Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 14

Bragging Rights

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 2007 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Jeremie removes his headset and places it on the keyboard in one scene, only to have it back on his head in the next.

    • Near the end, Odd says he showered in 40.1 seconds, but the closed captioning reads 20.1 seconds.

    • Jeremie loaded around at least 5000 arrows to Odd during the middle of his fight with the Cybernetic Spiders. When Odd defeats them, Jeremie says he only has one arrow left. Despite Odd only using two arrows after the reload.

  • Quotes

    • Jeremie: Odd, did you just blow William away by yourself?
      Odd: Yep.
      Jeremie: No boasting?
      Odd: What do you think I am, a braggart?

    • Odd: Well, Jeremie, we kind of blew our mission, didn't we?
      Jeremie: Not at all. I've found the auxiliary generator, but the problem is there isn't anyone around to take it out.
      Odd: I don't want to seem pretentious, but there's me.
      Jeremie: Okay, get back into the Skid. I'll teleport you.
      Odd: Roger. But once I succeed, don't say I did it just to show off.

    • Odd: I guess I've got to face facts. Yes, I'm a braggart, and I love it that way. Svelte, but muscular, don't you think?

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