Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 1 Episode 24

The Collapsing Stage

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 2008 on Mainichi Broadcasting System



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    • Rivalz: Like we can believe you? You guys are war with us Britannians. We're enemies remember?
      Kallen: Please, Rivalz, don't argue. Do what he says.
      (Kallen removes her mask, revealing herself to Milly, Shirley, and Rivalz)
      Shirley: Kallen!

    • Cornelia: (giving orders) After that, you'll join Lord Guilford in the defense line protecting the government bureau.
      Soldier: And you, my lady?
      Cornelia: Oh, I'll be preparing a party.

    • Kallen: We meet in battle again! I'm sorry, but this time you're going to die!
      Suzaku: You're all fools! You, the Japanese... He's lying to all of you!
      Kallen: I can't put up with that ignorant dribble, and what do you even know about Zero anyway?!
      Suzaku: (getting ready to attack) Well tell me what you know about him then!

    • Guilford: (attacking one of the black knights) Princess, leave them to me!
      Cornelia: Guilford!
      Toudou: Well it's the one from Narita!
      Guilford: Get away while you can Princess.
      Cornelia: Do you expect me to simply abandon my men and run away!?
      Guilford: Princess, you must survive! For Princess Euphemia's honor as well! Go now! Because my lady, I am the one you chose to champion you, therefor I must be the one who stays and fights!
      Cornelia: So be it. And Guilford, your orders are to come back alive, my knight.
      Guilford: Yes, your highness, I will return!

    • Zero's knightmare lands on roof.
      Lelouch: It appears to be-
      C2: Yes, Aries' villa.
      Lelouch: What? How do you know that?
      C2: I'll tell you someday when the time is right.

    • Lelouch: Ahh, this will do. Once we broadcast images to the world of their government bureau falling to us, along with our declaration of independence, he'll be forced to face me.

    • Ohgi: (looking at a monitor) We're holding the school, and Dietard's group is holding the media area. Miss Kaguya's forces are standing by at our rear. All we need to do is push in on them from behind and we've won. We have to for Yoshina and all the others who died.
      Black Knight: (speaking from behind) Deputy Commander! We've captured someone.
      Ohgi: Is it one of the students? Don't worry, let him go. We haven't got a reason to hold him here.
      Black Knight: No, this one was caught sneaking in through the rear gate.
      Ohgi: (turning around) Sneaking in?

    • Ohgi: Chigusa, why did you come to this battle field? We need to find a safe place for you. Stay with me for now.
      (Ohgi's hand reaches for Viletta. She moves away.)
      Ohgi: Look, I'm sorry I hid this from you, but everything I'm doing is for the sake of peace. If Zero succeeds in freeing Japan from Britannia, then we can finally be together!
      Viletta: Oh, stop before I puke!
      (She goes behind Ohgi and grabs his gun from his jacket pocket, pointing it to his back.)
      Viletta: Me, together with an Eleven like you? What a horrible thought. My name is Viletta Nu, and I am a knight of honor of Britannia.
      (She shoots Ohgi in the stomach. Ohgi falls to the ground.)
      Ohgi: So I see Chigusa, you've gotten your memory back.

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