Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 2

Double Take

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Didn't really impress me, but Im sooo glad they got new outfits!

    Hmmm, definately not my favorite. But not bad either. The Jeremie clone was really really funny, but I dont think he was as funny as the William clone. I loooove the new outfits, especially Yumi's and Aelita's. Odd and Ulrichs were OK, but the girls NEEDED new outfits, it was starting to get annoying seeing Yumi in that kimono every single episode, the same for Aelita's outfit, (except it wasn't a Kimono, ha ha ha ha)Anyway, could have been better, but not terrible. I consider it a half-filler. They got new outfits, ut the rest was all filler. But as far as the storyline goes, not so impressive. Still heart the show!!
  • The group gets new outfits, Jeremie creates a intersting clone and Xanafied William flirts with Yumi before pushing her to her "almost" death. It was amazing!

    I loved this episode SOOOO much! First of all Jeremie's clone well was intersting... it flirted with Yumi and seemed weird. And I like the new outfits better than the old ones. Yumi's is SOO much better and Ulrichs is better and Odd's is just Cute! Aelita's was great too. I did know about the outfit s though. and finally Aelita has her own way of getting around! But the best part was with Yumi and William. Thats gotta be the best and weirdest moment I've ever seen! But it makes me wonder... Does Xana think Yumi's cute?! Or does William still think that but he's possesed by Xana?! But that was the best episode of CL so far though! It was kinda scary though though how William waits until Yumi is powerless then points his sword at her throat, then flirts, THEN pushes her off. Ughh Thats scary but weird.
  • I thought this was a really good episode! But other people think differrent!

    In this episode Jerimie makes a clone of himself because he is too busy to go to school while he is working on getting William back from Xana's control!
    Jerimie sends the clone to school!
    The clone turns out to be the total opposite on the real Jerimie!
    And then Xana takes control over the clone and tries to kill odd with him!
    Meanwhile, Jerimie had no luck getting William back so he desides to make a clone of William to send to the real world to take the real William's place at the school!
    So, they find away to get to Lyoko and fight off the new and possesed William (The real William)!
    I thought that this episode was really good but other people say that nothing happend in it!
    I think it was just another GREAT episode of the best show in the world! CODE LYOKO!!!!!!!
  • I didn't catch this episode but I read about it. I have but one thing to say: boring!!!!

    I didn't see this on tv which is maybe why I think this but, I think this episode was a little unexciting. But I wish I could have seen everyone's new outfits! That's what I was looking forward too. William is such a pain!! If he hadn't gone on crazy his first time in lyoko, then maybe he wouldn't have been captured. And this is my first reveiw ever, ;)! But 100 words min. is hard. I've mised Code Lyoko for a while, does anyone know how I can check when it will be on next? Can you send me a maessage? Anyway, I'm sad I missed this episode, it probably would have gotten a better reveiw from me if I saw it.
  • jeremie clone. a good one but still a clone.

    jeremie needs to find a way to save william. but he can't ship like always. thinking fast he makes a tower on lyoko and copies himself. this clone is different as he flirts and is good at sports. it flirts with yumi a bit (which in my opinon makes ulrich a little steamed but with him it's hard to tell.) finally the real jeremie fills them in. william-xana seeing the tower a tries to use it and jeremie tries to stop him. so the clone goes bad to good to bad. the others get to lyoko and jeremie makes some improvements. aelita can fly, ulrich has two swords and the others don't have weapon changes but there outfits change quite a bit. (except for odd, he's still a big purple cat with cat ears now) after the monsters are gone william corners yumi. jeremie can't bring for back by computer. (personal given the choice i would have rushed on the blade to by brought back) william's sword goes down a he traces her face from a moment before pushing over. she grabs him too. not that the void would hurt him as xana is in control/ back on earth they make a clone of william so no one is in trouble.
  • I thought this episode was delivered in a poor fashion. The only good and interesting thing about it was the possibility of William trying to regain his body. The rest of the episode isn't that great.

    First 3 minutes of this show: blah. Mr. Delmas is an idiot. The wallpapers changed. You know the Power-Ranger suits are coming on this episode or later as you watch this. Cheap joke with Jim snorting after his talk, but that's when the episode plot begins.

    I've seen this plot before with Jeremie: On Marabounta, Jeremie toys around with Lyoko, creates the purple blob and it almost cost him the Forest Sector and his friends. On this episode, Jeremie toys around with Lyoko, creates his clone and it almost cost him his life and maybe his friend's life as well.

    This episode was predictable. Once Jeremie talks about making his clone, you knew Xana would take control of it. I can't believe Jim is such an idiot to buy that "Jeremie being really stronger" crap. Nobody buys that crap idea of a nerd like Jeremie to be strong, agile and fast when everyone knows that the real deal is all the opposite of that. And even worse, no one on Kadic dared to question Jeremie's new strength.

    These writers think their fans are idiots or something.

    I expected more from William in this episode, action-wise. I was dissapointed by not seeing much of him, except for defeating Ulrich and his brief interaction with Yumi, which was the only best part of the episode.

    Cheap and poor introduction to the new uniforms. Not worthy of going "holy s**t", really. Not even worthy to get pissed off. Aelita is overpowered with the wings (not sexy) and Yumi really looks terrible.

    Battle scenes... almost the same old stuff with the Lyoko gang making the monsters look weak, except for Aelita flying in the sky and I liked the way William attacked Ulrich. I bet that after seeing the few seconds between Yumi and William, I'm expecting to see the human William starting to try getting control over his body.

    The RTTP was obviously needed. You can't have SuperJeremie on Kadic the next day or having Mr. Delmas remembering how he got his ass kicked by Odd and Jeremie with an electric shock.

    Episode vote: 5.5/10.
  • This.Was.Frickin.Awesome!!!

    This episode was great! First off I loved the new beginning. It was superb in the least! At first when the Jeremy clone showed up I was like ZOMG he hit on Yumi! That was weird. And the new outfits! I was so shocked when Aeilta got wings! I was practically hitting the keyboard I was typing on when I saw everything it was such a major well coolness shock! When William like destroyed Ulrich I so didn’t see that coming. Also, Aeilta so kicked some major butt! I was shocked at the end after Aeilta un-activated the tower. I thought Jeremy was going to go back in time right away, but the suspense with Yumi was freaky! This episode had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. I give it a perfect score. A ten, it deserves it by far.
  • Jeremy makes a clone of himself to take his place in gym while he looks for a way to free William from XANA.

    Yay! All the sectors of Lyoko are back now! It was funny how the principal was using the computer to play video games on instead of working. He didn't even really pay attention to Jeremy's fake phone call. He even made his secretary play the game. She won and he was upset because he always lost. Odd always seems to be the one who has trouble with that vending machine. He can never get it to work. It worked when the Jeremy clone threw Odd against it though. The clone Jeremy made was weird. He acted like a high school jock who didn't know anybody. It was funny how Odd thought XANA was behind the clone when he started flirting with Yumi. I laughed when Jim asked Jeremy how he could throw the football that far when he has arms as scrawny as a chicken's. That was pretty cool how the possessed William was able to take control of Jeremy's tower and allow XANA to control the Jeremy clone. He only controlled him for a couple of seconds in the beginning because Jeremy kept channeling power from Sector 5 to give the tower resistance. Every time XANA took control of Jeremy, he would always try to attack Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita. Everyone looks so funny in Lyoko now! Their powers are pretty cool though. Aelita can fly now and Ulrich has two swords. I like the scene where Odd jumped down from the rafters and landed on Jeremy's clone. He said that he may be Jeremy's evil twin, but he can't fight. Odd still had that broom handle and he was attempting to beat the clone with it. It was funny how the clone fixed his air before beating the real Jeremy up. It was strange how William caressed Yumi's face before he pushed her off the rock.
  • A flirtatious Jeremie!? William carresing Yumi's cheek!? To top it all of, new outfits!

    Yes, this has got to be one of the best episodes yet! Probably because seeing the Lyoko warrios in new outfits is exciting since they've been using the old outfits since the first season. It's good to see Aelita defending herself and for once not needing the others to look after her. That's probably the most amazing thing of all. Too bad we didn't get to see Odd in action in this episode. But of course we did see his new outfit, which is probably almost the same but more fit. He also looks taller somehow. The cat ears? He could've managed without them, but I think they make him look cute and goofy, which describes Odd perfectly, hence the ears! XANA William caressing Yumi's cheek was shocking to some, amazing to others. While some may think that this was just XANA flirting with Yumi, I think it was a way of showing that the real William is still in there somehow.

    The real question remains: When will we see Jeremie in Lyoko?
  • the bomb

    i loved this episode. I loved their new equipment! I cant wait to see more! This show is the best i have ever seen. I watch it everytime i can. my favorite character is yumi. She is so ccccccooooooooooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!! Then I like aelita, then ulrich, then odd, and then jeromie.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode was awesome even though that Ulrich has been getting sloppy. I mean after ONE HIT he gets devirualized. What the hell.That is some bull. Anyway the new costumes are off the chain and kick alot of ass. I really just wish ulrich and Yumi would go out already I mean its been 69 episodes come on dude buckle down and ask the girl out, she is gonna say yes. Another gripe is the fact that Jeremy is doing the clone thing again. Man that is messed up. My lest favorite costume is odds because he is just a taller version of his other costume. anyway thats my review Ja ne
  • Jeremie creates a clone so he can work to bring William and Lyoko back while the clone stays at school. However, Xana activates a tower and controls the clone. The gang rushes to Lyoko where they find new outfits but William's already there to stop them.

    This episode was really good! I loved the idea how Jeremie made a clone to take his place in school, and I really liked how the clone was different from Jeremie. First of all, he flirted with Yumi and second, he was really athletic. I also liked this episode because the writers used something that could happen in real life: William's dad called. If they didn't put that in it would be unrealistic, and there would be no problem. Another great thing about this episode were the new outfits! They looked amazing! Aelita's wings looked really cool and I loved Yumi's new costume. Ulrich's didn't really change that much, but there were a lot of differences. I also liked Odd's since it made him look more interesting and there were new details on it. I also loved the scene when the clone beat Odd, tidied himself up, and then attacked Jeremie. It made me and my sister laugh so much! The plot of this story was really good and realistic, and I like the idea that the gang used a clone of William for his real absence in school.
  • Jeremie is able to make clones, but they aren't as perfect as they should be.

    This episode was somewhat weird, but really good. The gang got new outfits and new abilities, which are awesome! Evil William's moment with Yumi was to be sure the weirdest moment in all of Code: Lyoko history! Everything is about to get harder for Jeremy to keep his activated towers in the green, but Jeremy has been in tougher situations than this, and hopefully will be able to pull this off with his friends. I can't wait for the next episode coming next Tuesday, and hopefully it is just as good like any other Code: Lyoko episode.

    I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • Amazing !!!

    This is the best episode I have seen sence the final round epiosde. I think this episode justs gets you out of your seat. They always make you what to stay tund to see what comes up nexted. I think this episode is a great adition to the forth season. I think this is a great episode.