Code Lyoko

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Unnerved by memories of what occurred after she and Franz Hopper entered Lyoko, Aelita becomes bent on finding out whether her father is still alive, even if means defying Jeremie's wishes. Meanwhile, Odd is horrified to learn that he has awful foot odor and that everyone at Kadic knows about it.moreless

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  • daydreams

    Aelita has more flashbacks about her first visit to Lyoko. Aelita Now safe in the tower, Franz arrives to explain that he must try to negotiate with Xana to keep the program from attacking them. When Aelita asks about Xana, Franz explains that Xana is a multi-agent computer program that he had developed. However, the program achieved sentience and became automatous. Franz neglects to explain just why Xana wants them destroyed. He only warns Aelita not to leave the tower under any circumstances. In the cafeteria, Jeremie wakes Aelita from her daydream. When asked what's wrong, Aelita dismisses her memories as simple daydreaming. Jeremie tries to convince her to forget the past and look to the future. A poor choice of words, this angers Aelita. She reminds him that she spent ten years of her life as a computer program, then wishes that she'd never recovered her memory as she storms away. Jeremie just shrugs. In another flashback to her first visit to Lyoko, Aelita tries to follow Franz outside of the tower. She finds his various component orbs being fired on by Hornets. At the same time, in reality, Aelita is running to the Hermitage, her former home with Franz. Back in the flashback, Franz insists that she go back in the tower, as Aelita possesses the keys to Lyoko. Noting that Xana has grown beyond any possible control, Franz tells her that he's going to shut down the supercomputer. Aelita asks if they're going to die as a result, which Franz tells her isn’t going to happen. His parting words are that she never forget him. In her old room, Aelita is crying as a result of the recovered memory. Odd appears in the doorway, having correctly guessed where Aelita would go. He's there to apologize for Jeremie, who, while quite smart, certainly isn't as tactful as he should be in such situations. Regardless, Odd reminds Aelita that Jeremie likes her a lot. Aelita feels the same, but wishes he'd be more understanding of the fact that Franz Hopper is the only thing left of her previous life. After a bit of thought, she decides to go to Lyoko to find a trace of her father, and drags a somewhat reluctant Odd along with her. At the factory, Jeremie catches a whiff of Odd's foot odor and wonders if he arrived there before they did. Ulrich just assumes it to be a lingering smell from the previous day. Jeremie still has no luck getting a hold of either Aelita or Odd, so he sends Ulrich and Yumi to Lyoko once the latter arrives. Back at the dorms, Jeremie discovers a fragment of Hopper's genetic code. This is good news, as it suggests that Hopper is still somewhere on Lyoko.moreless
  • Aelita defies Jeremy and sneaks into Sector 5 with Odd to find information about her dad.

    Poor Odd. Now everyone knows about his smelly feet. It was funny hearing everyone in the group tease him about it. Jeremy called him a walking pool of toxic waste. Yumi tried to make Odd feel better by saying there might be a cure for it, but Jeremy cut in and said amputation was one. Odd did get some cream at the end of the episode. It didn't help though. Ulrich said the cream smelled worse than Odd's feet. He opened the door of their room and said, "Help! Open a window or I'll die." Aelita's visions were really sad. When she and her dad got to Lyoko, XANA's monsters attacked and tried to kill them. Her dad left her in the tower to try to talk to XANA and say they could live in peace together. He never came back. Jeremy was a little cruel to Aelita when she asked him if there was some way of materializing her father. It's funny how William studied for a history test and not the math test. It's about time he gets what he deserves. Ulrich and Jeremy's plan of getting out of the library was funny. Ulrich stood up and started yelling at Jeremy about a recipe. Jeremy yelled back and they both got into trouble with Jim. It's a good thing Odd and Aelita snuck into Sector 5 without anybody knowing because the tower XANA activated in the mountain sector was just a diversion. He was really tryint to destroy the core of Lyoko again. He would have succeeded if Odd and Aelita weren't there to see the mantas guarding its entrance.moreless
  • A regular episode with some stuff on Aelita. If you're the average Code Lyoko fan, you would like this episode.

    I watched it first in French and this was my opinion before watching it in English:

    The episode got me intrigued with the Aelita/Franz scenes, but the real life scenes were a bit stale. Odd's feet stinking... well, more material for all the Odd haters out there. I would have cracked up if Aelita would have told Odd something about his smell at the old house.

    Lyoko scenes were good. All the flashback scenes were good, but I don't feel that happy about watching this episode. I'll give this episode another shot when it airs in English.

    Then after watching it with English language, I just felt that the scenes involving Aelita and Franz Hopper were good, the Lyoko action scenes were regular and that Jeremie was an insensitive moron with Aelita. Oh, and it was also painful to watch Odd with his stinky feet.

    Season 3 blowed, compared to Season 1 and 2. I hope Season 4 gets better.moreless
  • It was good but a bit odd

    well aelita is one of my personal favorite characters but she seems different in this season I guess its her attitude I mean her calling jeremy a \"lamo\" doesn\'t much sound like aelita. And I swear she was flirting with odd I mean did you see the look on her face with odd saying we don\'t need jeremy and since odd doesn\'t have a girlfriend that makes her availabe to him. But then again I doubt he would do that to jeremy...But then again since when would that stop him if he wants to do something he\'ll just do it. Lol I can only imagine the anger jeremy would have if he heard that odd and aelita are dating.moreless
  • COOL!!!

    One thing that bugs me on this episode is that Aelita did not tell the group that she was having these flashbacks. I really think she should have. If she did then it was after the episode ended. And also, poor Odd... He found out that he has foot odor. I'm almost glad that Odd is only a character on a television show. I do not think I would want to smell that. YUCK!!! I LOVE CODE LYOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definently think that this episode (and all of the others for that matter) deserve a ten out of ten!!!! But then again that could just be me!!! :Pmoreless
Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern, Tamiya Diop, Kiwi

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

Jodi Forrest

Jodi Forrest

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas

Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: During the battle in the core room, the core can be seen with all four sectors intact despite the fact that the forest sector was deleted in "Lyoko Minus One".

    • When the camera is zoomed in on the gang Yumi's bag is black, but when they zoom out it's pink.

    • In "The Key" after Franz Hopper saying "See you in a minute sweetie", Aelita says "See you in a minute daddy" but in this episode she says "Okay Daddy!".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (In Lyoko)
      Hopper: It's over Aelita, X.A.N.A. is too powerful, he's become a threat to all mankind. I've got to shut down the supercomputer.
      Aelita: But does that mean we'll die?
      Hopper: No, but you mustn't forget me, ever. Never forget Aelita.
      Aelita: Daddy...

    • ( Ulrich and Yumi meet up with Aelita in the core of Lyoko)
      Ulrich: Did we miss much of the show?
      Aelita: No, just the opening act.

    • Yumi: Hey William, did you study hard?
      William: Yep. Just ask me anything you want about American History.
      Yumi: Uh, that's great but, uh, the test is in math.
      William: (to himself) Uh, oh.

    • Odd: Now close your eyes, Ulrich.
      Ulrich: I would rather close my nose, I think.

    • Odd: Hey Heïdi! Is it true my feet smell a little?
      Heïdi: A little? Just make sure you and your sneakers don't come within 50ft of me!

    • Odd: What's wrong with my feet? Huh?
      Ulrich: Well, to put it tactfully, when you take your shoes off, it's a little but like, um...
      Jeremie: Like a pile of very fresh manure that we just can't seem to get away from.
      Ulrich: That's it!

    • Odd: My reputation as a super stud is at stake. No girl is gonna want to go out with a--a--
      Jeremie: With a walking pool of toxic waste?

  • NOTES (4)