Code Lyoko

Season 3 Episode 13

Final Round

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Final Round
With the destruction of Lyoko imminent and most of the gang preoccupied with personal matters, Aelita is forced to enter the virtual world with William, but will his misguided boldness and carelessness cost them everything that they have fought for?

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  • Sad, sad, sad. First trip to Lyoko, he's possessed. It's just too much.

    This was way too sad. First time to Lyoko, he's possessed. It shouldn't be this way! William didn't even get a chance to fight X.A.N.A.! He never even did anything to make X.A.N.A. be against him, although it was probably obvious that he was a Lyoko Warrior. It's too sad. He needed a chance to fight as a good guy. I really looked forward to him arriving on Lyoko, but not like this. Not for him to be possessed by X.A.N.A. and used to destroy Lyoko. And Yumi...this is going to be really hard on her. She and William were in love. Right now, William is actually in pretty big danger. If X.A.N.A. decides that he's just done using William, he could just kill him! Still, remember who William is. William is good, and I know he will be freed.moreless
  • William joins the gang.

    In this exciting season finally, William joins the Lyoko gang. Jeremy and Aelita are trying to materialize Franz Hopper. When XANA launches an attack on the core, Jeremy is being followed by Milly and Tamiya, who are filming him for a day, Yumi is stuck babysitting Hiroki, who can't be bribed, Ulrich's father has come because of his anger at Ulrich's grades, and Odd is in a skateboarding competition with Sam, from Rock Bottom?, who doesn't give him Ulrich message, forcing Aelita and William to go alone. William looks cool and has a great weapon. After finding the key, the Scipizoa takes over William, giving him the power to destroy anyone with a single energy blast. The rest of the gang finally arrives, but no one can stop William and an army of Creepers from destroying the core. Jeremy tries to materialize Franz Hopper, but can't save him in time. William is trapped in dark space, as XANA's puppet, and the season ends with Jeremy getting an encrypted message from the Internet. It's from Franz Hopper. One of the best episodes, the most tense of the episodes in the first 3 seasons.moreless
  • William goes to lyoko the first time, and last time as himself.

    X.A.N.A. has attacked, and at a very bad time as well, when Jeremie, is stuck doing an interview, Odd is in the skate board championships with sam, Yumi's parents are gone and she has to stay with her brother, and Ulrich's dad comes to9 talk to him. So william and aelita have to go. But william was so selfish, he beat some creepers, but when he saw a sphozoa, Jelly fish looking monster, Jeremie tried to tell him to get out of there but he was an idiot and ended up possessed. Then, lyoko was destroyed for good, and a message came, from franz hopper.moreless
  • I feel so bad for the fool William is probably dead now and the shadow will is probably a clone or something

    I can't believe Odd's girlfriend lied to him. I think they should of taken her to lyoko to. Even if it was only for one day. Ulrich has a lot of issues with his rich neglective daddy. Yumi just had ot baby sit why she stayed there i don't know hwne a reverse in time would of erased his memory anyway. They should add sissy as well. If they had a few extra people it'd make it a whole lot easier. Like if jeremy actually helped figth even if he could only take one monster just that one would be a lot of help. It was trully sad to see william die on his first trip to lyoko and now there's that shadow william. I wonder whats up with that thing. From whats been happening so far they need all the help they can get.moreless
  • william's first and last time as good lyoko warrior

    william goes in with aelita. he treats like all a game. no one really explained the whole thing to him for good and bad reasons. carrying a sword like cloud in final fantasy VII they race off in sector 5. william in my opionon is too strong for his first time in there. maybe because he is treating it like a game or becuase he didn't have to wait for upgrades to the weapons like the others did, i not sure. aelita's mortal enenmy comes with him and takes him over. and he destorys the others and the core of lyoko.moreless
Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern, Tamiya Diop, Kiwi

Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Allan Wenger

Allan Wenger

Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas (The Principal/Sissi's father)

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Right after Jim tells Ulrich that he doesn't have the time to talk about being a roller derby champion, he blows his whistle and part of his hair on the left side of his head turns red.

    • In the scene where the Creepers are first charging up there lasers, the Creeper on William's right disappears. Then it reappears in the next scene. It happens again when William jumps off of the ledge to stab the sphere.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Jeremie's laptop beeps)
      Jeremie: (opens his laptop) Hey, what the? This is incredible!
      Odd: Well, tell us. What's going on?
      Jeremie: I've just received a coded message, a message directly from the internet and it's signed...
      Aelita: Who? Tell us, Jeremie.
      Jeremie: Franz Hopper.

    • Mr. Stern: I'm especially concern about your friends, Ulrich. I don't think they're a very good influence on you.
      Ulrich: Huh? How would you know? You don't know my friends. You don't even know me, in fact! We haven't spoken for a year!
      Mr. Stern: That doesn't mean I don't know what is best for you!
      Ulrich: Oh, yeah and what's that?
      Mr. Stern: That you show respect for your work! Need I remind you that I'm the one paying and you're costing me a small fortune!
      (Ulrich's cell phone rings)
      Ulrich: Yes, Jeremie? Be right there. I've got to go.
      Mr. Stern: I'm not finish speaking to you!
      Ulrich: Well, I finish listening.

    • Ulrich: Wow! Incredible! You're really up on your skateboarding, Jim.
      Jim: Yup, I sure am. Actually, I was a roller derby champion way back in the 70s.
      Ulrich: Oh what a shame you'd rather not talk about it.
      Jim: Actually I'd be glad too, but I uh don't have the time.

    • Milly: For breakfast, do you like juice or milk?
      Jeremie: Hot Chocolate.
      Milly: Eggs or toast?
      Jeremie: Cereal.
      Milly: Butter or Jam?
      Jeremie: Maple Syrup.

    • Milly: How long were you planning to shoot this door?
      Tamiya: It's interesting to know how long the really good students use the bathroom, right?
      Milly: Wrong!

    • William: Odd is right, because in life, you should always aim for the top.
      Ulrich: Why not? That way when you fall back down you crash a lot harder!

    • Jeremie: We have no other way to fight X.A.N.A. now. The entire world is in danger.

    • Yumi: (to William as he devirtualizes her) I knew it was a bad idea to bring you into the group.

  • NOTES (11)

    • International air dates:
      France: November 8, 2006

    • French Title: Dernier round

    • This episode marks the second time where Jim reveals that he's interested in discussing a past career, but can't go into detail due to another reason besides him not wanting to talk about it. In this episode, the reason was that the skateboarding contest was about to start. The first time he wanted to talk about something, but couldn't was in the episode "The Pretender." Jim revealed that he was part of special secret service section that investigated paranormal phenomenon, but couldn't talk about it because it was classified information.

    • This is the first time we see Jeremie's image card on the supercomputer, which is a picture of him holding up two fingers in the peace sign.

    • This is the first time since the episode, "Zero Gravity Zone" that we have seen Ulrich's father.

    • Jim used to compete in the roller-derby.

    • Jeremie is the class valedictorian.

    • Jeremie has created a working program to find Franz Hopper on Lyoko.

    • Odd has a picture of Kiwi on the bottom of his skateboard.

    • William officially joins the group in this episode. His virtual image is recorded into the super-computer and he is successfully virtualized on to Lyoko. In the virtual world, William wears a rubber like jumpsuit with a sash around his waist. His weapon is a large Zanbatô, which can deflect energy blasts.

    • Sam (Samantha), the girl from the first season episode "Rock Bottom?" appears in this episode. We also learn that her last name is Knight.


    • William's final scene where he is floating in a fetal position is similar to the famous scene of the transcended being, "The Star Child" from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    • William: Similarities and Physical Appearance

      When William is possessed by X.A.N.A. towards the end of this episode, this resembles what happened to Riku in the Playstation videogame "Kingdom Hearts." Like William, Riku also has the insignia of the evil force on his chest.

    • In Lyoko, William's zanbatô resembles the sword of the character, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.