Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 17

Distant Memory

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Distant Memory
During vacation time at Kadic, Aelita gets a message from Franz Hopper, who has built a virtual replica of their former home on Lyoko. However, things are not as they seem.
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  • Aeilita is kidnapped by Franz-X.A.N.A, William gets his revenge. The gang is on vacation again, Franz Hopper finally returns, the Ghost Channel is shown again, and more flashbacks.

    Great plot and story, a lot of Character development, exquisitely written. An all around good episode. More information on Franz Hopper and X.A.N.A.'s past, two subplots, longer and better battles. Breaks the streak of filler episodes, a decent amount of comedy, and plenty of action. Good build up to this episode. Kiwi makes an appearance, but a small one albeit, there was a lot of suspense and the entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. The best episode they have had for a while with all of these fillers recently. All and all, one of the best episodes and one of my personal favorites.moreless
  • This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST episode EVER!!! (need I say more?)

    William trying to throw Aelita into the digital sea all the time is one thing, but disguising yourself as Aelita's father to trick her into going to Lyoko and getting trapped in a simulation bubble is totally different! Ever since I read the summary on it on Wikipedia, I've been dying to see this episode! And, of course, I wasn't dissapointed! (although I never am with this show) If you haven't seen this episode but you've seen all the rest, then you should constantly be thinking: "Why?! WHY?!?! Why didn't I see that episode?! It must've been amazing!!! *cry, sob...*" (On a side note, being amazing is the absolute truth!)moreless
  • Aelita is captured when being tricked into going to Lyoko. Can Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich save her? Or will it be too late?

    This ep is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aelita awakes from a bad dream about her mother, wolves, and the men in black. She wipes a tear on Mister Puck her only part of her old life. Aelita tells her friends she won't be lonely while they leave for vacation. They believe her and leave. Aelita goes to her room to receive a im from no other than, Franz Hopper. After a few lines of chat the computer bugs up and she goes to the factory. After discovering her father is waiting for her on Lyoko, she quickly goes to Lyoko. While there she finds a bubble or "ghost channel". She finds her father and is very happy. But then she learns the whole thing is a trick. When she tries to leave, William is waiting for her. At the same time Yumi finds Aelita's chat with her father and calls Jeremie. Jeremie calls the rest of the gang and they cut their vacation short. Aelita is able to destroy the bubble by using her creativity. When she is prepared to fight William the Lyoko warriors arrive. They fight the monsters but then Yumi is devirulized. William has Aelita trapped. She tries to use her angelic wings but they fail. William uses super smoke to throw Aelita into the digital sea. Then a giant purple bubble appears from the digital sea. It's Franz Hopper!!!!! He drops off Aelita but then has to fight off the monsters. Hopper loses energy fast and when all hope is lost Aelita uses an energy field to hold off William. Franz Hopper goes back to the digital sea. After Jeremie explains X.A.N.A. wants to throw Aelita into the digital sea so it can destroy Franz Hopper. They also exchange presents.moreless

    The gang takes vacation but not for long! The quotes were really funny and the deatils too. Notice how Ulrich's dad was so down in the dumps and they go stuck in traffic? And notice Jeremie's dad is so happy and peppy and they breezed through the roads? And how when XANA turned into a wolf and William was petting it when he was cornering Aelita?(Him and the wolf looked great together!) Awsome! Well I'm getting off topic...oh yes. It was FANTASIC! I loved the sespence in it! When William pops in the simulation buble and grabbs Aelita's arm my stomach clenched! Such great sespence! And I wasn't ready for whe William dropped Aelita in the Digitail sea. Now we know what XANA wanats not Aelita, but to deastroy Frnaz Hopper. That explains why William has tried to throw Yumi in the sea too. Because he knows Franz wil save anyone. I was wondering about that. Well anyway that episode was AWSOME!moreless

    OMG!! I can't believe this ep! Best Aelita episode since the ep called "Aelita", in fact, best ep to ever appear on tv!! It was soooo sad, I cried in the beginning! Porr little aelita, we finally know what happens to her mom! But, Once you know, you gotta feel bad for the girl. "Does this laptop have pink hair?" hahaha, loved that part!! I had a funny feeling about Franz though, I knew there was something wrong with him... Guess for once,I was right! Yay me!! Nevermind that. I wanna watch this over and over and over and over a gain untill my eyes cant take enough! Best ep I have EVER seen! CL ROX!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In "Ghost Channel," X.A.N.A. required an activated tower to create his simulated world. However, he creates another world in this episode without the use of a tower.

    • In Aelita's flashback, when talking about what to name her doll, he says, "How about Mr. Puck? It's the name of an elf." In "The Key" he says, "It means hobgoblin."

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Yumi: Good to see you again. How's your vacation?
      Ulrich: Short. Good to be back, though. Where's Aelita?
      Yumi: Somewhere inside that bubble thing.
      Odd: She's always got to be different, doesn't she?

    • Jeremie: Dad, um, I forgot my laptop back at the dorm and I um...
      Mr. Belpois: I get the idea, Jeremie. Your laptop wouldn't have pink hair by any chance, would it?

    • Odd: (to Ulrich) May the force be with you!

    • Mr. Stern: I see you're still hanging around with that gang of good-for-nothings.
      Ulrich: And I see you forgot your happy pill again.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Jeremie: A copy of a real world, a sort of ghost channel.

      Jeremie refers to the virtual copy of the real world that Aelita is trapped in as a "ghost channel," which is the title of the first season episode where the Lyoko Warriors found themselves in a similar situation.

    • Odd: May the force be with you.

      This is a famous line from the 1977 film, Star Wars, which would become associated with the rest of the movie series.