Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Season 2 Episode 16

United Federation of Nations Resolution No. 1

Aired Unknown May 02, 2009 on Mainichi Broadcasting System



  • Quotes

    • --Lelouch enters the room, pushing a cart with a serving tray on top. C.C. runs behind a couch across the room.

      Lelouch: I brought you food.

      --Lelouche removes his Zero mask.

      Lelouch: It's me.

      --Lelouch lifts the lid from the tray and a pizza is underneath.

      Lelouch: This is called a "pizza". You must be starving, right? I though I'd treat you, so I asked Sugiyama to prepare this.

      --C.C. stands up, looking surprised, then solemn

      Lelouch: You don't remember? Here, you have some, too. It's okay, eat.

      C.C.: Yes, Master.

      --C.C. takes a bite, then stuffs the rest of the slice into her mouth at once.

      Lelouch: Delicious?

      C.C.: (said with a mouthful, nodding) yes, very, very!

      Lelouch: I see, wonderful.