plenty of twist and turns to keep you entertained. Some were upset with the depiction of Japan as a peaceful country attacked by the west and on some level that xenophobic attitude lead to the events of WW2. One could even argue that such a premise takes responsibility away from Japan and that time period. If you can get past these arguments you'll see a wonderful story with a great animation style. The story of a British Empire that spanned the entire world and with big robots set it's sights on Japan was a breath of fresh air to the anime genera. The story was something I hadn't seen before and was happy to see the animation style used from favorites like X. Also like X which was produced by the same company and animated by the same animation team. The characters were all interesting and had personality quirks that would constantly surprise you. The show ended with a perfectly bleak ending as is with most anime's but it worked out perfectly and left you satisfied. Great anime if you want a different take on history and great character and story development this is definitely one to watch.
  • A great show!

    This show was one of the first animes I ever watched. When I first started watching, the show was already airing the third episode, so I just had to start from there. I immediately fell in love with the show. The animation is smooth and near flawless and the artwork is beautiful. I really enjoy the storyline, even though it got kind of confusing for a little bit.

    Near the end of the show (I watched the subbed version), the plotline took a downfall, but still held great. The story got confusing and strange, and it was like the writers were just pulling things out of a hat.

    Although the series took a dive before the end, the show was still memorable. Lelouch, Kallen, and C.C. remain at my top of my favorite characters list. Some parts of the show nearly brought me to tears! I really loved this show!
  • Lelouch and his friend Suzaku get caught in the war between Japan and Britania. Years latter they are brought together through a series of events. Their friendship is tested when they are forced to be enimies with each other.

    I personally think that this anime is pretty good, the first season was alright, but the second season is phenominal!!

    Although, when I think of Suzaku and Lelouch's relationship of friends and enemies. I just can't help but think of Gundam Seed.

    Both series are unique in thier own way, but still, the whole childhood friends to teenaged's a little to eerily close for me. I still like this series though and I can't help but cheer Lelouch on in his endevor to destroy the britanian empire. At the same time, I keep rooting for Suzaku and his determination to get revenge for Yuffie. So all in all, I'd highly suggest this series, but here's a the second season first. Because the first season's a pain any other way.

    Whelp, that's my two cents for now!

  • Rebellion at it's best...nice.

    Some animes you just can't ignore, like for instance "Naruto", "Shin Chan", "Full Metal Alchemist", and others like that. They bring you in, and as soon as they do, you just either can't or won't let go. This is one of those animes. A story about Lelouch, the something-number to the throne of Brutania, creates the group known as "The Black Knights", a group bent on destroying the Brutanian Empire and helping Japan control all. With it's hot anime chicks(what?you don't fall for them?), awesome storyline, and very good cliffhangers, this has to be THE anime that Im glad I chose to watch, and the one I will never let go of.
  • Code Geass is about a boy named lelouch trying to avenge his mother's death, throw down the rule of Brittania, and make a better world. He can do so through brilliant strategy and the power to control minds known as geass or "the power of the kings."

    This has got to be my all time favorite show. The strategies are so much fun to watch unravel. And, there's quite quite a bit of drama. This show changes quickly and dramatically. A plot twist can be expected in nearly every episode. I only have one problem about the show, and that problem seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. Lelouch, the main character, is a a major jerk. He seems to be geeting worse and more cruel and heartless as time goes on. I remember in the first episode, he was kind and caring and afraid. Now, he's the symbol of fear. He stares down death and openly mocks such fear. how horrible.... However, the I still think is the greatest sholw in existance.
  • Zero

    On August 10th of the Common Era, the Holy Empire of Britannia invaded Japan and released the Knightmare Frames; a new humanoid powered armour. The Japanese fell before the might of the Knightmares. Japan became a territory of the Empire and was stripped of its freedom, rights, and even its name. Area 11 was the new designated name given to the defeated Japan. Lelouch is a castaway prince of Britannia who has gain the power known as Geass, the power of absolute obedience. With this new power Lelouch is determined to destroy Britannia, to avenge the death of his mother and to create a world where his sister Nunally, can live peacefully. This show is really good and you wonder ife will be able to change the world. Who ever has seen Death Note will enjoy tis series as well.
  • David vs. Goliath for the 21st Century.

    We've all wanted to do something so great that it would change the face of the earth but have realized that it is near impossible by the standards of society. Well LeLouch is one of those people who just ignore society's rules by trying to take down his own father's monarchal dictatorship. LeLouch is pretty calm and collective at all times, basically displaying no emotion throughout most episodes (he only slightly grins or becomes angry at times). Basically, if you've ever read "Battle Royale", he's basically Kazuo, but instead of killing all his classmates, he decides to kill the government.
  • One of the most revolutionary mecha animes out there right after Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    Powerful, stunning, brilliant. These are the words that Code Geass left me with after completing its last episode. The primary value of mecha animes lies within the explosions and missiles that occur between battles; something is just so cool about buildings exploding. Most of the time mechas are just exactly that with no other value. Though there are those mechas that are deemed innovative, inspiring, and revolutionary. The name that stands out the most is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now, Code Geass joins this honour deservingly so. Driven by philosophical and political issues, there are only few animes that have been able to explore these issues while at the same time, have the guise of a mecha anime.

    1/3 of the world is controlled by the Great Brittanian Empire. Hungry for more power, they set their sights on the small country of Japan who are rich in a valuable resource known as sakuradite. With the development of the new walking armoured vehicles known as knightmares, Japan was quickly engulfed in flames and colonized with its pride, dignity, and name taken away. It was to be known as Area 11 with all Japanese to be viewed as scum. The rich settlements were populated by Brittanian of noble honour, and those that were Japanese were labourers, or slaves.

    A Brittanian Prince, Lelouch Lamperouge, was disowned by his very father the emporer and was sent to Japan along with his dearest sister Nunnully before the raid. For many years he has been plotting a scheme to liberate Japan and overthrow the Brittanian government. Though one day he encounters a mystical alien being known as C.C. whom gave him a very dangerous control anyone against their own will. This allowed his plans to be put on wheels immediately. He took the identity known as Zero, a hero of justice and the weak, in order to preserve his former life as a regular high school student. The world was going to experience a shockwave so great that it'll challenge the entire Brittanian government under the character named Zero, and its stage, Tokyo Japan.

    At first geass, the power that allows utter dominance over anyone, seemed like a neat and unique gimmick. A concept like this is perfect for a slice of life comedy, but Lelouch uses it to its max potential to manipulate governors to give him an edge in the battle against Brittania. In conjunction with his brilliant battle strategies and 100% foolproof plan, Lelouch orchestrates the greatest and most entertaining fictional rebellion ever. Even greater than the Rebel Alliance.

    The battles and raids are like a well disguised chess game without the wait times, and Lelouch is the one making the moves. Everything is taken into consideration; his number of available units, their positions, the environment and its reaction with different things, and even the pattern behaviours of his enemies. Your blood just rushes in excitement at the sight of overwhelming Brittanian soldiers plundering into chaos under a giant landslide with Lelouch's knowledge of geography, or how he can lead his opponents into a trap just by knowing how they are going to react.

    Even better is that the action makes this whole chess game twice as fun to watch. The knightmares themselves are very intriguing models. They have a lot more features installed into them than the normal types of mechas from other anime, one in particular these cable wires that can be used for both mobility and in battle. The knightmare battles are some of the best I've seen in anime, lots of aesthetic and dynamic value with a high budget to boot. Simply put, Code Geass is one of the best action animes ever.

    Just as good as its battles are its political issues. The second main character, Kururugi Suzaku, is Lelouch's bestfriend, and also greatest enemy on the battlefield. He is Brittanian's ace pilot of the best knightmare unit ever created, the Lancelot. Often these two meet in battle without even knowing each other's identity, and when they are not exchanging bullets and missiles on the battlefield, they are exchanging their compassion and help at the school they both attend.

    Though what truly makes this duo of characters really intriguing is their politics. Suzuka plans on liberating Japan by gaining the trust of the Brittanian government and making changes interally. Lelouch looks towards a more aggressive approach by destroying the Brittanian government in Japan in the form of terrorism. Who is right and who is wrong? Both of them have their rights and wrongs, it all depends on what you favour more. It really makes this anime a lot more engaging and fun. Though you grow to really like both characters, you wish sometimes it took a more story book approach where evil and good were clear in sides.

    Though other than the great cohesion between its mecha and political genres, what took me by surprise the most is its emotion. You feel at loss when the rebel units are terminated during battle and are rewarded when Brittanian forces are destroyed. Really a testament to how great the character development is in Code Geass. There are even tears to be shed late in the first and second season when some of its plot twists are triggered. However, there are times when this anime gets a bit too sensitive on emotion and feelings.

    There really is only one thing that is setting back Code Geass; its high school life moments. Suzuka and Lelouch are both students at the same academy and sometimes entire episodes are dedicated to their high school life. It is good enough as a mecha and political anime, but the high school elements almost seemed forced in order to add another dimension. Not to say it does it poorly; the high school characters are actually very likable, good enough for its own spinoff series, and there are a lot of cheers and giggles here and there. Though with this added genre, it makes it very hard for Code Geass to keep up a consistent tone and theme. The high school life was fun, but also unnecessary.

    Code Geass is truly at its best when Suzuka and Lelouch are out battling each other in the battlefield. Very elaborate on its political issues, deep in philosophical issues, heavy on action, and it makes chess a bloodrush to watch. While its genre of high school life feels like it is getting in the way of greatness, it still does a great job on being a high school anime; not enough to discredit it from being one of the best animes ever. This will appeal to many Death Note fans, but the ones who will love Code Geass the most are just about, well any anime fan.
  • Code Geass is an anime that gets better every episode

    Code geass is a very unique anime it like a mix of death note and gundum but it is better than those two. The plot is that Lelouch wants to avenge his mother and make a better world for Nunnaly Lelouch's sister who is blind and has lost her legs. To do this Lelouch uses the identidy of Zero. Code Geass has an amazing story with many plot twists, surprises, and great characters. The characters are developed very well like one episode you hate that character and the next you love that character. Overall Code Geass is dramatic, has great fight scenes, and it is pretty funny. Code Geass should definitly be worth watching.
  • It just gets noticably better every epsiode.

    Code Geass masterfully blends intriguing story lines, wonderful characters, great voice acting and a musical score that's second to none. Whilst the story starts off slow, it takes about an episode for things to really pick up, after that, you're absolutely hooked. You watch in wonder as Lelouch starts to act out with brilliant schemes with sheer strategic genius. With every episode the plot just escalates and becomes grander in scale. Soon, you're just craving to see what happens next. The characters are great from the beginning all of them with interesting personalities. But Lelouch really stands out as an epitome of cool. He just has incredible depth. He handles situations in a completely unique way with that huge brain of his. This is all mixed in with the school life that Lelouch leads, creating an interesting double life. For those who seek more visceral enjoyment, there's a hefty amount of action in this show. Here battles waged with the Gundam-esqe Knightmare Frames, advanced bipedal fighting machines. The fighting is enjoyable as you watch two giant machines tear into each other and it adds a fun edge to the series. But the violence is also gory and definitely not for kids. The two mechs that really stand out are the Guren and the Lancelot, a pair of ultra cool sleek machines. The anime also deals with a lot of important issues such as imperialism, racism, death (oh so much death), justice and good and evil. This is all really shown in the fantastic dialogue between the characters, which brings up a lot of moral issues. The music choice is perfect for this show, creating more emotion in the dramatic moments and really complementing it. It really fits in with whatever happening currently, whether it's action, drama or the few bits of comedy. I recommend Code Geass to any anime viewer or anyone who's looking for more intelligent animation. The plot can be a little hard to follow at times, it's still incredibly intriguing and it alone will keep you hooked throughout the show, right into the next episode! Then when you add in the rest of the pros, it becomes essential viewing. Watch it today!
  • One of the Best animes CN has shown on their adult swim block Since Eureka Seven, It proves theirs still hope for the network afterall.

    Code Geass Is a truley unique anime in the same fashion of eureka Seven, Of course it may still have sterotypical anime elements like giant robots, misunderstood characters & pretty girls, but it is undoubtedly one of the best animes that CN has shown in quite a long time the masturful blend of action & storytelling is great & will surly fascinate any anime, cartoon or action fan. On top of that the characters all have interesting backstories which isn't all that common in TV shows today. So in conclusion I have to say Watch code Geass today its. great. yep
  • Wow, what can I say, things are not always what they seem...

    At first, I thought it would just be one of those nerdy animes with robots and no story, but wow. I got proven wrong when I saw the first episode. Code Geass is much more than that. It is about a young boy in the distant future named Lelouch, who is on his way in being 17th prince in line for Britannia. In the future, Britannia has raided Japan with new robotic technology, and left it to be nothing more than something called Area 11. Lelouch is disgusted by his father's actions, but is even more horrified to find that his mother had been killed. His sister, in shock, loses her eyesight, and ends up getting shot, crippiling her.
    After learning of all this, Lelouch decides to speak up against his father. In doing so, he is banished for Britannia and sent to Area 11 with his sister. Outraged, Lelouch wants to do something, but does not know how he could. Days pass, and he grows bored of life. But then, on his way to school, he actually gets nabbed by Japanese terrorists. He becomes surrounded by Britannian soldiers and fears that this is the end. In the crowd of soldiers he notices his childhood friend Suzaku. He speaks up against Lelouch, but not being a pureblooded Britannian, ends up angering the leader. Suzaku is suspected of being a terrorist like Lelouch, and now, they both fear it is the end. But then, something in the terrorist's truck jumps out and a green-haired girl named C.2 comes and blocks Lelouch. She is shot, but gives Lelouch a strange power that allows him to control the minds of others. With his new found power, Lelouch orders all the soldiers to commit suicide, while Suzaku has escaped. With the power of the geass, Lelouch and C.2 hope to create a better place for Japan, and for his little sister.
  • Cool!!!

    My favorite show (after Naruto though). I really like this show and I think it is very interesting. It has a lot of action and its not boreing I really like it. One of the reasons I like Code Geass is because of my favorite character C.C. and Nunally. I really hope it gets a lot more interesting as the series develops and I hope we get more couples. I really hope Lelouch and C.C. get together or Lelouch and Collen. Thats why Code Geass is my 2nd favorite show. Even though this show is on very late it is worth staying up late.
  • Greatest show I've seen in a while!

    This show is not a rip-off of Death Note or Gundam. I definitely won't deny that there are some big similarities between these series (example: changing the world through a mysterious power, giant mecha killing machines), but Code Geass is it's own! It follows the story of a student who is trying to change the world to a better place for his sister. There's a ton of great action in the Knightmares and the animation is smooth. Each episode ends with like a cliffhanger or a plot twist, it's incredibly addicting. The plot is well though out plus what I like is that there are hardly any stupid flashbacks like most series! Keep going!
  • Awesome Show!!!!

    OK Code Geass is an awesome show!! I watch most of the time on TV when it airs on adult swim. But when I saw the first episode I thought it was so awesome!! Britannia invades Japan and forces everyone living there into a lower class of living. Japan was then called Area 11 and it's people elevens. Lelouch vowed to destroy Britannia, and about 7 years later finds a green haired girl named C.C. who gives him the power if Geass. That's about all I know, so I better start watching it more. It's a great show and definitely one worth checking out!!
  • It's the most interesting anime I ever seen!

    This anime is awesome!!!! I started watch this since the first season was aired. It's the most interesting anime i ever seen! The plot is quite interesting, I can't even dope out what will happen in the next episode! XD Well, just what the title means, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, this anime is about a proud and intelligence prince, Lelouch Lamperouge (real name: Lelouch Vi Britannia)who was banished from his own country by his father the Emperor Charles Di Britannia. His mother, Empress Marianne Vi Britannia was assasinated and his younger sister, Nunnally Vi Britannia was injured in leg and blind from psychological trauma due to his mother's assasination. He started his rebellion to Britannia once he gains the power of Geass from a myterious witch, the power of absolute obedience, allowing him to command the others and make them absolute obedience to him (What a great power). He then forming a rebellion group, The Black Knights with his secret identity, Zero. This anime is really worth to watch! Besides that, those characters are designed by CLAMP! XD
    looking foward to the next episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2!
  • Easy 10 (if I gave out tens)! Code Geass is about as good as Naruto (I can't decide)!

    This show is amazing!!! I was hooked from the first five minutes! Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is the first chow to challenge Naruto in my "favorite anime list". One of the best things about it is that it is easy to follow. I missed the first episode and I already know everything that happened in it form the second to eighth episodes. It's so good that I stay up to watch it both times, at 1:00 and 4:00. I had no second thought when I gave this a ten. The only downfall, although it doesn't have anything to do with the show, is that it is only on Adult Swim once a week. I think that they should either make it an hour long or put it on week days like Inyusha used to be.
  • this show only just started and its already in my top 3 for current anime.

    i really like it one piece isn't nearly as good. and avatar is on another 10 month hiatus rolls eyes. puzzle anime seems to becoming a trend. i just hope this one lasts longer than all the others such as the .hack series, spiral death note which at the most got only 30 some eps. its awesome how they got 2 of the best va's for this. yuri lowenthal who has a huge list of jobs he's done such as sasuke on naruto and johnny bosch as ichigo kurosaki on bleach. who also work together on various other projects games shows ect. most of the characters have such interesting personalities. the mechs are a plus they keep things more interesting than deathnote. i'd say this show gets a 9/10 for originality.
  • This show rocks!!!

    I really like this show. This show is about the country Brittania, and a boy named Lelouch Lamperouge. Brittania has control of the world. In Japan (known as Area 11), Lelouch obtains a strange, but cool power from a girl named C2. This power allows Lelouch to control a person's mind once. He uses this power to help in his plan to destroy Brittania, and save Japan. The humor in this show is good. Some of the moments are really funny. The dialog in this show is awesome! I just like it when the characters say really good lines. The combat is fun to watch also. The best thing I like about this show are the characters. The characters are very hot looking, and have great personalities. Overall, awesome shos, hot looking characters, awesome dialog, funny humor, and solid music. I would recommend this show to any anime fan.
  • A superb cast, mecha-combat, buxom beauties, a powerful story, and a seriously twisted (but likable) protagonist make Code Geass a must-watch for anime fans.

    Throughout the past decade we've only been blessed with a few great animes (i.e. Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.), and most of them have only been released within the past five years. Code Geass easily ranks among them for many reasons.

    Following the high school student turned warmonger named Lelouch Lamperouge, a.k.a. Zero, Code Geass presents an impressive story of Lelouch's pursuit to topple his father's empire for the sake of his sister. Leading the forces of the oppressed Japanese against the Empire of Britannia as the terrorist Zero, Lelouch is willing to go to ANY lengths to accomplish his goals, and I mean ANY lengths.

    Lelouch is given a unique power early on, however, called Geass, which allows him to control the minds of others and force them to do his bidding, up to and including committing suicide. His use of it is very unique, but even with it he has to rely on his wits to win his battles and keep others from discovering his terrorist activities. The way this is done is extremely clever and will keep you on your toes at all times while watching.

    Numerous characters make the story incredibly deep, including terrorist Kallen Stadtfeld who is a devout servant of Lelouch's persona Zero, the seemingly immortal C.C. who granted Lelouch his Geass powers, and the Britannian loyalist Suzaku Kururugi who is one of Lelouch's closest friends (yet also his worst enemy). Each personality is deep and thought out, making each character and his/her struggle truly enjoyable.

    Aside from story, Code Geass also features great mecha-based combat and incredibly gory violence. It's definitely not for kids, as a lot of people die horribly. But for those of us who are used to such violence, it's a very nice touch that only improves the depth of the anime. The animations are very smooth and each expression is well done.

    To put it simply, Code Geass is a definite smash hit among recent adult anime titles, and one I'll be watching for a long while. It's a show that reminds me a great deal of the anime classic Vision of Escaflowne, which is also one of my favorites. I can only see Code Geass getting better and better.
  • Surperb.

    Code Geass is a very good anime. The Britannia took over Japan and Japan was renamed Area 11. Because of this all Japenese where referred as 'elevens'. Lelouch, a Britannia student, secretly half japenese, obtains he power of Geass, to command anyone to do his bidding. He plans a rebellion to avenge his mother's death (who was an eleven). I don't really like the animation style, but the storyline was so good I couldn't stop watching. Suzaku (lelouch's best friend, but on the side of Britannia) would have to be my favorite character. The battle tatics used, and the problem thinking was really cool. On a scale of 0 to 10, I would have to give it a 9.7!
  • Es un anime de los mejores en los últimos tiempos. Es del estilo de death note, un anime inteligente, de intriga y sin nada de partes cómicas como suelen tener la mayoría de los animes. Lo recomiendo ampliamente!!!!!! Adictivo al 100%

    Es un anime de los mejores en los últimos tiempos. Es del estilo de death note, un anime inteligente, de intriga, suspenso y sin nada de partes cómicas como suelen tener la mayoría de los animes. Espero que este no lo vayan a cancelar como pasó con Claymore el cual también tenia mucho futuro. También puedo decir que este es show es muy adictivo en verdad El cual empiezas a ver y ya no puedes parar. Con tan solo ver los primeros 3 capítulos de la saga te logara meter dentro de la historia. Las maneras en la que te van revelando cada detalle de la historia es bastante impactante lo que logra captar la atención del espectador
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