Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 1

The Day the Devil Wakened

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2008 on Mainichi Broadcasting System
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The Day the Devil Wakened
The beginning of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2!

Almost a year has past since Zero's failed operation to liberate the Tokyo Settlement of Japan and since then everything calmed down. Lelouch seems to have forgotten his memories as Zero and is currently living a carefree life, with his brother Rollo. They go to Babel Tower to have some fun gambling but the remnants of the Order of the Black Knights appear to have something planned.moreless

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  • Zero is back! And this time...he's pissed.

    I found this episode excellent and I once again fell in love with Code Geass. Lelouch was in top form once again, and I have to congragulate Jun F. on doing Lelouch's character with such gusto.

    I had read no spoilers over the break and so was surprised to see the memory loss, however, I'm glad they didn't dwell on it too long and spend three or four episodes trying to convince Lelouch that he WAS Zero.

    It was sad to see that things had only gotten worse for Japan after last season, but it was a good thing to see them still clutching on to the hope that Zero brought them. The OBK doesn't seem to mind Zero's real identity, and even though they knew he was a brittanian student, they still respected and were loyal to him.

    I loved the end part, which was so remnisent of episode 1 of S1. Lelouch is soo dramatic. Suzaku however, has gotten on my last nerves.

    All in all, the first episode was a wonderful opening for what promises to be an excellent sequel series.moreless
  • A year has passed, Lulu forgot that he was Zero and continued living as a happy Brittanian student.... until he meet C.C. again.

    This episode didn't give us much information. Lulu mytersiously forgot that he was Zero. Shirley remembered him again, she even called him "Lulu" like she used to before Lulu ordered her to forget him. Nobody spoke of Nunally as if she's never existed. However, thanks God that C.C. was able to find him and "broke the seal". So, the question is who changed Everybody's memory? Was it Suzaku? If it was him, does it mean that he has "Geass" too? Karen and the remaining member of the Black Knight had already known that he was a Brittanian, yet, they accepted him as their leader. Urabe even called him "Zero-sama".moreless
Nobuaki Sekine

Nobuaki Sekine


Guest Star

Eiji Yanagisawa

Eiji Yanagisawa

Group member

Guest Star

Masaharu Satou

Masaharu Satou

Black King

Guest Star

Yukana Nogami

Yukana Nogami


Recurring Role

Sayaka Ohara

Sayaka Ohara

Milly Ashford

Recurring Role

Noriaki Sugiyama

Noriaki Sugiyama

Rivalz Cardemonde

Recurring Role

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    • Lelouch: (thinking) From that day on, I was never satisfied in my heart. The fabricated everyday life that didn't make sense. The time that slipped by. A life of a sheep implanted with other memories. However, the truth continuously beckoned me...
      Indeed! I was not the one who was wrong! The world was! The world will change. It can be changed.

      (Two knightmares crash to the ceiling. One piloted by Kallen, the other by Urabe)

      Urabe: We've been waiting for you, Lord Zero. Please issue us your orders.

      Lelouch: Very well. For, I am Zero! The man who destroys worlds, and the man who creates them!

    • Lelouch: If powerlessness is a sin, then is power justice? Is revenge a sin? Is friendship enough for justice?

      Baron: There is neither sin nor justice. All that remains for bait is the truth of death.

      Lelouch: I see. Then, you shall all leave behind the truth.
      Lelouch Vi Britanna commands you...all of you...Die!

    • C.C.: Do you want power?

      Lelouch: That voice...It's the girl just now...

      C.C.: If it's power, you already posess it. It is only shut inside the cage of oblivion. Recall...who you truly are...and the power of kings...
      Let the seal now break open!

      Lelouch: I see...The thorn-like irritation I felt in my everyday life... Ahh...They were all fabricated memories...I remember now...
      I...I am...I am...Zero!

    • Lelouch: my end? I will die this easily without knowing anything? (he looks around to the fire and carnage) Screw this! If...If I only had power...power to get through this place...power enough to stand against the world!

    • C.C.: We've come for you, Lelouch. I am your ally. Your enemy is Britannia. You made a pact with me, no? We are accomplices.

      Lelouch: Pact? Accomplices?

      C.C.: Only I know who you truly are.

      Lelouch:Who I...truly am?

    • Carares: I believe its still a bit early for you, members of the Chinese Federation, to understand us, Britannia...

      Gaohai: (smiles knowingly) Oh, you mean, you brought capital punishment on him directly, hm?

      Guard: (talking to Xing-ke) Please turn over the weapon at yout waist. Security is flawless here. You do not need such an antique--

      (Xing-ke looks at the guards with disdain and uses his sword to quickly cut off the men's gun holsters)

      Gaohai: Xing-ke, that was kind of rude.

      Xing-ke: Forgive me. I believe it was a bit early for them to understand us, the Chinese Federation.

    • Kallan: But, people with no power must learn to bear it with patience, even if it's towards the wrong people.

      Lelouch: Do not try to push your values on me.

    • Lelouch: It's rather simple to understand. Look. We, Britannians, are the ones laughing and playing. The Elevens are the ones laughed at and working. Even if we take our eyes away from this, the end result is...

      Rolo: But, even so...

      Lelouch: I know. But it's the truth.

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    • Playboy Bunny
      Kallen's bunny waitress outfit was developed originally by Playboy Enterprises, Inc., founded in Chicago, Illinois by Hugh Hefner and his associates.