Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 24

The Grip of Damocles

Aired Unknown May 31, 2009 on Mainichi Broadcasting System
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The Grip of Damocles
The hellish battle that is dominated by the FLEIA warhead ensues and real-time battle strategy is proving to be pointless, for Lelouch, against the mighty fortress that is Damocles. Nina's FLEIA countermeasure is just about ready, so Lelouch decides to go on what would like a suicide mission, by trying to put an end to Prince Schneizel before it's too late.moreless

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  • The end of this episode is totally worth watching for. Lelouch defeats his brother and faces his final obstacle...Nunnally.

    I'm sorry. Schneizel getting Geass'd at the end...that was just awesome. Lelouch, in his typical Lelouch fashion, turned around a bad situation to his advantage. Although it takes a little stretch of imagination to think he might be able to predict his conversation with Schneizel down to the last word, it was still a pretty cool effect. So, now our 'Let's nuke everything' pretty boy boss has been dealt with (I say this even though I like Schneizel...). But there is still one obstacle standing between Emperor Lelouch and world domination, and it's the worst person possible for him. Little Nunnally isn't so fond of big brother right now, and she's not going to go quietly. Plus, there's a big surprise regarding her at the end...

    Like so many things with this show, I didn't see it coming. At least, not at this particular time.moreless
Ken Narita

Ken Narita

Jeremiah Gottwald

Recurring Role

Kikuko Inoue

Kikuko Inoue

Cecile Croomy

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Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba

Nina Einstein / Nagisa Chiba

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    • (Lelouch appears on the screen)

      Lelouch: I've been waiting for you...Schneizel.

      Schneizel: I see...checkmate on me, eh? I see, now...tell me, how did you discern my strategy?

      Lelouch: It's not a strategy. What I read was your personal nature.

      Schneizel: My nature?

      Lelouch: It is as if you do not care about victory. (shows the black king piece) The match in the Forbidden City...the coup d'etat of the Black always play your game where you cannot lose.

      Schneizel: And that is why you thought I would abandon Damocles?

      Lelouch: Schneizel, you will taste defeat this time.

      Schneizel: So, you will kill me.

      Lelouch: I have a question. Did you want to control the world with Damocles?

      Schneizel: No. I simply wanted to create what everyone wanted. I wanted to create peace...

      Lelouch: To even ignore the nature of humans?

      Schneizel: That is a mere difference of opinion.

      Lelouch: You decided to suspend the world in its present form. But one does not call a never-changing world alive. That is merely an experience.

      Schneizel: However, don't you call the extension of that to be "knowledge"?

      Lelouch: You are a talented person. However, you do not see it because you are too talented. Indeed, Emperor Charles yearned for the past. You wanted the present. However, I want the future.

      Schneizel: The future may be worse than the present.

      Lelouch: will be better. No matter how long it takes, people will continue to pursue happiness.

      Schneizel: Yet that would lead to ambitions. (laughs) This is the pinnacle of foolishness. That is nothing but emotion, a fabrication in the name of hopes and dreams that leads to nowhere.

      Lelouch: That is the limit of what you see as royalty when looking down upon the world. I have seen it too many times...the people that rebel against misfortune...the people that yearn for the future...they all prayed for happiness and continued to rebel. Geass, and masks, their origins are...

      Schneizel: This is irony. You, who continuously denied the wills of others, come here and acknowledge the existence of the wills of those very people. Enough, kill me. However, you will vanish from FLEIA as well. Let us create world peace with our lives---

      (someone touches Schneizel's shoulder)

      Lelouch: That is why I shall give you a present...

      Lelouch(in person): You will serve me...serve Zero...

      (Lelouch uses his Geass)

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