Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 1 Episode 6

The Stolen Mask

Aired Unknown Jun 01, 2008 on Mainichi Broadcasting System
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The Stolen Mask
Suzaku joins Lelouch's school, Ashford Academy, but he has to deal with a lot of scorn and prejudice as the first Eleven at the all-Britannian school. However things get queasy when Lelouch's Zero mask is stolen by a cat.

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    Akeno Watanabe

    Akeno Watanabe


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    Asami Sanada

    Asami Sanada


    Guest Star

    Ryuuzo Hasuike

    Ryuuzo Hasuike


    Guest Star

    Akeno Watanabe

    Akeno Watanabe

    Viletta Nu

    Recurring Role

    Yukana Nogami

    Yukana Nogami


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    Sayaka Ohara

    Sayaka Ohara

    Milly Ashford

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Code Geass has a constant Athurian theme, and it is to no suprise, that the cat in this episode is named Arthur, no doubt named after King Arthur from legend.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • C.C.: (watching Lelouch chase the cat from his bedroom window) Huh? That wasn't my fault...was it? I didn't touch or rub anything...

      • Nunnally: Ya, that's right, I think a cat ran of with something pretty important to him [Lelouch].

        Milly: Important...?

        Nunnally: I'm not sure what exactly, but I'm positive it was something of value to him, because, I've never heard my brother sound like that! He was completely historical!

        Rivalz: That's weird, what could be so important to the guy?

        Nina: A love letter?

        Milly: An embarrassing photo?

        Rivalz: Poetry he wrote?

        Nunnally: Poetry...?

        Rivalz & Milly: Hee-hee-hee!

        Milly: Leave it to us; we'll get our hands on this thing before Lelouch has a chance to blink! Just you wait!!

      • Millay over intercom: This is Millay Ashford, your student council president, Cat hunt everybody!

        Suzaku: Cat hunt?

        Millay over intercom: There's a cat loose on campus that needs to be rounded up! Put everything on hold people, participating clubs will get budget priority; and whoever catches our feline friend will get an extra special prize: A big ol'kiss from one of the members of the council! Ha-ha-ha-ha...!

      • (Lelouch and Suzaku runs and bump into each other)

        Lelouch: Suzaku!

        Suzaku: Lelouch! You're looking for the cat , too?
        (The cat meows from above)

        Suzaku: Up there.

        Lelouch: Suzaku, wait! Don't go up there!
        [Lelouch and Suzaku run to the top of the bell tower]

        Lelouch: You stay here!

        Suzaku: But the student council president said to catch it!

        Lelouch: Don't worry about it! I'll get the cat!

        Suzaku: I was always more agile than you! Remember when that little bird got loose.

        Lelouch: Quit talking ancient history!

        Suzaku: It was only seven years ago!

        Lelouch: Oh for peat sake![Lelouch slows down]

        Lelouch: He always was an excersize nut!

      • Lelouch: If only those terrorists were here now, I could have it [cat] surrounded! Kallen!...No, I can't fuel her suspicions.
        (Not paying attention, Lelouch trips and falls over the bush. The cat jumps down from the roof and runs RIGHT PAST HIM.)

        Lelouch: [Lelouch gets up] Stubborn ass!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • "All hail Britannia"
        The Emperor's speech during Clovis' funeral is a homage to Gihren Zabi's speech during Garma's funeral shouting "Seig Zeon" in the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime.