Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 27

Cold Sweat

Aired Unknown Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • The gang attempts to destroy a replika of the ice sector, but will they succeed with XANA's surprises and a new monster?

    This episode was really good! It's not my favorite, but it's in my top 15 or so. I can't believe Odd would humilate Yumi and put a picture of her in pink in the paper. I can't even believe he would let his best friend Ulrich take all the blame for it. Yumi finds out it was Odd in the end, but she was really mad so she took a picture of Odd and Ulrich coming out of the shower and put it in the newspaper. It was funny how Ulrich chased Odd around the campus. Another really funny scene was when the gang first saw XANA's new monster. Odd's and Yumi's expressions were the best! It makes me laugh every time. This new monster of XANA's is huge! It's about twice the height of a tower; and could probably destroy one with the swing of an arm. He was able to devirtualize Aelita and Ulrich at the same time with one swipe of his arm as well. Too create this monster, XANA had to use all the power from the other replikas, so if the gang destroys the replikas, the monster will be weakened. Other than that, I don't know how they're going to destroy it.