Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Mainichi Broadcasting System (ended 2008)


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  • I loved it and that's a lot given that I hate anime with mechas

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is certainly one of the more famous anime out there and it deserves such fame, at least in my opinion. The series is set in an alternate universe where the "Holy Empire of Britannia" (basically, the erstwhile British Empire in a more futuristic setting) has conquered Japan and renamed it "Area 11" with the Japanese renamed "elevens". This use of numbers is basically to promote racism and enforce Britannian superiority over the colonies. In this world, following a seires of events, a teenager named Lelouch receives a power known as "Geass" from a mysterious lady named "C.C". The Geass gives him the power of complete control over anyone exposed to it. Using this newfound power, Lelouch stirs up a rebellion against the empire and seeks to create world peace. Of course, this series has both good qualities and flaws. I'll enumerate both. First, good qualities:

    1. Plot: The anime boasts a meticulously woven plot that rarely lets up with several twists adding to the "surprise" element.

    2.Characters: Along with great plot, it also boasts great characters. You can sympathise with each and every single one of them but as far as I'm concerned, Lelouch is the best of them all. He is a genius yet he is not perfect and can act implusively and make mistakes. You can relate completely to him and his cause yet sometimes you even question it. Of course, the icing on the cake comes at the very end of the series when he dies to create world peace. My second favourite would be Schneizel. 3. Themes: It portrays war exactly as it is: unpleasant. Every new battle is a learning experience for Lelouch. In addition to this central theme, there are many little intellectual conversations about the definition of sin, peace, the nature of humanity etc.(I particularly loved Charles' debut speech about the inequality of humans). Now, I will enumerate what, according to me, are its flaws

    1. While R1 was good, I felt R2 was too rushed. The imperial family members besides Lelouch, Nunnally,Clovis(to an extent), Schneizel, Cornelia and Euphemia seemed interchangeable and insignificant. I would've wanted them to contribute something of significance.

    2. There were some inconsistencies,specifically in the lineage of the Britannian empire. Through R1 and the beginning of R2, Charles is the 16th emperor of Britannia while in the end, he was the 98th one. 3. The final revelation with Nunnally and Guilford surviving FLEIJA: no explanation is given to this except that "Schneizel saved them" I admit Schneizel is talented but he's only human. I doubt tests would've given him a complete knowledge of the bomb's power and even then, how did he get them to safety? They could've given some kind of flashback like how Suzaku captured Lelouch. Anyways,in conclusion, while it does have its flaws, this is one of the best anime that I have seen and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this genre.