Code Lyoko

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Echoes
      Episode 30
      With their mission completed, it's time for the Lyoko warriors to shut down the supercomputer. But not everyone is ready for this big step, and struggle to accept the fact that there will be no more adventures on Lyoko. As they remember all of their triumphs and greatest moments, they come to realize that they will have plenty more adventures even without their virtual world.moreless
    • 9.7
      With William back in the fold and the Skid destroyed, Jeremie prepares a program to wipe out X.A.N.A. and all of the Replikas. But when Franz Hopper sends a message that calls the Lyoko Warriors back to the virtual world, they soon find themselves in the middle of what could be their final battle.moreless
    • Down to Earth
      Episode 28
      To free William from X.A.N.A., the Lyoko Warriors must return to Siberia for Jeremie to implement his program in the Ice Sector Replika's supercomputer. However, this will not be easy with William, X.A.N.A's new army, and the seemingly unstoppable Kolossus all standing in their way. Meanwhile, William's parents come to Kadic to visit their son, and the Clone's odd behavior begins to raise their suspicions.moreless
    • Cold Sweat
      Episode 27
      As the gang attempts to destroy a Replika of the Ice sector, they soon discover that X.A.N.A. has a few surprises in store for them. Meanwhile, Ulrich creates some friction in his friendship with Yumi after he takes the blame for Odd who contributed an embarrassing picture of her to the Kadic newspaper.moreless
    • Bad Connection
      Episode 26
      Odd is miserable about the fact that his laid back and supportive parents are coming to visit, which is a nagging problem for him since he longs for them to be a little more critical of the things he does. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. attacks cell phones to cause everyone at Kadic including Odd's parents to become aggressive and violent.moreless
    • Wrong Exposure
      Episode 25
      Aelita discovers an old picture of herself with Franz Hopper at the Hermitage, and there's a mathematical equation in the background. As Jeremie tries to figure it out, the picture falls into the hands of Sissi who in turn gives it to her father.
    • Aelita is the DJ for the opening set of the Subdigitals concert. While she struggles with stage fright, Odd tries to find an extra ticket for a girl he's trying to impress. When the concert begins, X.A.N.A. attacks and kidnaps Aelita.
    • 11/17/07
      Patrick, Jeremie's cousin, is a newly enrolled student at Kadic Academy. While most of the gang takes an instant liking to him, Jeremie openly expresses his distaste for his cousin. Sissi takes advantage of the animosity in an attempt to uncover the gang's secret.
    • A Space Oddity
      Episode 22
      During a surprise dorm inspection, Odd begs Yumi to let Kiwi stay at her house. She agrees, but passes the responsibility onto Hiroki when Jeremie discovers another Replika which they must destroy. Odd and Yumi are sent to the real world, and find themselves on a space station orbiting Earth.
    • Canine Conundrum
      Episode 21
      The gang is tired of Kiwi's mindless destruction, and decide to force Odd into keeping the dog at the factory. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. takes possession Jeremie's Kiwi 2 robot, turning into a self-replicating attack dog.
    • Kadic Bombshell
      Episode 20
      Sissi's glamorous pen-pal is visiting from Iceland, and all of the boys at the academy fall for her. The young girl sets her sights on Odd, causing tension within the gang.
    • Guided Missile
      Episode 19
      Jeremie's invitation to fly in a jet fighter as part of winning a contest turns into an aerial nightmare when X.A.N.A. takes control.
    • Hard Luck
      Episode 18
      When Odd breaks a mirror, bad luck follows him everywhere, even to Lyoko.
    • Distant Memory
      Episode 17
      During vacation time at Kadic, Aelita gets a message from Franz Hopper, who has built a virtual replica of their former home on Lyoko. However, things are not as they seem.
    • A Lack of Goodwill
      Episode 16
      While the gang is busy attempting to take out the next Replika, X.A.N.A. sends William to the real world to destroy the supercomputer. Meanwhile, Milly and Tamiya do a little investigative reporting into the William clone after they overhear Jeremie discussing him.
    • Dog Day Afternoon
      Episode 15

      Trying to prove that Kiwi can be useful, Odd takes the little diggity dog with him into Lyoko. However, Odd and Kiwi are fused together, and Odd slowly begins to adopt dog-like traits as a result. Meanwhile, Yumi must pretend to be dating the William clone in order to throw off a suspicious Sissi who's looking into his unusual behavior.

    • Bragging Rights
      Episode 14
      In order to destroy the replicas, the gang sets out on a mission to wipe out X.A.N.A.'s supercomputer. Meanwhile, Odd learns a lesson in humility when he takes on Ulrich's bet that says he has to go 24 hours without bragging.
    • Lab Rat
      Episode 13
      Jeremie has perfected the means to teleport his friends to the sites of the supercomputers with their powers intact. The Forest Replika is the first target, and Aelita and Odd are the test subjects.
    • Lost at Sea
      Episode 12
      During a search for William in the digital sea, Yumi is lost and the Skid's sonar is disabled. Meanwhile, Hiroki's plan to win Milly's affections backfires and threatens to destroy his relationship with Yumi.
    • The Lake
      Episode 11
      During a field trip to a lake, Aelita, Jeremy, Odd, and Ulrich are stranded by a electricity-generating sludge monster created by X.A.N.A., leaving Yumi the only one available to defend Lyoko.
    • Hot Shower
      Episode 10
      When a comet comes within range of Earth, X.A.N.A. takes over a military laser satellite and breaks it apart, turning it into a deadly meteor shower aimed directly at the factory.
    • 7/31/07
      In order to help his friends fight X.A.N.A., Jeremie decides to train them. However, when his efforts fail, they turn to Jim for help. During the training, X.A.N.A. possesses a boar to attack them with, forcing them to put their training to use.
    • Replika
      Episode 8
      The group goes to explore one of X.A.N.A.'s Lyoko replicas. At the same time, Odd and Aelita get into a fight over Odd's selfishness, and in their bickering accidentally lead Hervé and Nicolas into the factory.
    • Crash Course
      Episode 7
      Jeremie decides to teach his friends how to use the supercomputer in case he and Aelita aren't around. During the lesson, however, things become a matter of practical application when Jeremie is attacked by a polymorphic specter and Aelita is in the middle of an audition with the Subdigitals.
    • Maiden Voyage
      Episode 6
      During a test of the new virtual submarine, the navigation system fails, stranding Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi in the digital sea.
    • Skidbladnir
      Episode 5
      With phase one completed in the creation of a virtual submarine in Lyoko, everything seems to be going as smoothly as planned until Jeremie and Aelita are placed in detention for the whole day. It is imperative that they be at the factory by 4 p.m. for Aelita to create the core, or all of their work will be lost. To make matters worse, X.A.N.A. has sent William to wipe out the entire project.moreless
    • Wreck Room
      Episode 4
      On the opening day of Kadic's new recreation room, Jeremie attempts to launch a recovery program to rescue William, but things go horribly wrong as there is now a bug in the system. Aelita is unable to shut the tower down. X.A.N.A. seizes this as an opportunity to take it over, making the William clone a danger to everyone in the school.moreless
    • Opening Act
      Episode 3
      The drummer of the Subdigitals, Chris, has come to Kadic looking for new talent, and everyone wants a chance to be famous. However, trouble arises when X.A.N.A. creates a clone of the drummer in order to capture Aelita.
    • Double Take
      Episode 2
      While working on new equipment for his friends, Jeremie finds that he has to be in two places at once. To that end, he creates a clone of himself using a tower on Lyoko. However, trouble ensues when that clone is taken over by X.A.N.A.
    • William Returns
      Episode 1
      As the gang tries to deal with the circumstances surrounding William's disappearance, he surprises everyone by emerging out of the scanners unscathed. Meanwhile, Sissi takes over the Kadic school newspaper and a secret from Jim's past comes back to haunt Odd.
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