Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Mainichi Broadcasting System (ended 2008)


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  • Definitely a must-see!

    Although I've watched many other fantastic series since then, Code Geass still takes it's place as my favorite anime of all time, even despite some of its faults.


    While many still find similarities to the plot of Code Geass and Death Note (teenage boy gets a supernatural power and strives to change the world with it), they are in fact, extremely different. While I won't get into depth of what exact events set these two series apart, I can safely say, Code Geass is actually very unique. While it may begin on the same line as other shows, it manages to feel completely new.

    Furthermore, while others may say the twists seem a tad too spontaneous, I actually enjoyed them, enjoyably taken by surprise with each and every twist and turn this series provided. Overall, I believe the plot was excellent, despite there being some slow parts every now and then.


    Now, the main cast of this series was absolutely brilliant. They were extremely developed, and even felt real to me. The character who really took me by surprise, though, was actually Lelouch. I admit it. In the beginning of the series I was thinking, "Oh great. Another genius character with almost no faults, that we're forced to sympathize with." Boy, was I wrong. In only a few episodes in, I realized that Lelouch actually proved to be the most human character of all. He DOES has faults and he even feels guilt. He will have you constantly battling with yourself, deciding whether he's the hero of the series, or the villain. He's not perfect, and he's arguably not a good person, but yet, he's still able to sympathize with someone who killed a person dear to him. He makes mistakes just like a real person, and that's what really makes him such an intriguing character. Although I never exactly liked his best friend, Suzaku, he was undoubtedly a great character as well (for many of the same reasons).

    Now...I didn't really feel the same way for the side characters. Some seemed a bit undeveloped, a little...common? The other members of the student council, which Lelouch served as Vice President in, came across as a bit bland and underdeveloped. His friend, Rivalz, was a bit annoying, and never was developed further than being one of Lelouch's school (filler) buddies. And Nina seemed be just another smart girl character with glasses. Although she was one of the only student council members (with an exception being Shirley) to later gain some attention in the series, she was still, in my opinion, overall unlikable. But still, side characters are side characters for a reason, and they never really take anything away from the overall experience.


    The sub AND dub of this series is absolutely superb. There was never a moment where the acting was grating, and it was always extremely believable. I watched the first parts of the show in sub, only to give the dub a chance for a little while. I was not disappointed and switched over almost instantly (though the acting is amazing in the sub, as well). Two thumbs up for acting!

    Although I love almost everything about this series, there WERE a few things which tended to annoy me. Kallen, who was a strong and tough female character, felt almost ruined to me because of all the fanservice revolving around her. I don't need so many butt and boob shots, no thank you. But I can't complain too much, because the fanservice in this series can be ignored, unlike some other HOTD.

    One thing is for sure, this anime manages to be action-filled, emotional, and funny all at the same time. It has a few dashes of romance, and if you're like me, it'll even make you cry. Multiple times. It has great characters, excellent acting, and a great plot. Code Geass is definitely a must-see for any anime fan.