Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 9

I'd Rather Not Talk About It

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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I'd Rather Not Talk About It
In order to help his friends fight X.A.N.A., Jeremie decides to train them. However, when his efforts fail, they turn to Jim for help. During the training, X.A.N.A. possesses a boar to attack them with, forcing them to put their training to use.

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  • I mean its the same thing over and over again they need ot make william good so he can help them its gets boring, i love code lyoko, but there waisting a season with william being bad,moreless

    I think they shoiuld hurry up and free william, I love code lyoko and the season is being waisted by william being evil. Okay it was interesting to see him get controlled but not it gets boring. I dont want the whole season to have william beingbad, At least they can save william make him learn how to fight and he can be a regular character, i hope season 5 will be 10 times betterbut dont me wrong everything else is allright Also when william gets back he should get his own outfit. Well i guess thats itmoreless
  • Xana possesed a boar and i'm not sure there are boars in france but what the heck...And Jereime is training the pants off the group! Poor Yumi Odd Ulrich and Aileta.moreless

    It was a filler episode and CL has a lot of these but this was a good episode. not My Favorite though... Otherwise Jeremie has been training the group a lot laterly. Poor group... and what a turn around for Jim! Wow sometimes I wonder if these things he says are true but I really don't believe in them. At least the group is learning how to be on Lyoko withour Jeremie's help. Although now it seemes Jeremie is stuck in all of Xana's attacks. Well now the group is getting stronger and better prepared for Xana's attacks. I can't wait until next week!moreless
  • filler again. not a bad filler. but a filler non the less.

    jeremie being a hycrete wants the others to grow stronger. without him doing anything but running the stop watch. seeing no improvement that ask jim for help. he agrees but jeremie got to go too. (have some of your own medicine, brainic) after a major coarse they have a break and jim goes through the jobs he had. after a short look into jim's life they go another round cf camp. and meet a boar possessed by xana.(rather lame attack in the real world. maybe he could't do the attack on lyoko and forest secter and have a good real world attack at the same time?) jeremie stays with a injured jim. on lyoko yumi and odd go to the core and aelita and ulrich go to the forest looking for the tower. ulrich is taken out fast and runs the computer. odd is taken out leaving yumi with william. she defeats him (rather easy if you ask me.) saving the core of lyoko. selita founds the hidden tower. (xana is running out of ideas) no r.t.t.p and jim is slightly hurt but will recover and the others refuse him class expect jeremie. (maybe he will become a jock. hahaha not!) the fight with william was fast and almost to easy. the battles were short be nicely done. good charather building for jim on his past. but i am tried of fillers. i am ready for a major plot climax. i settle for a major ulrich and yumi moment or episode. maybe next time.moreless
  • Good filler.

    Yes, it was filler. Yes, the main plot didn't show any progress. Still, there was good character development for both Jeremie and Jim. And the best part is a RTTP wasn't launched so hopefully it will remain.

    The backgrounds and the 2-D animation for this episode were very, very good. Nice details for the forest and everything within it.

    One thing that I'm really hating though, is the fact that William isn't really a big threat anymore. He's slow fighting and isn't nearly as dangerous as before. I hope that gets fixed, otherwise the episodes with William in them won't be nearly as exciting as they could be.moreless
  • Jeremie decides the others need some more training and recruits none other than Jim!

    After watching last week's episode, my expectations weren't exactly high. While this episode is better than some of the previous episodes it's still only a filler. It was nice to see a XANA attack that did not (for once in this season) incorporate a polymorphic clone. It carries on the tradition of an animal attack in each season (Season 1's rats in "Plagued", Season 2's wolves in "Vertigo" and Season 3's birds in "The Pretender") only this time with one. It was nice to see some interaction between Jeremie and Jim and I'm glad to see Jeremie did not launch a return to the past. Perhaps Jeremie and Jim's interactions in this episode will help later on in future episodes.

    The fight sequences in the episode was better than last time but still considerably lacking when compared to episodes such as "Double Take". And I was very disappointed to see that XANA attacked the core. That whole plot revolved around Season 3 and made the entire episode feel season 3-ish. That and hiding the tower was also somewhat overdone as well.

    That and William says more than 3 words to Yumi! :) "That was a volley shot its all over for you" Although he did say it a bit fast!

    There's much good and much bad that comes along with this episode but then again not every episode can be action-packed.moreless
Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia

Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Moralés, William Dunbar

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