Code Lyoko

Season 1 Episode 6

Cruel Dilemma

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Jeremie is working on the materialization program, and accidentally Odd finds it, but it can be used only one time. Jeremie wants to materialize Aelita, but realizes that preparations need to be made. That night, X.A.N.A. possesses two bulldozers and starts to destroy the factory. Odd and Yumi go into Lyoko where she falls into a virtual black hole. In order to save Yumi's life, Jeremie has to choose between either materializing her or Aelita.moreless

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  • once chance, two friends.

    odd with his amazing luck or should i say his candy's luck hits the right code. they can bring aelita to earth but things must be done. as aelita in the human world doesn't exist really. jeremey with all his brillants didn't think that through. luckly yumi does being a levelheaded one. xana takes control of heavy mechines to destor ythe factory. another uxy moments happens a bit when ulrich gets knocked out inside and yumi saves him. somehow wakeing him they run and jump into a small vent to escape. ulrich is kncoked out by impact. the story takes a nice turn on lyoko when yumi pushs a enemy of a platform to save aelita. hanging on only by a fingerhold she tries to hang on. going into the void meaning being deleted forever. in the real world odd is already back on earth as he lost his life points. ulrich barely able to walk has odd help him to the scanners. using his super spint he goes to save her. within second of grabbing her yumi;s grip fails and she falls into the void.

    aelita gives up her chance for yumi. the animation was great and the story was good. it has all the things you need for a great story.moreless
  • Good, but kind of sad...

    I still can not believe that it was Odd’s clumsiness and love of candy that figured out the materialization process. I laugh about it every time I see it. One of the funniest scenes is when Odd asks Ulrich if he always sleeps with ear plugs, and Ulrich says “Yes, Odd, and one of these days I’m gonna tell you why” and then Odd says “huh?” I don’t know why that scene is so funny, but I bust out laughing every time. I also liked the part where Odd and Jeremie are making fun of Ulrich’s sleeping without wearing earplugs after the bulldozer accident. XANA is getting really smart. His plan in this episode is to destroy the factory so the kids have no more contact with Aelita or transformations into Lyoko. I thought it was sweet how Ulrich wanted to risk his health just to go help Yumi in Lyoko, but it was sad to see him get there just in time to see her fall.moreless
  • Come on! buldosers? Even you can do better then that Xana!

    This episode brakes the regular. Yumi seems lost forever, and Jeremy have to take the terrible dessision between materializing Aelita and materealizing Yumi.

    Jeremy is almost finished with the materealizationprogram for Aelita. He walks out for a second and Odd goes in and steals his candy. When Jeremy comes back Odd drops a few candys on his computer and the program is finished. When Xana takes over the buldosers and tryes to destroy the factory Yumi falls into the digital sea. She seems lost forever. And Jeremy have to take the terrible dessision between materializing Aelita and materealizing Yumi.

    I really liked this episode, but it´s not perfect. And I doubt I will ever find the perfect Lyoko episode.moreless
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh this episode was immense and a half!

    Cruel Dilemma is my favourite episode that i've seen. Not only did you have the action and tension with the bulldozers destroying the factory, but you had the suspense and sadness when Yumi was gone. That was such a sad moment and I liked the variety of feelings that the group had when they needed to use Aelita's materilisation program to bring Yumi back to life. I thought Jeremie would be less stuck up about not materilising Aelita first! Yumi is his friend for God's sake! Lol anyway, I liked how Yumi saved Ulrich from the bulldozers, and I couldn't believe how loyal he was by going to Lyoko to save her when he was in a bad condition. I also liked how Odd had the vision of Yumi falling down the virtual hole. This episode was immense on so many levels and I love it so much. It has everything an episode needs to be amazing!moreless
  • Odd fixes a virtulization program, will aelita finaly be virtulized?


    Its starts out with the group, and their fellow classmates getting a lecture from the principle. At jeremie's room he attempts a virtulization test for aelita, but it fails. He then leaves for a breather. Odd comes in the room and picks up a bag of candy. Jeremie comes back in and startles odd, wich makes him drop the candy omn the keyboard. Jeremie cheacks the program, and cant belive it. The candy hit the keys modifying the program, and it works. Jeremie goes and tells the others. They respond it is far to early for aelita to comes, they should make preperations first.

    That night jeremie is restless, and goes to the computer to talk to aelita. Meanwhile X.A.N.A. takes over two bulldozers. In lyoko aelita has relized this, and warns jeremie. Who in turn goes and wakes up odd and ulrich.

    A tid bit later odd and ulrich get into the bulldozers and try to stop them. Jeremie calls yumi. Odd leaves ulrich and heads for the factory. Soon after ulrich relizes the bulldozers are heading for the Factory!

    Odd gets virtulized and meets up with aelita. Back at the factory, X.A.N.A. crashes the bulldozer with ulrich into a wall, knocking ulrich out cold. Back in lyoko odd and aelita are ambushed by Rochsters (kankerlots).

    At the factory yumi arrives and sees ulrich out cold, and attempts a rescue. In lyoko odd is having a hard time with the rochsters. Yumi manages to get ulrich out of harms way by Literaly falling out of the way, into a vent like place, directly above the lab, and with jeremie's help, manages to get him into the lab.

    Yumi is soon virtulized. Odd decides to hold the rochsters off while aelita runs for the tower. Suddenly after he picks off a few of them odd has a vision of yumi falling into the virtual sea. immidantly after the rochster shoots and devurtulizes him.

    Odd when he gets back warns the group of his vision. Ulrich, who has just regianed consousness, decides to go into lyoko to help yumi. Near the tower a mega-tank begins attacking aelita. Just as aelita makes a final dash at the tower, the maga-tank fires. But yumi jumps and knocks the mega-tank into the digital sea, barly kecthing the edge. Ulrich rushes to yumi, but doesnt arrive in time. She falls into the digital sea. Aelita deactivates the tower and a return to the past commences.

    After the return to the past, aelita decides to sacrifice her chance at being virtulized to save yumi. For jeremie's special virtulization program will only virtulize one person. Using it, jeremie brings back yumi, odd and ulrich head down to the scanner room to see if she is okay. After a quick chat with aelita, jeremie heads into the sewer. The group arrives there too, and comforts him. Odd offers him a candy, saying it can fix anything. Yumi adds even a broken heart. It ends with odd tossing jeremie a candy, and jeremie kething it with his mouth.moreless
Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

Jodi Forrest

Jodi Forrest

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas

Allan Wenger

Allan Wenger

Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas (The Principal/Sissi's father)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When the materialization program fails again, Aelita assures Jeremie that he will one day succeed. Jeremie responds by calling her Mylita instead of Aelita.

    • When we see Ulrich and Odd sleeping, they appear to be in the wrong beds.

    • Jeremie only mouths 'Return To The Past Now' in this episode due to a dubbing error.

    • What makes the presence of Jeremy's scooter when Odd leaves for the factory even worse is that earlier, when Jeremy calls Yumi on his cell 'phone, he is on his scooter headed for the factory. On the other hand, at the end of the episode, he walks back to the school with Ulrich and Yumi, neither of whom used skateboards to get there.

    • After Odd destroys his first monster, Jeremie's map still shows five.

    • When Odd grabs his skateboard on his way to the factory, Jeremie's scooter is still there. Did Jeremie opt for a stroll to the factory?

    • Odd says Raelita instead of Aelita at one point.

    • Aelita said Pulse-beats, not Pulsations.

    • When Yumi and Ulrich are about to get run over by the bulldozer, Ulrich is out like a light. Yet less than 2 seconds later when they're running away, he's almost fully conscious. It takes several minutes to gain full consciousness. Then the next scene, you see that Ulrich can't even stand and is leaning against Odd. When he's in the scanner, Ulrich is standing up without leaning against anything. Finally, if you look carefully when Ulrich tried to grab Yumi's arm, it looked like he had hit Yumi's hand, making her lose her grip.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jeremie: There's one thing that I'm sure of, I've never been as close to the answer as I am now.
      Aelita: Oh honestly, it's so hard to imagine, we can be face to face in the same room, we can touch each other, even kiss!
      Jeremie: (blushing) Uh yeah, that would be uh, um, interesting, I mean, uh, well, I guess.

    • Odd: Bulldozers. XANA, how subtle can you get?

    • Odd: Okay, the score's three roachsters and three laser arrows left. Odd, this is no time to miss your targets.

    • (Jeremie runs into Odd and Ulrich's room while they are sleeping)
      Jeremie: Odd, wake up! XANA's attacking! Odd, wake up!
      Odd: (wakes up) Huh? Wha? Whad'ya say about carpet tacking?
      Jeremie: Ulrich, get up. It's a XANA alert!
      (Jeremie then walks over to Ulrich's bed and screams in his ear, but Ulrich doesn't wake up. He begins to shake Ulrich who finally wakes up with surprised look. Ulrich then takes out earplugs)
      Ulrich: Wha… what did you say?
      Jeremie: (yelling) I said it's a XANA alert. XANA's attacking!
      Odd: Hey, do you always sleep with those things in your ears?
      (Ulrich gets out of bed)
      Ulrich: Yeah, Odd. Always! And one of these days, I'll tell ya why.

    • Yumi: How's Odd doing?
      Odd: (over the communicator) Jeremie, I'm starting to get a little lonely out here!
      Jeremie: That answer your question?
      Yumi: Got you.
      (Giggles and runs away)
      Jeremie: Okay, Odd, Yumi's on her way. As for Ulrich...let's just say he's fast asleep.
      Odd: He is? That must be tough! I mean without his earplugs!

    • Jeremie: Odd, you're a genius! You know that?
      Odd: Hey, make up your mind. Am I a genius or a creep?
      Jeremie: You're a creepy genius!

  • NOTES (5)

    • International air dates:
      France: October 8, 2003
      Canada: October 16, 2004 on YTV

    • French Title: Cruel dilemme

    • Jeremie reveals to Aelita in this episode that humans have five senses where she has only two, sight and hearing.

    • An inside joke among fans is that this episode begins what is referred to as "Pick on Yumi Week." It is for good reason: In this and the next four episodes, Yumi seems to bear the brunt of of the team's misfortunes. In this episode, she's cast into the Digital Void; in "Image Problem" she taken prisoner by a Guardian; in "End of Take" she's attacked by the alien; in "Satellite," she's targeted by the military satellite; and in "Girl of the Dreams" she's chased by the samurai armor.

    • Ulrich wears ear plugs to sleep.