Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 16

United Federation of Nations Resolution No. 1

Aired Unknown May 02, 2009 on Mainichi Broadcasting System



  • Trivia

    • While on the phone with Diethard, Lelouche is not wearing his special Geass-hiding contact lens. When C.C. wishes him a safe trip upon his leaving her, the contact lens is in, as he removes it, even though he never had it in to begin with.

  • Quotes

    • Lelouch: So, have you seen the news?
      Suzaku: About Area 11 becoming a battle field again? Yes.
      Lelouch: The Tokyo settlement. It'll be in danger.
      Suzaku: Depends. On your decisions. Lelouch, are you Zero?
      Lelouch: Yes, I am. I am Zero.

    • Lelouch: Help me! Please save Nunnally. The emperor has been using her as hostage to try lure me into his trap. Don't you see? That's why I've had to operate in secret. Please Suzaku. You're the only person I can turn to now.
      Suzaku: How dare you? You think that request means anything to me?
      Lelouch: No, I don't. But I need your help. I need it now!
      Suzaku: Always so selfish.
      Lelouch: Yes. You're all I have. The only friend I can turn to. Suzaku! Protect her. It's Nunnally. My heart's begging.
      Suzaku: Very well then. However, one condition. I will protect Nunnally. But you must come to Area 11 by yourself where she is. The place will be the Kururugi Shrine. The two of us meet there. Alone.

    • --Lelouch enters the room, pushing a cart with a serving tray on top. C.C. runs behind a couch across the room.

      Lelouch: I brought you food.

      --Lelouche removes his Zero mask.

      Lelouch: It's me.

      --Lelouch lifts the lid from the tray and a pizza is underneath.

      Lelouch: This is called a "pizza". You must be starving, right? I though I'd treat you, so I asked Sugiyama to prepare this.

      --C.C. stands up, looking surprised, then solemn

      Lelouch: You don't remember? Here, you have some, too. It's okay, eat.

      C.C.: Yes, Master.

      --C.C. takes a bite, then stuffs the rest of the slice into her mouth at once.

      Lelouch: Delicious?

      C.C.: (said with a mouthful, nodding) yes, very, very!

      Lelouch: I see, wonderful.

    • --C.C. is sitting on the floor by the table and crawls over to the remote, accidentally turning on the TV. Milly Ashford is on the air.

      Milly: Hello, everyone!

      --C.C. is startled and dives behind the couch.

      C.C.: Oh, I'm sorry!

    • C.C.: Umm...what should I do?

      Lelouch: Right, wear your clothing inside out and sing for me as you dance on one foot.

      C.C.: Yes, my Master.

      --Lelouch looks up as C.C. starts to take off her top. He jumps up and runs toward her.

      Lelouch: Stop, it was a joke!

      --C.C. crumples to the floor and shrieks, covering her head with her arms and shakes with fear.

      C.C.: I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me...

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