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    Keep your posts on topic

    The threads on this forum should be about Code Lyoko and anything related to it.  You can have off-topic discussion in the comments section of your personal blogs or in the Off-Topic forum.

    No Personal Attacks

    This is a place where people should feel comfortable contributing their ideas and opinions on the show.  Do not lash out or insult anyone because you're annoyed by something like a mistake they made or you don't agree with their ideas or posts.

    If they made a mistake, kindly correct them.  If you don't agree with something they posted, then post your own ideas.  Hopefully this will spark a discussion between the two of you and others on the forum about this topic.  Another option is to just ignore the person if something about their post bothers you, and you don't feel like dealing with them.

    Creating new topic threads

    If there is another topic or question that you want to discuss related to Code Lyoko and you want to make a new thread, first check if there is already a thread created for it.

    Even though it might be boring, search through the other forum pages to see if your topic or question was previously brought up and discussed.  You can also use the forum search engine.  If you can't locate it after a thorough search, feel free to create a new thread.

    If people don't respond to your thread, don't spam it by asking other board members why they're not posting in it.  Move on and contribute to other threads.  Please do not bring back old threads just for the fun of it.

    Posting in threads

    Please only post something if you really want to contribute to the discussion.  Don't go overboard in posting in different threads in a short time.  Posting in every thread buries the new active threads.

    Even though you are not writing a report, please try your best to make sense in your posts so that other readers can understand you.  Avoid posting in all capitals.

    If you have information on future episodes and you like to post it in the forum, put (spoilers) next to the topic title.

    Discussing New Episodes

    Anyone can create a thread to discuss a new episode, and it will be pinned.  All discussion of the episode will go there, and duplicate threads will be locked. 

    Please avoid posting something big that happens in an episode as a topic thread title.  For example, don't make a post with the heading, "Whoa!  Jeremie sacrifices himself to save Aelita".  This is considered a major spoiler, and it ruins the episode for people who haven't seen it yet. 

    Game Threads

    Four show game threads are the maximum that are allowed in a show forum by  Send me a pm to lock or delete a game thread when you have finished a round.  Then you can create a thread for the next round.

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