Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Season 2

Mainichi Broadcasting System (ended 2008)


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  • Re;
    Episode 25
    The battle between the Holy Empire of Britannia and the Black Knights reaches its climax. While the personal vendetta between Karen and Suzaku is being settled, Lelouch confronts his dear little sister Nunally, who holds the key to Damocles. What is the future that Lelouch desires?
  • The Grip of Damocles
    The hellish battle that is dominated by the FLEIA warhead ensues and real-time battle strategy is proving to be pointless, for Lelouch, against the mighty fortress that is Damocles. Nina's FLEIA countermeasure is just about ready, so Lelouch decides to go on what would like a suicide mission, by trying to put an end to Prince Schneizel before it's too late.moreless
  • The Schneizel's Guide
    The Mainland of the Holy Empire of Britannia has been wiped from the face of the earth, by the FLEIA warhead Prince Schneizel fired, from Damocles. Though Lelouch and Suzaku are more shocked to discover that Nunally is still alive and is with Schneizel. It is revealed that Schneizel is striving towards a world of peace, which may require the sacrifice of millions of people. Meanwhile the Black Knights have no idea that they are being manipulated into warring with Britannia, whilst Schneizel makes his preparations.moreless
  • Emperor Lelouch
    Emperor Lelouch
    Episode 22
    Having claimed the throne as the Emperor of Britannia, Lelouch has begun creating his own legacy in the Empire, with the help of his new Knight of Zero, Suzaku. Everyone is puzzled by their actions, not able to determine their objective. Prince Schneizel seems to be plotting something with Cornelia, so before Schneizel can make his move, Lelouch decides to move his plan unto the next phase by joining Britannia with the U.F.N. (United Federation of Nations).moreless
  • The Ragnarok Connection
    Lelouch has sealed himself and Emperor Charles within the Sword of Akasha in order to get the truth out of him, once and for all. Meanwhile on Kaminejima Island Suzaku is greeted by C.C. and Marianne, who later joins Lelouch and Charles to complete their family reunion. Lelouch soon learns the truth behind his mother's death, from the Charles and Marianne herself and their intentions.moreless
  • Emperor Dismissed
    Emperor Dismissed
    Episode 20
    Lelouch is aware that Emperor Charles is headed towards the Kaminejima ruins to activate the Sword of Akasha, and decides to do his part to end it all. With Zero missing, the officials of the Black Knights decide announce his death to the public. Also Suzaku has come to realize that the world will not change through his current methods and request that Prince Schneizel make him a Knight of One, however for that to happen Schneizel will need to be the Emperor.moreless
  • Betrayal
    Episode 19
    The Tokyo Settlement now lies in ruins, after the use of the FLEIA warhead and Lelouch is struggling to come to terms with Nunally's presumed death. Though he isn't the only one coming to terms with what has transpired. While Lelouch shuts himself away, Prince Schneizel personally meets up with the officials of the Black Knights, along with some shocking truths on Zero.moreless
  • Final Battle Tokyo II
    The battle to reclaim Area 11 ensues and in the midst of all this, Lelouch orders Rollo to get her sister Nunally back but Rollo has his own agenda. Prince Schneizel is able to regain the flow of the battle, thanks to the Knights of Rounds and Suzaku joins as well, given the choice whether to use the experimental weapon FLEIA (Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament). What will be the outcome of this battle?moreless
  • The Taste of Humiliation
    The Black Knights have launched an all-out attack to reclaim Area 11; however they are up against a Britannian army lead by Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein. Meanwhile Lelouch confronts Suzaku at the Kururugi Temple, to plead with him to protect his sister Nunally but Suzaku just cannot forget all that Lelouch has done.moreless
  • United Federation of Nations Resolution No. 1
    Following the events at the Sword of Akasha, the Emperor is missing from the throne. With Britannia's leaders in disarray, Zero wants to use this as an opportunity to strike. He forms the U.F.N. (United Federation of Nations), a large federation of nations strong enough to fight the Holy Empire of Britannia, with their first operation being the liberation of Japan.moreless
  • C's World
    C's World
    Episode 15
    At the Sword of Akasha (Thought Elevator), Lelouch finds himself standing before his father. He doesn't allow this chance to go to waste and makes an attempt to kill him however now it doesn't seem possible. It isn't long before they are joined by C.C. and Lelouch finally discovers what condition for his contract with C.C. along with her past. Meanwhile Viletta finally confronts Ohgi and Nunally begins to detect that she is being used as a pawn.moreless
  • Geass Hunt
    Geass Hunt
    Episode 14
    Lelouch discovers that Rollo was the one who killed Shirley; however he then decides to locate and annihilate the Geass Order. During the operation, some members of the Black Knights are having doubts, but Lelouch is only concerned about eliminating V.V. and Rollo. Meanwhile Suzaku is having strong suspicions of Lelouch being the cause of Shirley's demise, and chooses to share these thoughts with Kallen.moreless
  • The Assassin from the Past
    The Black Knight's conquest over the Chinese Federation is going smoothly, so Lelouch decides to return to Area 11. Meanwhile Jeremiah has returned from the Order to assassinate all those who've betrayed Britannia, including Lelouch and he's also acquired the ability "Geass Canceler", which Shirley gets caught in.
  • Love Attack!
    Love Attack!
    Episode 12
    Gino and Anya, from the Knight of Rounds, have joined the Student Council but Lelouch has another problem to deal with first. Sayoko (disguised as Lelouch) has completed filled his schedule with numerous dates, which ends up causing major problems for Lelouch. To top matters off, Milly spontaneously declares her graduation event to be "Cupid's Day".moreless
  • The Power of Passion
    The Black Knights are holed up inside the Tiandi Bashiba Ling, where they are sieged upon by the Chinese Federation and some unexpected Britannian reinforcements. Zero is now in a bind seeing how the Eunuch Generals are willing to bury Empress Tianzi, along with the Black Knights. So Zero devises a plan to cause a favourable rebellion, in the Chinese Federation and he finally unleashes Shinkirou. Meanwhile Sayoko is acting as Lelouch's double, in the Academy.moreless
  • When Shen Hu Wins Glory
    During a coup d'etat, Zero decides to move his plans to the next stage by abducting Empress Tianzi and manages to escape with her. With the Eunuch Generals unable to handle to situation Li Xing-ke takes matters into his own hands and is able to capture Kallen, with his formidable Shen Hu. Caught between conflicting decisions, Zero chooses to rescue Kallen but Li Xing-ke proves to be an equally good battle tactician.moreless
  • The Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
    The Order of the Black Knights have exiled to their newly granted territory, Penglai Island of the Chinese Federation. Just when the situation was getting settled Zero finds out that Empress Tianzi is being married to a Britannian Prince. For Zero this has turned into the worst case-scenario, as Prince Schneizel is the one behind this plan and to help turn the situation around Zero makes a daring move.moreless
  • A Million Miracles
    A Million Miracles
    Episode 8
    Zero proclaims that he will support the Special Administrative Region of Japan; however the Black Knights and the rest of the Elevens are unsure of his decision. Prince Schneizel returns from the EU, after making peace with France and Suzaku is having conflicting feelings, to where his loyalty may lie and it may affect him badly in the events to come. It appears as though Zero has something big planned, as he's requested to be exiled from the country.moreless
  • The Discarded Mask
    The Discarded Mask
    Episode 7
    Nunally has willingly accepted the role as governor of Area 11 and as her first act she wants, is to re-establish the Special Administrative Region of Japan, which Princess Euphemia attempted. However after the previous one, all the Elevens are sceptical of it. Meanwhile Zero is no where to be found and Kallen is particular worried about him. Lelouch may have lost his resolve to continue playing the role of Zero.moreless
  • Surprise Attack in the Pacific Ocean
    On the phone to his dear little sister Nunally, who has become the new governor of Area 11, Lelouch must retain his feelings and continue playing the role he has been forcibly given. Nunally is to be transported from the California base to the Tokyo Settlement, which is the perfect opportunity for Lelouch to launch an attack in the Pacific and reunite with Nunally.moreless
  • Knight of Rounds
    Knight of Rounds
    Episode 5
    Zero's plan to rescue the captured members of the Black Knights proved to be a success but there are some who still have their doubts in him. With Rollo now on his side, Lelouch plans to use him from now on however Lelouch has more things to worry about, now that Suzaku has unexpectedly returned to Ashford Academy. The Welcoming Party for Sukazu is underway and a bunch of unforeseen mishaps and revelations are enough to get Lelouch all worked up.moreless
  • The Scaffold of Counterattack
    Now that Rollo knows Lelouch's memories have returned, he must kill him immediately and Rollo's geass will allow him to do just that. How will Lelouch get himself out of this predicament? The key officers of the Order of the Black Knights plus over 200 other members are about to be executed. Even with all the odds weighed against him, Lelouch puts his plan into motion to rescue the Black Knights and to turn Rollo.moreless
  • The Imprisoned Academy
    Following the incident at Babel Tower, Zero and the Order of the Black Knights have taken over the Chinese Embassy and also announced the establishment of the United States of Japan. Meanwhile Lelouch is on campus, trying to deceive all the people that have him under surveillance. To do this he must go by his day-to-day life as usual however he is really apprehensive about his fake brother Rollo.moreless
  • Japan Independence Plan
    During the carnage at Babel Tower, Lelouch has regained his lost memories (Zero is revived) and the events that took place last year are revealed. The Order of the Black Knights currently have a hold of the situation but General Carares cannot sit back and let this happen, so he makes his move against Zero with an immeasurable number of forces and an unknown knightmare.moreless
  • The Day the Devil Wakened
    The beginning of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2!

    Almost a year has past since Zero's failed operation to liberate the Tokyo Settlement of Japan and since then everything calmed down. Lelouch seems to have forgotten his memories as Zero and is currently living a carefree life, with his brother Rollo. They go to Babel Tower to have some fun gambling but the remnants of the Order of the Black Knights appear to have something planned.moreless