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    I know there are tons of these threads, but I'd like one of my own. Here goes:

    The Story: Xana attackedKadic schoolbymaking mutiple students and facilty mind-washed zombies to attack the gang. They escaped and barely made it to the factory and Traveled into Lyoko.The gang was fighting Xana's Creatures trying to deactivate thetowerbut he somehow trapped them in Lyoko. Jeremy couldntdevirtualize them without making them brain dead. Jeremy must find more friends to go into Lyoko and save the rest of the students and the gang.

    Your original character is still trapped in the school.

    Character Format





    Lyoko Looks:

    Lyoko Weapons and Abilities:

    Lyoko Vehicle:




    Heres Mine:

    Name: Romeo Masters

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Grade: Sophmore

    Looks:Naturally dark tan, green eyes, brown hair spiked in the front. Straightteeth.Usually is seen in a white hoodie with red & Blue parallell lines down the sleeves. Black and White basketball shorts. Black sneakers and usually wearing a bracelet with centimental values.

    Lyoko Looks: Pants that go down to the mid-shin. No shirt, 6 pack abs. Has white cloth wrapped around his wrists up his for-arm. No shoes.Giant angel wings. Same color skin and eyes. Sameteeth.

    Lyoko Weapons and Abilities: Kursirigama (Sickle and chain with spike ball at the end of chain) Can be used as a projectile and come back.Has dualKunais under his bandages for close-combat. He can deactivate towers.Can manipulate fire a little but it takes out alot of his energy.

    Lyoko Vehicle: A giant wheel with spikes on it to go across any terrain. Powered by a revving on the handle bars. Can also cause damage.

    Personality: A joker much like odd. A team player and an action-man. Risk taker and Ladies Man.

    Bio:A well known sports player, very agile.He met the "gang" when he moved from Spain. Was in a dorm with Ulrich and Odd and they discussed Lyoko infront of him. He caught on and followed them to the factory. Jeremy made virtualized him for an expiriment and made it where he his memory wouldn't be affected.

    Post yours, have fun and be creative with you character!!!!

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    This sounds like a fun idea. I'll join!

    Name: Sally Forester
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Grade: Sophomore

    Looks: Sally stands at precisely 5 ft and looks younger than she is(if you guessed, you'd most likely say she's 14.) She has soft blue grey eyes, deep pink lips, and red-brown wavy hair that reaches mid-back length and bangs that reach just past her chin but are usually held neatly back with a purple barrette. She doesn't wear her hair up except for bedtime where she throws it into a messy bun. She has an olive skintone, and usually wears girly-looking clothes,never really any pink, mostly bright cheery colors. Most of the time though she'll wear a light purple slim fitting t-shirt, a light blue jean skirt, white socks that reach mid-shin, black mary janes, and a necklace with a silver crown on it that reads her name.

    Lyoko looks: Her eye, skin, lip, and hair coloring are the same, as well as height, her hairstyle is less neat, her bangs are swept to one side covering her right eye while her hair is in a messy ponytail. She wears a silver tiara, a black shirt that is like a t-shirt that slings showing her right shoulder but having a sleeve on both arms. The shirt has a skull and cross bones on the chest of it. Her left arm has a red armband tied around it. She has a belt around her waist that is higher on one side than the other due to her slight hourglass figure. She wears a plaid mid-thigh length skirt with knee high fishnet stockings that have a red heart at the hemming. She wears mid-shin high army-like black boots. She seems to be darker on Lyoko than she really is on Earth.

    Lyoko Weapons and Abilities: She wields a machete as her weapon.
    Her tiara contains an ability which is activated through touching her index fingers to each side of the tiara, the move is called 'Princessu Kokoro' or 'Princess Heart' it allows for a one way shield to appear, so she could be blocking attacks while a comrade also inside the barrier could be firing projectiles(basically things can go out, but nothing can get in.)
    Ghost Gun - A power in which she can make a gun with her fingers, shoot, and the bullet would be invisible the entire time until it makes contact with something, the bullet is made from her life points. Consumes 5 LP for each bullet. It may not seem like much, but 5 lp per bullet adds up fast.

    Lyoko Vehicle: Rocket boosters, they attach to her boots, allowing her to fly through terrains, the flames from the boosters could also be used on the offensive, but don't cause much damage(about 5 lp)

    Personality: She generally seems to be a rather preppy person, she smiles a lot and seems very kind to everyone. Those who know her well, however, find that she's not as preppy as she seems, she merely wears such attire to discourage others from knowing the truth of her troubled soul. She usually keeps others in the dark about things relating to herself, however she trusts easily, like a child. Often times she will be humming a tune that's unfamiliar to others, as she writes music, despite never playing an instrument in her life.

    Bio: Sally began life as an experimental project for genetic mutation, while still in her mother's womb, she was injected with something, during birth, her true mother died, and she was raised by her father, whom was against the experimentation. He kept it from Sally and raised her in secrecy from the lab as a normal child. As Sally grew older, things within her grew strange, she stopped feeling tired and never slept, felt no desire to eat, and would occasionally feel something was amiss. After snooping through her father's things, she found the truth, and demanded answers. Not wanting to lose her trust, Sally's father explained to her everything. He let her know he just wanted her to be treated equally to others. She understood and agreed to his words that if anything happened to him, she would start anew with a new name. Soon after, people broke in to the house while Sally and her father ate dinner. Her father was killed gruesomely before her eyes, despite the pain that cause, she ran, escaped, and started a new life as Sally Forester at Kadic.
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    Age: Jurome "Roler" Yomi

    Gender: M

    age: 17

    Grade: 11th

    Looks: black hair, black 1920's lounge hat with white ribbon (which he pulls forward to hide his eyes most of the time), white gloves, sunglasses (like greed's from FMA), dark gray trench coat, black dress shoes, his hair, naturally brown and curly is slicked back most of the time to avoid having to make it look good. below his coat he wears a black Sub-Killers shirt (form the Subsonics/Killers combo tour) or an Eiffl 65 shirt, or REM shirt, black trip pants, and a spiral bone neckless. He has white skin, lightning bolt shaped sideburns.

    build: svelte and toned

    Lyoko Looks: i will upload this latter

    Lyoko Weapons and Abilities: slight ability of extra dimentional space, random melee weapon, psionics (more diverse than yumi's), and invisibility

    Lyoko Vehicle: black and red overbord

    Personality: gambler/rouge. His friends are few and far between, but he will do anything to help a friend in need, even if it means going against what is lawfully right. If he wants something he gets it, unless he notises that someone else wants it too and it isn't something that can me shaired. He is extreemly smart, but emotionaly insicure to the point that he has relationship issues often born of being embarrassed out of saying what he wants to.

    Bio: quiet and awesome, loves to gamble on everything but generaly keeps to himself, never turns down a fair fight, and sometimes will enter an unfair one and try to even the odds, but he won't enter a sitch wich he doesn't see himself coming out of.

    he is a border student from Finland, though his haretige is German American, he has never really been the best at fitting in and as a result tends to be a loner.

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